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  • Radiotherapy, also referred to as radiation therapy, radiation oncology or therapeutic radiology, is one of the three principal modalities used in the treatment of malignant disease (cancer), the other two being surgery and chemotherapy.

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  • A proper treatment of syntax and semantics in machine translation is introduced and discussed from the empirical viewpoint. For EnglishJapanese machine translation, the syntax directed approach is effective where the Heuristic Parsing Model (HPM) and the Syntactic Role System play important roles. For Japanese-English translation, the semantics directed approach is powerful where the Conceptual Dependency Diagram (CDD) and the Augmented Case Marker System (which is a kind of Semantic Role System) play essential roles.

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  • ..PREFACE This book comes from the reflections and experience of more than forty years spent in court. Aside from the practice of my profession, the topics I have treated are such as have always held my interest and inspired a taste for books that discuss the human machine with its manifestations and the causes of its varied activity. I have endeavored to present the latest scientific thought and investigation bearing upon the question of human conduct.

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  • In this article we outline a basic approach to treating metonymy properly in a multilingual machine translation system. This is the first attempt at treating metonymy in an machine translation environment. The approach is guided by the differences of acceptability of metonymy which were obtained by our comparative survey among three languages, English, Chinese, and Japanese. The characteristics of the approach are as follows: (1) Influences of the context, individuals, and familiality with metonymy are not used.

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  • This paper describes the design of a prototype machine translation system for a sublanguage of job advertis~nents. The design is based on the hypothesis that specialized linguistic subsystems may require special crmputational treatment and that therefore a relatively shallow analysis of the text may be sufficient for automatic translation of the sublanguage. This hypothesis and the desire to minimize computation in the transfer phase has led to the adoption of a flat tree representation of the linguistic data. ...

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  • This paper presents a feasibility study for implementing lexical morphology principles in a machine translation system in order to solve unknown words. Multilingual symbolic treatment of word-formation is seducing but requires an in-depth analysis of every step that has to be performed. The construction of a prototype is firstly presented, highlighting the methodological issues of such approach. Secondly, an evaluation is performed on a large set of data, showing the benefits and the limits of such approach. ...

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  • The first section of the book includes the following topics: fusion-based additive manufacturing (AM) processes of titanium alloys and their numerical modelling, mechanism of ?-case formation mechanism during investment casting of titanium, genesis of gas-containing defects in cast titanium products. Second section includes topics on behavior of the (? + ?) titanium alloys under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, hot and super plasticity of titanium (? + ?) alloys and some machinability aspects of titanium alloys in drilling. ...

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  • TABLE 24.12 Maximum Allowable Stresses for ASTM A228 and Type 302 Stainless-Steel Helical Extension Springs in Cyclic Applications Percent of Tensile Strength "f™ ** of Cycles 10 106 107 5 1 In Torsion Body 36 33 30 I End 34 30 28 In Bending _ End 51 47 45 This information is based on the following conditions: not shotpee ned, no surging and ambient environment with a low temperature heat treatment applied. Stress ratio = O. SOURCE: Associated Spring, Barnes Group Inc. 24.5.

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  • Developing kidney failure means you have some decisions to make about your treatment. You may choose to forgo treatment. If you choose to receive treatment, your choices include hemodialysis, which requires a machine used to filter your blood outside your body; peritoneal dialysis, which uses the lining of your belly to filter your blood inside the body; and kidney transplantation, in which a new kidney is placed in your body. Each treatment has advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Other parts of the SQL Server 2008 Platform, which might be installed together with the TOE. The TOE is the central part of a complete DBMS platform, which realizes all Security Functions as described in this ST. However other parts of the platform may be installed on the same machine if they are needed to support the operation or administration of the TOE. However these other parts will interact with the TOE in the same way, every other client would do. Clients (comprising local clients and remote clients) are used to interact with the TOE during administration and operation....

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  • Another significant driver—in a world now more environmentall conscious than ever—is a global thrust to develop projects whic not only minimize GHG emissions but also help to displace GHG emissions from other industrial sources. Thus, one of the more significant advantages of gas-turbine and engine-based cogeneration is the potential for significant GHG reductions. Further, it is the monetization of GHG reductions and other poss financial incentives that are helping to encourage and facilitate development of cogeneration applications.

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  • This book also covers: Analysis of converters used in electric drive systems, as well as DC, induction, and brushless DC motor drives; detailed treatment of supervisory down to switch level converter controls, nonlinear average value modeling of converters and drive systems, operational impedances and reduced-order modeling, guidelines for computer simulation of machines and drive systems.

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  • Since the first edition of Analysis of Electric Machinery was published, the reference frame theory that was detailed in the book has become the universally accepted approach for the analysis of both electric machines and electric drive systems. Now in its second edition, Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems presents, in one resource, the application of this theory to the analysis, simulation, and design of the complete drive system including the machine, converter, and control.

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  • This consultation sets out our vision for the future of local audit. This vision is firmly based on four principles. The first of these is localism. When reforms are complete local public bodies will be free to appoint their own independent external auditors from a more competitive and open market. The second is transparency; local public bodies will become increasingly accountable for their spending decisions to the people who ultimately provide their resources. The third is to remove the overheads charged by the Audit Commission to service the central government machine.

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  • The 2001 White Paper "European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to Decide" sets out the ambitious target of reducing  the number of road fatalities with 50 percent by 2010. This requires a rapid increase in the efforts of all safety  stakeholders. To support these actions, the European Commission officially launched the eSafety initiative in April  2002.

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  • Our infrastructure (Akash1 ) consists of a virtual storage system prototype designed to run on commodity hard- ware. It supports data accesses to multiple virtual vol- umes for any storage client, such as, database servers and file systems. It uses the Network Block Device (NBD) driver packaged with Linux to read and write log- ical blocks from the virtual storage system, as shown in Figure 3. NBD is a standard storage access proto- col similar to iSCSI, supported by Linux. It provides a method to communicate with a storage server over the network.

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  • The ENERGY STAR Office Equipment program distinguishes “digital copier-based MFDs,” which are covered by their MFD program, from printer- and fax-based MFDs, which are covered by their printer program. In this study, we identify any multi-function device as an MFD, and distinguish between them on the basis of imaging technology (inkjet or laser), which we think is most relevant to power consumption. Many units of office equipment that we identified in the field as copiers, fax machines,...

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  • Two areas in which automation tools would be of great use to administrators of security policies are: reasoning about policies where the goal might be, for instance, detecting inconsistencies between a new security policy rule and an existing policy; and in finding network configurations which satisfy a set of policies. Security policies expressed in terms of firewall configuration are complicated and difficult to reason about, both for man and machine.

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  • For the last 5 years, the Gamma database machine project has focused on issues associated with the design and implementation of highly parallel database machines. In a number of ways, the design of Gamma is based on what we learned from our earlier database machine DIRECT [DEWI79].

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  • Most cancers found in the adrenal gland did not start there and are not adrenal cancers. Instead, they start in other organs or tissues and then spread (metastasize) through the bloodstream to the adrenal glands. For example, lung cancers, melanomas, and breast cancers often spread to the adrenals. Even when other cancers spread to the adrenals; however, they are still named after the place they started and are treated like other cancers that start in the same place. They are not considered adrenal cancer. Their treatment is described in our documents on these cancers. ...

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