Translating user requests

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  • A user may typically need to combine the strengths of more than one system in order to perform a task. In this paper, we describe a component of the Janus natural language interface that translates intensional logic expressions representing the meaning of a request into executable code for each application program, chooses which combination of application systems to use, and designs the transfer of data among them in order to provide an answer.

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  • This paper describes a multi-lingual phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation system accessible by means of a Web page. The user can issue translation requests from Arabic, Chinese or Spanish into English. The same phrase-based statistical technology is employed to realize the three supported language-pairs. New language-pairs can be easily added to the demonstrator. The Web-based interface allows the use of the translation system to any computer connected to the Internet.

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  • This report requests the following milestones: • Training manual for extension workers and farmers in English and Vietnamese • Extension of leaflets and posters Please note that not all content has been translated into English. Only the essential information of the user manual and training content is presented in English. This is because of resource limitations and usefulness of real-time and full translation in English documents.

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  • Client's Functions Handle the user interface. Translate the user's request into the desired protocol. Send the request to the server. Wait for the server's response. Translate the response into "human-readable" results. Present the results to the user. Listen for a client's query. Process that query. Return the results back to the client.

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  • Part of an overall Firewall strategy Sits between the local network and the external network Originally used primarily as a caching strategy to minimize outgoing URL requests and increase perceived browser performance Primary mission is now to insure anonymity of internal users Still used for caching of frequently requested files Also used for content filtering Acts as a go-between, submitting your requests to the external network Requests are translated from your IP address to the Proxy’s IP address E-mail addresses of internal users are removed from request headers Cause an actual brea...

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