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  • The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world’s trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers conduct their business.

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  • It’s really a question of what countries are willing to bargain with each other, of give and take, request and offer. Yes, one of the principles of the WTO system is for countries to lower their trade barriers and to allow trade to flow more freely. After all, countries benefit from the increased trade that results from lower trade barriers. But just how low those barriers should go is something member countries bargain with each other.

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  • The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the overall coordinating environmental organization of the United Nations system. Its mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnerships in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling nations and people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

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  • The three chapters of this report cover an assessment on the impacts of China ’s accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization), an analysis on Free Trade Areas in China, Japan and Korea, and an analysis on the perspectives and issues of Japanese and Korean direct investment in China, with a focus on technology transfer. These three areas represent the major issues related to the trend toward liberalized trade and investment in Northeast Asia.

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  • Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law, and Global Governance provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the major developments and central questions in debates over international constitutionalism at the United Nations, European Union, World Trade Organization, and other sites of global gover- nance. The essays in this volume explore controversial empirical and normative questions, doctrinal and structural issues, and questions of institutional design and positive political theory.

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  • Tham khảo luận văn - đề án 'báo cáo khoa học: the development of the asean trade dispute settlement mechanism: from diplomacy to legalism', luận văn - báo cáo, báo cáo khoa học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This book has been in the making since 2002, when the Ford Foundation generously gave a grant to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) for a project to explore the linkages between trade liberalization, women’s employment, and reproductive health and rights at the macro- and micro-levels.

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  • Making the connection; identifying international markets; foreign market entry; the export transaction; export financing; transporting goods internationally; strategic alliances & foreign investment opportunities. Includes an exporter's directory section consisting of: small business development centers; international trade contacts in other Federal agencies; state government international trade resources; foreign embassies in the U.S.

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  • Trade is the exchange activity of wealth, goods, services, knowledge, money, etc. between two or more partners, and can receive a certain value (in cash through the price) or by row goods and services such as in the form of barter trade (barter). In this process, vendors who provide the wealth and goods and services ... the buyer, the buyer in exchange for the seller to pay a certain equivalent value.

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  • During the Uruguay Round trade negotiations, the United States and several of its major trading partners agreed to eliminate tariffs on pharmaceutical products, certain derivatives, and certain chemical intermediates used in the production of pharmaceuticals. 1 This agreement is known as the Pharmaceutical Zero-for-Zero Initiative (Initiative or Pharmaceutical Agreement).

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  • The 250 workshop participants included: (a) general managers and high-level staff of social funds; (b) representatives of central government institutions that oversee the operations of the funds; (c) representatives of municipal governments that interact with social funds in the selec- tion and implementation of subprojects and of their regional associations; (d) representatives of nongovernmental organizations and civil society organizations that work with social funds; (e) staff of the World Bank and of other multilateral and bilateral development agencies that fi- nance, design, an...

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  • This chapter describe the proprietorship, partnership, and corporate forms of business; identify the differentiating characteristics of a limited liability company (LLC); describe the benefits, risks, and basic tax aspects of various organizational forms; discuss the use of patents and trade secrets to protect intellectual property;...

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  • Science and Technology (S&T) enterprise is basically a type of business which realizes the production and trading of products, goods created from the results of science and technology achievements whether obtained by the enterprise itself or integrated from domestic/ international sources.

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  • WTO là tên viết tắt từ tiếng Anh của Tổ chức thương mại thế giới (World Trade Organization). WTO được thành lập theo Hiệp định thành lập Tổ chức thương mại thế giới ký tại Marrakesh (Marốc) ngày 15/4/1994. WTO chính thức đi vào hoạt động từ ngày 1/1/1995.

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  • Việt Nam đã chính thức gia nhập WTO (World Trade Organization) và mở rộng cửa với nền kinh tế toàn cầu. Các thành phần kinh tế nước ta có cơ hội vượt “sông” để ra “biển lớn” thi thố tài năng, nhưng đòi hỏi phải có họ phải có nội lực mạnh mẽ và đi đúng theo “hướng gió” thì mới có thể tiến nhanh, vượt qua sóng to gió lớn.

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  • Tổ chức Thương mại Thế giới (tiếng Anh: World Trade Organization, viết tắt WTO; tiếng Pháp: Organisation mondiale du commerce; tiếng Tây Ban Nha: Organización Mundial del Comercio; tiếng Đức: Welthandelsorganisation) là một tổ chức quốc tế đặt trụ sở ở Genève, Thụy Sĩ, có chức năng giám sát các hiệp định thương mại giữa các nước thành viên với nhau theo các quy tắc thương mại.

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  • E-business research is currently one of the most active research areas. With the rapid advancement in information technologies, e-business is growing in significance and is having a direct impact upon ways of doing business. As e-business becomes one of the most important areas in organizations, researchers and practitioners need to understand the implications of many technological and organizational changes taking place.

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  • Là một nước nằm ở vùng khí hậu nhiệt đới gió mùa và có lưu lượng mưa lớn cho nên Việt Nam có điều kiện thuận lợi cho việc phát triển nông nghiệp giới trong việc xuất khẩu cà phê (đứng sau Brazin). Sau khi Việt Nam gia nhập WTO (World Trade Organization) tổ chức thương mại thế giới năm 2007, nền kinh tế bước vào một giai đoạn phát triển mới. Trong đó lĩnh vực xuất khẩu cà phê cũng chuyển sang một bước ngoặc lớn.

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  • Việt Nam đã chính thức gia nhập WTO (World Trade Organization) và mở rộng cửa với nền kinh tế toàn cầu. Các thành phần kinh tế nước ta có cơ hội vượt “sông” để ra “biển lớn” thi thố tài năng, nhưng đòi hỏi phải có họ phải có nội lực mạnh mẽ và đi đúng theo “hướng gió” thì mới có thể tiến nhanh, vượt qua sóng to gió lớn.

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  • WTO là chữ viết tắt của tổ chức thương mại thế giới (World Trade Organization) - tổ chức quốc tế duy nhất đưa ra những nguyên tắc thương mại giữa các quốc gia trên thế giới. Đây là tổ chức thương mại lớn nhất toàn cầu, chiếm hơn 90% thương mại thế giới.

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