Trading chaos

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  • A practical guide for making sense of chaos theory and applying it to today's financial markets. Enables traders and analysts to uncover hidden determinism in seemingly random market events and make accurate investment decisions with high probabilities for profit.

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  • II In the movie Pi, Max Cohen is a brilliant number theorist trying to detect hidden order in the chaos of the stock market, an infinitely long string of numbers scrolling through the universe. During his relentless pursuit of the answer, he is stricken with migraine headaches, confronting powerful antagonists along the way. His singular obsession exemplifies the never-ending search for the ultimate solution - a master key to the market.

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  • Chương 4: Xây dựng và triển khai các chương trình chiêu thị Các hoạt động chiêu thị gồm : - Quảng cáo (Advertising) - Khuyến mãi/ khuyến mại (Sales Pro/ Trade Pro) - Quan hệ khách hàng (Public Relations) - Truyền thông trực tiếp/ chào hàng cá nhân (Personal selling) - Dịch vụ sau bán (After selling services)

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  • CHAPTER 9 The war zone. If you’ve ever been to an investment banking trading floor, you’ve witnessed the chaos. It’s usually a lot of swearing, yelling and flashing computer screens: a pressure cooker of stress. Sometimes the floor is a quiet rumble of activity

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  • This volume broadens the scope of Trauma and Disaster: The Structure of Human Chaos to include an expanded focus on a special type of disaster, terrorism. Terrorism seeks to achieve political, ideological, or theological goals through a threat or action that creates extreme fear or horror.Many believe that terrorism (and torture) produce the highest rates of psychiatric sequelae amongst all types of disasters.

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