Transparency measures

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  • (BQ) This paper describes the heat source diameter of single pulse discharge in electrical discharge machining. To observe the discharge plasma, SiC and Ga2O3 single crystals were used as the electrode material since they are optically transparent and electrically conductive. It was found that plasma diameter expands within a few microseconds after dielectric breakdown and the plasma diameter is much larger than the discharge crater.

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  • Since the financial crisis, there has been renewed interest in documenting the balance- sheet positions of financial institutions. We share the important goal of this literature: to come up with data on positions that will inform the theoretical modeling of these insti- tutions, as called for by Franklin Allen in his 2001 AFA presidential address. Adrian and Shin (2011) investigate the behavior of Value-at-Risk measures reported by investment banks.

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  • Interest rate exposure is generally described as the risk of a reduction in a pro- jected or anticipated measure of net interest income (target measure) resulting from changes in market interest rates. 1 Yet from a practical perspective such a defi nition is somewhat fl awed, as the use of an anticipated (or projected) mea- sure of net interest income is fraught with risks. Any inappropriate assum ption in the projection phase will produce an inaccurate target measure and, conse- quently, result in an inaccurate assessment of interest rate risk.

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  • A mineral resource is “a concentration of naturally occurring solid, liquid, or gaseous ma- terial,inorontheearth’scrust,insuchform and amount that economic extraction of a com- modity from the concentration is currently or potentially feasible” (Craig et al., 1998:20). The size and nature of many mineral resources are well known, whereas others are undiscovered and totally unknown. Figure 3–1 shows a spectrum of resources that diVer in their degree of certainty, commonly described as measured, indicated, in- ferred, hypothetical, and speculative.

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  • In the previous report on the status of integrated approaches to water resources management to the UNCSD in 2008, countries were grouped using the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) categorization. This categorization consists of a relatively small group of “developed countries” and a much larger group of “developing countries”.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa học đề tài : How a well-grounded minimal important difference can enhance transparency of labelling claims and improve interpretation of a patient reported outcome measure

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  • These contracts are themselves relatively recent inventions in Belgium’s media policy process (Coppens and Saeys 2006). Prior to their creation in 1997, a license-fee system was used. Critics claimed that this left public service broadcasters both underfunded and unaccountable. Since the implementation of these contracts, audience shares have increased for public service broadcasters (De Bens 2004; d’Haenens and Saeys 2001).

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  • Measuring the institutional foundations of financial markets is essential for understanding its determinants, and help design better policies • Indices of the rule of law, creditor rights and information, business transparency, and the quality of infrastructure are associated with deeper and more efficient financial markets • In banking and securities markets, characteristics related to private monitoring and enforcement drive development more than public enforcement measures

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  • Carlo Gavazzi’s UA Series ultrasonic sensors are designed for both distance measurement and object detection in tough environments. The range consists of both M18 and M30 housings. Discrete output types are available for presence and absence detection, and are ideally suited for detecting objects,such as transparent objects, that cannot be reliably detected by other sensors.

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  • The committee was tasked to determine the best instrumentation and procedures for measuring BFD (see Box S-1). To do this, it reviewed technical specifications, viewed demonstrations of the operation and use of current and prospective systems, and evaluated factors such as human handling variability, process transparency, and software variability judgment. The committee found that given the current clay variation, a measurement precision (standard deviation) of 0.5 mm is sufficient; instruments featuring greater precision add little practical value to the testing process.

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  • In 1991, optical coherence tomography (OCT) was initially introduced to image the transpar‐ ent tissue of eyes at a level of resolution significantly greater than conventional ultrasound technique. OCT uses infrared light to produce images on a micrometer scale. The intensity of the reflected light is displayed as a false color or grey scale image. OCT imaging is analo‐ gous to ultrasound B mode imaging, except that it performs imaging by measuring the in‐ tensity of reflected or back scattered light rather than acoustic...

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  • By using kaolin A Luoi (Thua Thien Hue province) and the necessary materials, the blue pigment with different shades in the cordierite lattice have been synthesized. The blue pigment will be enamelled with a transparent glaze on to ceramic tile and L*, a*, b* colour parameters of representative samples were measured with a colorimeter.

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  • Temperature Measurement of Transparent Solid Bodies Pyrometric, Contactless Method All solid bodies which partially or totally transmit thermal radiation in the wavelength of visible and infrared radiation, are classified as transparent bodies . The notation used to consider pyrometric methods for measuring the surface temperature of solid bodies has already been introduced in Section 8.2. It will be recalled that solid bodies, which have a transmission factor limited to a = 0, are non-transparent bodies in the whole range of wavelengths used in optical pyrometry .

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  • Hereby, the survey focuses on those measures, which have been notified by WTO Members under the so called Green Box (Annex 2 of the AoA) as this is the AoA instrument which allows for unlimited spending on domestic support measures that are not more than minimally trade- distorting. Hereby, the notification practice of WTO Members is serving as a starting point. Nevertheless, due to rather weak transparency and notification requirements, it is difficult to determine whether all notified Green Box measures are really green or not.

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  • Key governance challenges include institutional and territorial fragmentation and poorly managed multi‑level governance. Limited capacity at the local level, unclear allocation of roles and responsibilities and questionable resource allocation are also problematic. This is often reflected in patchy financial management and the lack of long‑term strategic planning, together with weak economic regulation and poorly drafted legislation. Insufficient means for measuring performance have contributed to low accountability and transparency.

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