Transformation and applications

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  • This paper will present the proper ort hogonal decomposition using the spectral proper transformation in the frequency domain to decouple the multi-variate turbulent loading processes. New approach in t he gust response prediction of structures will be formul ated with numerical example of cable-stayed bridge.

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  • The document Processing Fundamentals and applications Digital signal present the content: introduction to digital signal processing, signal sampling and quantization, digital signals and systems, discrete fourier transform and signal spectrum, the Z-transform, digital signal processing systems, basic filtering types, and digital filter realizations, finite impulse response filter design, infinite impulse response filter design, hardware and software for digital signal processors, adaptive filters and applications, waveform quantization and compression, subband- and wavelet-based coding, ima...

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  • The document Algorithms and applications - Digital signal processing principles present the content: discrete-time signals and systems, the Z-transform and its application to the analysis of LTI systems, frequency analysis of signals and systems, the discrete fourier transform: its properties and applications, efficient computation of the dft: fast fourier transform algorithms, implementation of discrete-time systems, design of digital filters, sampling and reconstruction of signals, multirate digital signal processing, linear prediction and optimum linear filters, power spectrum estimation.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "complex variables and applications" has contents: applications of residues, mapping by elementary functions, conformal mapping, applications of conformal mapping, the schwarz–christoffel transformation, integral formulas of the poisson type.

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  • Suitable for a one- or two-semester undergraduate-level electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science course in Discrete Systems and Digital Signal Processing. Assumes some prior knowledge of advanced calculus, linear systems for continuous-time signals, and Fourier series and transforms. Giving students a sound balance of theory and practical application, this no-nonsense text presents the fundamental concepts and techniques of modern digital signal processing with related algorithms and applications.

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  • "Advanced Image Acquisition, Processing Techniques and Applications" is the first book of a series that provides image processing principles and practical software implementation on a broad range of applications. The book integrates material from leading researchers on Applied Digital Image Acquisition and Processing. An important feature of the book is its emphasis on software tools and scientific computing in order to enhance results and arrive at problem solution.

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  • Sensor Fusion - Foundation and Applications comprehensively covers the foundation and applications of sensor fusion. This book provides some novel ideas, theories, and solutions related to the research areas in the field of sensor fusion. The book explores some of the latest practices and research works in the area of sensor fusion. The book contains chapters with different methods of sensor fusion for different engineering as well as non-engineering applications.

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  • Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) algorithms have become standard tools for discrete-time signal and image processing in several areas in research and industry. As DWT provides both frequency and location information of the analyzed signal, it is constantly used to solve and treat more and more advanced problems. The present book: Discrete Wavelet Transforms: Theory and Applications describes the latest progress in DWT analysis in non-stationary signal processing, multi-scale image enhancement as well as in biomedical and industrial applications....

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  • Acoustic emission (AE) is a phenomenon in which elastic or stress waves are emitted from rapid, localized change of strain energy in material. The practical application of the AE first emerged in the 1950's, but only in the last 20 years the science, technology and applications of AE have progressed significantly.

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  • To transform an analog signal into a digital one, the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) samples the input at fixed interval and do the conversion.

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  • The combination of Zernike moments and curvelet-like transform can bring the most significant feature coefficients in pattern recognition. Instead of using Zernike moments in the image, we apply Zernike moments on every corona of curvelet-like transform. This combination brings special properties when we can represent the shape of each the corona through Zernike moments. More especially, we use orientation of wedge of curvelet-like transform at specific scale for Zernike moments instead of using uniformly partition angle as in normal Zernike moments.

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  • In this research, graphene aerogel (GA) was fabricated by chemical reduction method, in which ethylenediamine (EDA) was used as a reducing and functionalising agent. The characterisation of GA was studied by density, field-emission scanning electron microscope, Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) specific surface area, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction. The results of the analysis showed that GA exhibits low density, ranging from 4-8 mg/cm3 , high porosity, and BET specific surface area changes from 176 to 1845 m2 /g.

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  • We introduce several weighted Lp(R+)-norm inequalities and integral transform related to the generalized convolution with a weight function for the Fourier cosine and Laplace transforms. Some applications of these inequalities to estimate the solutions of some partial differential equations are considered.

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  • You will understand the physical meaning behind the mathematics of wireless signals and learn the intricacies and tradeoffs in signal selection and design.

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  • There is a growing demand of image processing in diverse application areas, such as multimedia computing, secured image data communication, biomedical imaging, biometrics, remote sensing, texture understanding, pattern recognition, content-based image retrieval, compression, and so on. As a result, it has become extremely important to provide a fresh look at the contents of an introductory book on image processing. We attempted to introduce some of these recent developments, while retaining the classical ones....

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  • This book focuses on the Fourier transform applications in the analysis of some types of materials. The field of Fourier transform has seen explosive growth during the past decades, as phenomenal advances both in research and application have been made. During the preparation of this book, we found that almost all the textbooks on materials analysis have a section devoted to the Fourier transform theory. Most of those describe some formulas and algorithms, but one can easily be lost in seemingly incomprehensible mathematics....

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  • Metamaterials, i.e. artificial materials with properties not found in nature (Caloz & Itoh, 2006; Marqués et al., 2008), have gained a lot of attention in the past decade. The virtually unlimited freedom in tailoring their constitutive parameters created hopes for the realization of unique devices, such as subwavelength lenses and invisibility cloaks, which were essentially impossible to achieve with classical materials.

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  • Reverse engineering encompasses a wide spectrum of activities aimed at extracting information on the function, structure, and behavior of man-made or natural artifacts. Increases in data sources, processing power, and improved data mining and processing algorithms have opened new fields of application for reverse engineering.

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  • Computer and Information Technology have transformed society and will continue to do so in the future. An increasing number of dentists use a variety of computer technologies, including digital intraoral cameras and paperless patient records. The topic of dental computing is related to the application of computer and information science in dentistry. Dental computing produces an increasing number of applications and tools for clinical practice. Dental computing support research and education, and improvements in these areas translate into improved patient care.

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  • Image registration is an emerging topic in image processing with many applications in medical imaging, picture and movie processing. The classical problem of image registration is concerned with finding an appropriate transformation between two data sets. This fuzzy definition of registration requires a mathematical modeling and in particular a mathematical specification of the terms appropriate transformations and correlation between data sets. Depending on the type of application, typically Euler, rigid, plastic, elastic deformations are considered.

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