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  • Chapter 17 includes contents: E-learning technologies and infrastructure, e-learning overview, e-learning solution providers, training marketplaces, information technology (IT) training online, traditional education online, studying online, educational supplies and resources online.

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  • The DOE Fundamentals Handbooks represent the needs of various DOE nuclear facilities' fundamental training requirements. To increase their applicability to nonreactor nuclear facilities, the Reactor Operator Fundamentals Manual learning objectives were distributed to the Nuclear Facility Training Coordination Program Steering Committee for review and comment. To update their reactor-specific content, DOE Category A reactor training managers also reviewed and commented on the content.

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  • TV commercials for tobacco also came under fire. When th were barred by Congress in 1972, cigarette makers started talkin about how to exploit the movies in a more systematic way, usin Hollywood to position their brands in the global marketplace.

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  • The overall design of Terminal 3 was inspired by an aircraft wing and consists of two double, curved triangles on either side of a ribbon skylight that runs the length of the building. From the moment they arrive at the airport, this wing reminds passengers of the journey they are about to make. The triangular shape of the terminal also gives a visual indication of how passengers are distributed, with arriving passengers at the root of the wing where it is widest, departing passengers in the middle and train passen- gers at the tip, above the station platforms....

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  • Bear these in mind as you go through the training. We now turn to the definition of a project. The shortest definition of a project is one given by Juran (cited in Lewis, 2002:2). He defines it as a problem scheduled for solution. Lewis (2002) himself defines a project as: A multi-task that has performance, cost, time, and scope requirements and is done only one time. That means a project has specific performance requirements that have to be met (performance); a budget (cost); a definite starting and ending points (time); and clearly defined range of work to be done...

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  • Code Samples from the Java Developers Almanac 2000 Code Samples Index These code examples and other materials are subject to Sun Microsystems, Inc. Legal Terms java.lang Executes a Command try { String command = "ls"; Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command); } catch (IOException e) { } Examplets TM provided by permission of the publisher, Addision-Wesley, and Author Patrick Chan.

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