Transportation corridors

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  • The transportation system is a network of highways, trails, railroads, airports, transmission lines, pipelines, canals, and waterways set in the landscape. The goal of the transportation designer is to fit the highway or other facility into the adjacent landscape in a way that is complementary to, and enhances, the existing landscape. Achieving this goal requires consideration of natural, ecological, aesthetic, economic, and social influences related to that landscape.

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  • This report has three chapters: Chapter 1 Review of traffic management in the study area, Chapter 2 Bus corridor traffic management, Chapter 3 Improvement directions.

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  • Market structure, conduct performance analysis. Marketing channels for different products in agriculture and animal husbandry. State intervention and parastatals in agricultural marketing. Pricing of agricultural inputs and products. Buffer stocking and import policies for agricultural produce. Value addition and its impact on prices of agricultural commodities. Systems approach to agricultural marketing. Marketing costs, margins and market efficiency. Market integration-horizontal and vertical, spatial and temporal. Price integration between domestic and international markets.

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  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has emerged as one of the most important and widely used softwares for the social scientists in last two decades. Economists, sociologists, political scientists, public administrators, and geographers alike use GIS for capturing, storing, analyzing, and presenting spatially referenced socio-economic data. Election campaigns have been using GIS in a rapidly increasing manner. It has also been substantially used by urban and regional planners, natural resources scientists, and civil engineers.

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  • Critics sometimes point out that public transit requires more public subsidy per passenger-mile than automobile travel, but this comparison is unfair (“Transit Evaluation,” VTPI 2009). About half of transit subsidies are intended to provide basic mobility (service at times and locations with low demand, and special services for people with disabilities), which requires large subsidy per passenger-mile. Transit operates on major urban corridors where any form of transport is costly to provide.

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  • Using a holistic perspective, we spoke to young women about practical needs for food, shelter, childcare, transportation; and their strategic needs for education, equitable wages, equal gender division of labour, and reproductive choice. If systemic barriers to economic and social equality between men and women are going to be overcome, both practical and strategic need to be included in programs with young women. Moreover, a strong safety net and supports such as adequate housing and childcare are required for young women to participate in CED. ...

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  • Đường ống dẫn khí đặt ở đất liền. Quy định kĩ thuật tạm thời về hành lang an toàn . Onshore pipeline for gas transportation Provisional technical rules for safety corridor Tiêu chuẩn này thay thế cho điều 3 của Tiêu chuẩn Việt Nam - Đường ống chính dẫn dầu và sản phẩm dầu. Tiêu chuẩn thiết kế TCVN 4090 : 1985. Tiêu chuẩn này là bắt buộc áp dụng. 1. Quy định chung . 1.1.

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  • Public transport. As an air quality strategy, a primary goal of a public transport intervention involves the targeting of service improvements and enhancements in corridors and for socio-economic groups that would otherwise be expected to adopt widespread car use. Since these groups tend to be more price- than time-sensitive, service enhancements are more effective than fare restraint or fare subsidies. For many jurisdictions, this strategy may conflict with another fundamental goal of public transport policy: providing low-cost transport services to the poor.

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  • This budget includes funding to advocate at the state and federal levels in support of regional priorities advanced by the new Southeast Tarrant County Transportation Alliance, Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition, and the Regional Transportation Committee of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Projects like increasing capacity in the SH360 corridor and redesigning the I-30/360 interchange are needed to improve our mobility in Eastern Tarrant County from D/FW International Airport through Mansfield.

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