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  • Objectives: To study prevalence of drug resistance and genotype testing for drug resistance HIV on HIV/AIDS patients with first-line antiretroviral treatment failure at Dongda Hospital, Hanoi. Subjects and methods: Cross-sectional, descriptive, prospective study on 47 HIV/AIDS patients with first-line antiretroviral treatment failure at Dongda Hospital, Hanoi during period from 6 - 2011 to 12 - 2016.

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  • This study characterized maxillary sinus mucositis (SIMS) adjacent to teeth with apical periodontitis (AP), and assessed its resolution three months after endodontic treatment. 29 subjects who maxillary posterior teeth with AP were imaged with cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). Resolution of SIMS was assessed with CBCT three months after treatment, and periapical healing was assessed using the PAI after six months. Four non-compliant subjects were discontinued and SIMS was identified in 14/25 subjects (56%).

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học đề tài : A biregional survey and review of first-line treatment failure and second-line paediatric antiretroviral access and use in Asia and southern Africa

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học đề tài : A biregional survey and review of first-line treatment failure and second-line pediatric antiretroviral access and use in Asia and southern Africa

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  • Introduction: Early identification of Tuberculosis (TB) treatment failure using cost effective means is urgently needed in developing nations. The study set out to describe affordable predictors of TB treatment failure in an African setting. Objective: To determine the predictors of treatment failure among patients with sputum smear positive pulmonary TB at Mulago hospital. The study was carried out in the TB clinic of Mulago hospital Kampala, Uganda.

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  • Twenty years ago in the twenty-first edition of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, the authors described what was then the practice for the pharmacologic therapy of patients with heart failure, which included digoxin and a diuretic [1]. In addition, the authors noted that recent studies had supported the potential use of vasodilators in the treatment of this population of patients.

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  • Drugs for the Treatment of Peptic Ulcers cipitated antacid or, phosphate depletion of the body with excessive intake of Al(OH)3. Na+ ions remain in solution even in the presence of HCO3–-rich pancreatic secretions and are subject to absorption, like HCO3–. Because of the uptake of Na+, use of NaHCO3 must be avoided in conditions requiring restriction of NaCl intake, such as hypertension, cardiac failure, and edema. Since food has a buffering effect, antacids are taken between meals (e.g., 1 and 3 h after meals and at bedtime). Nonabsorbable antacids are preferred.

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  • Your kidneys filter wastes from your blood and regulate other functions of your body. When your kidneys fail, you need treatment to replace the work of healthy kidneys to survive. Developing kidney failure means that you have some decisions to make about your treatment. If you choose to receive treatment, your choices are hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. You may also choose to forgo treatment.

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  • Pure Red Cell Aplasia: Treatment History, physical examination, and routine laboratory studies may disclose an underlying disease or a suspect drug exposure. Thymoma should be sought by radiographic procedures. Tumor excision is indicated, but anemia does not necessarily improve with surgery. The diagnosis of parvovirus infection requires detection of viral DNA sequences in the blood (IgG and IgM antibodies are commonly absent). The presence of erythroid colonies has been considered predictive of response to immunosuppressive therapy in idiopathic PRCA.

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  • Epidemiology Idiopathic MDS is a disease of the elderly; the mean age at onset is 68 years. There is a slight male preponderance. MDS is a relatively common form of bone marrow failure, with reported incidence rates of 35 to 100 per million persons in the general population and 120 to 500 per million in the elderly. MDS is rare in children, but monocytic leukemia can be seen. Therapy-related MDS is not age-related and may occur in as many as 15% of patients within a decade following intensive combined modality treatment for cancer. Rates of MDS have increased over time,...

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  • Myelodysplasia: Treatment The therapy of MDS has been unsatisfactory. Only stem cell transplantation offers cure: survival rates of 50% at 3 years have been reported, but older patients are particularly prone to develop treatment-related mortality and morbidity. Results of transplant using matched unrelated donors are comparable, although most series contain younger and more highly selected cases.

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  • In this book, the term Zen is used to roll together all of these con- cepts. This is not an orthodox treatment of Zen. The book could have been called the Yoga, Tao, or Way of Managing Projects. In the end all of these terms are pointing to the same basic strategy—regard every- thing as a part of a holistic, integrated system, set your intention to include all of your personal and nonpersonal goals, apply objectivity and subjectivity in dynamic balance, seek to perfect yourself and your performance while not being hung up about your imperfections, and recognize that a...

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  • Outcomes following both transplant and immunosuppression have improved with time. High doses of cyclophosphamide, without stem cell rescue, have been reported to produce durable hematologic recovery, without relapse or evolution to MDS, but this treatment can produce sustained severe fatal neutropenia and response is often delayed. New immunosuppressive drugs in clinical trial may further improve outcome.

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  • Definition and Differential Diagnosis PRCA is characterized by anemia, reticulocytopenia, and absent or rare erythroid precursor cells in the bone marrow. The classification of PRCA is shown in Table 102-4. In adults, PRCA is acquired. An identical syndrome can occur constitutionally: Diamond-Blackfan anemia, or congenital PRCA, is diagnosed at birth or in early childhood and often responds to glucocorticoid treatment; a minority of patients have etiologic mutations in a ribosomal RNA processing gene called RPS19.

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  • Duration of Therapy and Treatment Failure Until recently, there was little incentive to establish the most appropriate duration of treatment; patients were instructed to take a 7- or 10-day course of treatment for most common infections. A number of recent investigations have evaluated shorter durations of therapy, especially in patients with communityacquired pneumonia. Table 127-10 lists common bacterial infections for which treatment duration guidelines have been established or for which there is sufficient clinical experience to establish treatment durations.

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  • Immune Mediators of Antitumor Effects The very existence of a cancer in a person is testimony to the failure of the immune system to deal effectively with the cancer.

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  • The ChillTip handpiece must be in firm contact with the skin. A single pulse should be placed at test sites within or near the treatment area. If epidermal damage is present (blistering, abla- tion, graying or whitening of the epidermis, or a positive Nikolski sign) the fluence should be lowered by 5 to 10 J/cm2 . Several pulses should then be placed next to one another while looking for the epidermal response. An effective fluence is one where the hair carbonizes, followed by very selective follicular swelling and redness. ...

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  • The need for the distribution of Ascorbic acid (V.T.C) in such camps cannot be overemphasized as this help in accelerating healing and boosting the immure system of campers. The prevalence rate of measles (12%) can be considered high especially in view of its contagion nature that could be favored by crowding, low level of herd immunity, malnutrition and inadequate medical care. Occasional outbreaks of meat have been inked to the lack of immunization in children or the failure of single dose of vaccine in many children.

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  • Objectives: To evaluate the outcome of the patients with multiple organ failure (MOF) supported by pre-and-post-dilution continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and compare some factors related to the results, progression and prognosis of the patients supported by preand-post-dilution to those by post-dilution only.

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  • Despite the significant decline in heart disease mortaht' rates over the last 25 years, heart failure has remained a significant problem. We are now confronted with large numbers of terminally ill patients for whom conventional therapies for heart failure have been exhausted and for whom repeated hospital visits are necessary. There now is a major thrust towards a management strategy which embraces a comprehensive approach including vigorous preventive measures and earlier surgical interventions.

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