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  • This book reports the latest development and trends in the low Re number aerodynamics, transition from laminar to turbulence, unsteady low Reynolds number flows, experimental studies, numerical transition modelling, control of low Re number flows, and MAV wing aerodynamics. This book focuses particularly on: (1) a review and brief information study on low Reynolds number flows and transition as an introduction to low Re number aerodynamics (Chapter 1), (2) transition modelling (Chapters 2-4), flow control (Chapters 5-7).

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  • Vài nét sơ lược về Philip Selznick: - Philip Selznick (sinh năm 1919) là giáo sư luật học và xã hội học tại Đại học California, Berkeley . Một tác giả nổi tiếng về lý thuyết tổ chức , xã hội học của pháp luật và hành chính công. - Trong số các ấn phẩm của Giáo sư Selznick quan trọng nhất là TVA and the Grass Roots; The Organizational Weapon; Leadership in Administration; Law and Society in Transition: Toward Responsive Law và The Moral Commonwealth..

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  • Wetland ecosystems are a natural resource of global significance.Historically, their high level of plant and animal (especially bird) diversity is perhaps the major reason why wetland protection has become a high priority worldwide, supported by international agreements, such as the Ramsar Convention and the International Convention of Biological Diversity (Fig. 1.1).

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  • The initial idea to develop this project was born when we were working together on a series of contributions focused on political economy issues of taxation in dif erent areas of the world. Our task was to describe the main political factors which played a major role in the design of the tax system and in the implementation of tax reforms in some specii c countries.

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  • This document on Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment: Towards an Integrated Approach updates the earlier UNEP publication on Environmental Impact Assessment: Issues, Trends and Practice. As before, it provides a companion volume to the UNEP EIA Training Resource Manual issued in an updated and revised edition in 2002. Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment: Towards an Integrated Approach also may be read on its own by those who want a comprehensive introduction to this subject.

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  • The group formation algorithm deals with message loss by allowing every state in the finite state machine to time out while having a minimal effect on other nodes. For ex- ample, if a master node does not hear back from enough neighbors, it will time out (shown as TO in Figure 2) and transition back into the Need Group state. Nodes that had responded to the master cannot respond to any other master until they hear back from the current one. If they never hear back, they time out and go back to the Need Group state. The algorithm adds some...

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  • This guide provides practical guidelines for policy makers on how best to review the process of policy development and establish strategic plans for micro, small and medium enterprise development. It is a further tool and reference source for all policy makers and actors dealing with small businesses, especially in transition countries seeking to further develop their market economies. Private sector development relies on a partnership between the private and public sectors.

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  • This raises the issue of the measurement of the informal sector, which is known to be substantial in transition and developing countries. In the former Soviet Union countries it is estimated to contribute between 20 and 40 per cent of GDP. Even in the European Union (EU) there is considerable informal activity: in Italy, for example, it has been estimated to contribute between 10 and 20 per cent of GDP. It has been estimated that the informal sector contributes some nine trillion ‘undetected’ dollars to global GDP.

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  • This FY 2013 budget builds upon current efforts to transition toward using 21 Century technology in enforcement and compliance, resulting in long-term savings to the federal government, states, and the regulated community as the overall cost of compliance is reduced. Investments in new technology, including e-reporting and more advanced monitoring tools, will allow the EPA and our state partners to more easily identify, investigate, and address the worst violations that affect our communities.

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  • Although significant declines in fertility have occurred in most regions of the world, these have recently slowed in several countries. In many sub-Saharan African countries the fertility transition remains in its early stages. National level fertility declines also disguise significant variations within countries. Poor and rural populations often have the least access to family planning informa- tion and services, and thus the highest fertility rates.

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  • Gerard Manley Hopkins was born in Stratford, East London in July 1844. Situated just beyond the metropolitan boundary, then, as now, the area was changing rapidly. With the arrival of the Great Eastern Railway’s locomotive works it was “cut up in all directions by branches of railways” (Olsen 1976: 275-6) but also suffered, as Norman White points out, as a consequence of London’s environmental diligence.

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  • Power comes in many guises. Among them is the power to set the terms of the debate, to structure the patterns of thought and language, the fundamental taken-for-granted assumptions, which shape our approaches to problems and solutions. If, indeed, the current situation is untenable, if the dominant categories no longer address the dominant problems, then these terms must be challenged and opened to new debate and directions.

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  • a-Bisabolol is a natural monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol. It has been used in cosmetics for hundreds of years because of its perceived skin-healing properties. a-Bisabolol is known to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. In precedent studies, we described how a-bisabolol exerts a selective pro-apoptotic action towards transformed cells [Cavalieri E et al.

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  • Histor y of Data Access Over the years, many APIs have been released, all of which work toward the goal of providing universal data access. Universal data access is the concept of having a single code base for accessing data from any source, from any language. Having universal data access is important for four reasons: First, developers can easily work on applications targeting different data stores without needing to become experts on each one.

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  • AT THE transition to the new millennium the future of nuclear energy looks brighter. Nuclear power plants worldwide have operated safely. Applications for extension of reactor operating licenses in the U.S. are in place and construction is continuing abroad. Uses of isotopes and radiation in applications to medicine, research, and industry continue to assure human benefit. Research and development are active in the areas of controlled fusion, accelerator uses, isotope separation, space exploration, and excess weapons material disposition.

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  • Internetworks come in a variety of topologies and levels of complexity—from single-protocol, point-to-point links connecting cross-town campuses, to highly meshed, large-scale wide-area networks (WANs) traversing multiple time zones and international boundaries. The industry trend is toward increasingly complex environments, involving multiple media types, multiple protocols, and often interconnection to “unknown” networks. Unknown networks may be defined as a transit network belonging to a Internet service provider (ISP) or a telco that interconnects your private networks.

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  • China’s rural financial system has changed dramatically over the last twenty five years, but rural financial reforms were lagging behind changes in the real economy and required further economic transition. As in other countries moving towards a market economy, the reform of banking systems and the creation of efficient financial markets in China continues to be among the most difficult reform issues. Poorly functioning official financial markets push rural population to rely on informal institutions.

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  • This volume, of a two volume set on ionic liquids, focuses on the applications of ionic liquids in a growing range of areas. Throughout the 1990s, it seemed that most of the attention in the area of ionic liquids applications was directed toward their use as solvents for organic and transition-metal-catalyzed reactions. Certainly, this interest continues on to the present date, but the most innovative uses of ionic liquids span a much more diverse field than just synthesis.

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  • Targets also move dramatically over time. SME development policies in Western Europe, for example, focused on employment creation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. By the end of the century the emphasis had changed to international competitiveness and innovation. As a result, policy targets moved towards technology issues and creation of an enterprise culture. In transition economies a major focus has been upon creating an enabling environment for the market economy.

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  • It is clear that contemporary films have a quicker pace than those 50 years ago, although films from the end of the silent era had ASLs not much different from 1995 films (Salt 2009). Cuts constitute almost 99% of the transitions between shots in contemporary film(Cutting et al 2011a), and given that Mital et al (2010) have shown that cuts affect eye movements, generally causing saccades towards the middle of the screen, it is clear that more quickly paced films demand a reorientation of visual attention to a degree that older films do not....

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