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  • Revenue erosion and lax payments discipline, manifesting itself in low revenue mobilisation, ineffective tax collection and widespread non-compliance, have been a problem in many ex-socialist countries since the start of transition.

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  • This book reports the latest development and trends in the low Re number aerodynamics, transition from laminar to turbulence, unsteady low Reynolds number flows, experimental studies, numerical transition modelling, control of low Re number flows, and MAV wing aerodynamics. This book focuses particularly on: (1) a review and brief information study on low Reynolds number flows and transition as an introduction to low Re number aerodynamics (Chapter 1), (2) transition modelling (Chapters 2-4), flow control (Chapters 5-7).

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  • We live in an oil-dependent world, arriving at this level of dependency in a very short space of time by treating petroleum as if it were in infinite supply. Most of us avoid thinking about what happens when oil runs out (or becomes prohibitively expensive), but The Transition Handbook shows how the inevitable and profound

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  • We develop a general dynamic programming technique for the tabulation of transition-based dependency parsers, and apply it to obtain novel, polynomial-time algorithms for parsing with the arc-standard and arc-eager models. We also show how to reverse our technique to obtain new transition-based dependency parsers from existing tabular methods. Additionally, we provide a detailed discussion of the conditions under which the feature models commonly used in transition-based parsing can be integrated into our algorithms. ...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "A transition to advanced mathematics" has contents: Propositions and connectives, propositions and connectives, quantifiers, basic proof methods I, additional examples of proofs, basic concepts of set theory, equivalent forms of induction, cartesian products and relations,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "A transition to advanced mathematics" has contents: Infinite sets, countable sets, the ordering of cardinal numbers, comparability of cardinal numbers and the axiom of choice, algebraic structures, operation preserving maps, completeness of the real numbers, the bounded monotone sequence theorem,...and other contents.

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  • Augmented transition network (ATN) grammars have, since their development by Woods [ 7; ~, become the most used method of describing grammars for natural language understanding end question answering systems. The advantages of the ATN notation have been su,naarized as "I) perspicuity, 2) generative power, 3) efficiency of representation, 4) the ability to capture linguistic regularities and generalities, and 5) efficiency of operation., [I ,p.191 ].

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  • Transition-based dependency parsers are often forced to make attachment decisions at a point when only partial information about the relevant graph configuration is available. In this paper, we describe a model that takes into account complete structures as they become available to rescore the elements of a beam, combining the advantages of transition-based and graph-based approaches. We also propose an efficient implementation that allows for the use of sophisticated features and show that the completion model leads to a substantial increase in accuracy.

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  • Age appropriate transition assessment toolkit include age appropriate transition assessment toolkit; sample instruments (informal transition assessment methods, formal transition assessment methods); informative links and other sources of information; transition assessment implementation timeline.


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  • The powders of Mg(Al1-xEux)2O4 have been synthesized by sol-gel method. Optical properties of the material were investigated. The nature of lines in luminescence spectra is related to the electron transitions of Eu3+ ions corresponding to different sites in the lattice. The influence of Eu concentration on optical spectra was studied.

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  • Finding a class of structures that is rich enough for adequate linguistic representation yet restricted enough for efficient computational processing is an important problem for dependency parsing. In this paper, we present a transition system for 2-planar dependency trees – trees that can be decomposed into at most two planar graphs – and show that it can be used to implement a classifier-based parser that runs in linear time and outperforms a stateof-the-art transition-based parser on four data sets from the CoNLL-X shared task. ...

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  • We show that using confidence-weighted classification in transition-based parsing gives results comparable to using SVMs with faster training and parsing time. We also compare with other online learning algorithms and investigate the effect of pruning features when using confidenceweighted classification.

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  • Transition-based dependency parsers generally use heuristic decoding algorithms but can accommodate arbitrarily rich feature representations. In this paper, we show that we can improve the accuracy of such parsers by considering even richer feature sets than those employed in previous systems. In the standard Penn Treebank setup, our novel features improve attachment score form 91.4% to 92.9%, giving the best results so far for transitionbased parsing and rivaling the best results overall. For the Chinese Treebank, they give a signficant improvement of the state of the art. ...

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  • This paper suggests two ways of improving transition-based, non-projective dependency parsing. First, we add a transition to an existing non-projective parsing algorithm, so it can perform either projective or non-projective parsing as needed. Second, we present a bootstrapping technique that narrows down discrepancies between gold-standard and automatic parses used as features.

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  • Previous studies of data-driven dependency parsing have shown that the distribution of parsing errors are correlated with theoretical properties of the models used for learning and inference. In this paper, we show how these results can be exploited to improve parsing accuracy by integrating a graph-based and a transition-based model.

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  • This paper describes a novel event-matching strategy using features obtained from the transitive closure of dependency relations. The method yields a model capable of matching events with an F-measure of 66.5%. training and test instance in a feature space. Conceptually, our features are of three different varieties. This section describes the first two kinds, which we call “low-level” features, in that they attempt to capture how much of the basic information of an event e is present in a sentence s. 2.1 Lexical features ...

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  • This paper presents six novel approaches to biographic fact extraction that model structural, transitive and latent properties of biographical data. The ensemble of these proposed models substantially outperforms standard pattern-based biographic fact extraction methods and performance is further improved by modeling inter-attribute correlations and distributions over functions of attributes, achieving an average extraction accuracy of 80% over seven types of biographic attributes.

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  • Transition behavior scale second edition (TBS-2) is a standardized, educationally relevant measure of predicted success  in employment and independent living.  Areas of concern identified by the TBS-2 can be incorporated in the development of the  individualized transition plan. 

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  •  The purpose of Transition assessment resource manual is to identify a student’s strengths, preferences, interests,  and needs and then assimilate these findings into a rigorous school program complete with realistic postsecondary goals, a challenging course of study, practical real-life community experiences, extra-curricular activities, and paid work, as appropriate, for an individual student. 



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  • Invite you to consult the lecture content "Dynamic modeling: 2 - Transitioning from SSMod" to capture the following content: Define pressure flow specifications Run a simple DynMod, add strip charts and controllers, observe the role of the controllers. Hope lecture content is useful references for you.

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