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  • Fusing translation theory with advice and information about the practicalities of translating, Becoming a Translator is an essential resource for novice and practising translators. The book helps students learn how to translate faster and more accurately, how to deal with potential problems, including dealing with stress and how the market works.

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  • This volume pulls together and republishes, with some editing, updating, and additions, articles written during 1978-86 for internal use within the CIA Directorate of Intelligence. Four of the articles also appeared in the Intelligence Community journal Studies in Intelligence during that time frame. The information is relatively timeless and still relevant to the never-ending quest for better analysis. The articles are based on reviewing cognitive psychology literature concerning how people process information to make judgments on incomplete and ambiguous information.

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  • We address the problem of selecting nondomain-specific language model training data to build auxiliary language models for use in tasks such as machine translation. Our approach is based on comparing the cross-entropy, according to domainspecific and non-domain-specifc language models, for each sentence of the text source used to produce the latter language model. We show that this produces better language models, trained on less data, than both random data selection and two other previously proposed methods. ...

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  • This paper presents a project that investigates to what extent computational linguistic methods and tools used at GETA for machine translation can be used to i m p l e m e n t n o v e l f u n c t i o n a l i t i e s in intelligent c o m p u t e r assisted language learning. Our intelligent tutoring system project is still in its early phases. The learner module is based on an empirical study of French as used by Acadian e l e m e n...

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  • An open, extendible multi-dictionary system is introduced in the paper. It supports the translator in accessing adequate entries of various bi- and monolingual dictionaries and translation examples from parallel corpora. Simultaneously an unlimited number of dictionaries can be held open, thus by a single interrogation step, all the dictionaries (translations, explanations, synonyms, etc.) can be surveyed. The implemented system (called MoBiDic) knows morphological rules of the dictionaries' languages. ...

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  • This pape~ describes an "intelligent" tutor of foreign language concepts and skills based upon state-of-the-art research in Intelligent reaching Systems and Computational Linguistics. The tutor is part of a large R&D project in ITS which resulted in a system (called DART~ for the design and development of intelligent teaching dialogues on PLATO I and in a program (called ELISA~ for teaching foreign language conjunctions in context. ELISA was able to teach a few conjunctions in English, Dutch and Italian.

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  • To lay the foundations for a systematic procedure that could be applied to any scientific translation, this experiment evaluates the error variances attributable to various sources inherent in a design in which discrete, randomly ordered sentences from translations are rated for intelligibility and for fidelity to the original.

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  • The recent work of the Unit has been primarily concerned with the employment of thesauri in machine translation. Limited success has been achieved, in punchedcard tests, in improving the idiomatic quality and so the intelligibility of an initially unsatisfactory translation, by word-for-word procedures, from Italian into English, by using a program which permitted selection of final equivalents from "heads" in Roget's Thesaurus, i.e. lists of synonyms, near-synonyms and associated words and phrases, instead of from previously determined lists of alternative translations....

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  • HỆ THỐNG TRUYỀN THÔNG: - TRUYỀN THÔNG TƯƠNG TỰ - TRUYỀN THÔNG SỐ Dữ liệu nguồn Dữ liệu đích Truyền thông điện tử là quá trình Sử dụng các mạch điện tử Điều chế: Chồng tín hiệu chứa thông tin ở tần số thấp (intelligence signa/ information) với tín hiệu sóng mang ở tần số cao (tần số translation) để truyền đi. Giải điều chế: giải mã tín hiệu chứa thông tin tần số thấp từ tín hiệu tần số cao nhận được....

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  • Masatoshi Nakamura Department of Advanced Systems Control Engineering Saga University Japan Nobuhiro Kyura Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering Kyushu School of Engineering Kinki University Japan Satoru Goto Department of Advanced Systems Control Engineering Saga University Japan Translator: Tao Zhang Intelligent Systems Research Division National Institute of Informatics Japan

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  • Machine Translation (MT) need not be confined to inter-language activities. In this paper, we discuss inter-dialect MT in general and Cantonese-Mandarin MT in particular. Mandarin and Cantonese are two most important dialects of Chinese. The former is the national lingua franca and the latter is the most influential dialect in South China, Hong Kong and overseas. The difference in between is such that mutual intelligibility is impossible.

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  • This little book tries to describe what an intelligent person would see and hear in ancient Athens, if by some legerdemain he were translated to the fourth century B.C. and conducted about the city under competent guidance. Rare happenings have been omitted and sometimes, to avoid long explanations, PROBABLE matters have been stated as if they were ascertained facts; but these instances are few, and it is hoped no reader will be led into serious error. The year 360 B.C. has been selected for the hypothetical time of this visit, not because of any special virtue in that date,...

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