Trehalose and abiotic

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  • While most consumers still base their travel decisions largely on price, value for money, service and availability, more and more people are taking environmental factors into account. The railway community is therefore working hard to provide customers with comprehensive information on climate change, air pollution and the ‘external costs’ of transport. New internet-based tools, such as EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT (see Figure 6), are making a range of data available to customers.

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  • Company culture underpins a person’s acceptability and shared values. Such values have an impact on the work of Human Resource managers involved in the recruitment, selection, and especially the retention of staff. There is a link too to allocating training opportunities to those in favour within an organisation. A key concern must surely be retention of valued staff. Thus an ‘aesthetic’ employee is perceived, perhaps through behaviour, as talented, valued and beautiful, though probably not in a physical sense.

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  • The area of work that is, perhaps, most readily associated with work in the realm beyond the rationality and control is research on emotions. A num- ber of broad domains of scholarship can be seen as working to describe the emotions or feelings experienced in learning situations. Research on the brain, spurred by advancements in imaging technology, offers tanta- lizing glimpses into the relationship between emotions, cognition, and behavior. Another general domain in the study of emotions focuses on students’ feelings about themselves or their performance.

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  • For most of the 1800s, hospitals had been a place where the chronically ill and indigent received charitable care because they had no family capable of shouldering the burden. Those who could afford it received care at home. But as the importance of asepsis began to be appreciated, surgical and acute care patients were more likely to be treated in hospitals designed to facilitate antiseptic conditions. Hospitals began charging for the use of their facilities. During the transition, medical bills began absorbing significant amounts of family income. Hospital costs rose from 7.

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  • A popular approach to measuring the interest-rate risk exposure of a bank is to run regressions of the bank’s stock return on a risk factor, such as an interest rate. The regression coefficient on the interest rate — often referred to as the interest-rate beta, is a measure of the bank’s average exposure to interest rate changes over the sample period considered (Flannery and James 1984a). Interest rate betas do not tell us where the bank’s exposure comes from, that is, what positions generate it.

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  • Cement manufacturing is an energy-intensive process due to the high temperatures required in the kilns for clinkerization. The use of alternative fuels to replace conventional fuels, in particular coal, is a widespread practice and can contribute to improving the global warming impact and total environmental footprint of the cement industry.

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  • Mental Health All three countries have identified depression as a serious mental health problem among youth. They have all reported concerns about eating disorders. While the three countries have different measures of mental health and illness, all three recognize that better data and measures are needed to address this issue. Cancer For all three countries, cancer is the second leading cause of death for children age 5 to 14. Children in Mexico are more likely to die from leukemia (and other types of cancer) than are children in Canada and the United States.

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  • Search strategies were developed with PubMed using Medical Subject Heading [MeSH] and title abstract [tiab] terms to identify relevant exposures (organic vs. conventional production methods) and outcomes (composition of nutrient and other substances). The exposure terms searched (including all MeSH, headings, subheadings and tiab terms) were “organic”, “health food”, “conventional” combined with “food”, “agricultural crop”, “livestock”, “agriculture”.

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  • Our goal is to provide privacy and integrity to the data, to authenticate the sender, to prevent replay attacks and to prevent traffic analysis; consequently, the entire communication is encrypted (with one exception which will be explained). All communications consist of a preamble, header and payload. The format of all communications (sensor nodes and the base station) consist of a preamble, header and payload. The preamble is empty if the communication originates from the base station and is directed to a sensor, otherwise it contains the address of the sending node.

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  • However, DNS blocking may be of more-limited value in the longer term. The implementation of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC), a technology used to authenticate and verify domain name queries to reduce incidences of fraud online (through malicious sites), is likely to be incompatible with DNS blocking. DNS-blocking could still be used to block sites identified as infringing copyright even after DNSSEC has been rolled out.

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  • Based on the discussion of contracting's implications for earnings calculation, we model operating cash flows and the formal accounting process by which forecasted future operating cash flows are incorporated in earnings. The modeling enables us to generate specific integrated predictions for: i) the relative abilities of earnings and operating cash flows to predict future operating cash flows; and ii) firms' time series properties of operating cash flows, accruals and earnings. We also predict cross-sectional variation in the relative forecast-abilities and correlations.

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  • Syngenta Seeds’ Gary Wietgrefe points out several of the impediments to widespread adoption of HTF corn (Ed Zdrojewski in BioFuels Journal, 2003b). To begin with, starch and ethanol yield vary by geographic region and from year to year, making an optimizing hybrid choice difficult. Further, choosing a hybrid that maximizes ethanol qualities may mean a tradeoff with yield and other potentially valuable qualities, such as protein content and even test weight (because of moisture). Testing equipment pres- ents its own challenges.

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  • A key observation of the paper is that neither the branch nor the subsidiary structure is obviously preferable in all cases from the financial stability perspective. The key to ensuring financial stability lies instead in the design of effective mechanisms to oversee and resolve cross-border banking groups. These include effective home/host supervision and information-sharing arrangements and satisfactory cross-border resolution regimes and burden- sharing agreements.

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  • The difference in these answers arises from the way each source defines “small business,” which data (and associated methodology) are used, and the time period analyzed (Okolie, 2004). The Office of Advocacy uses the generally accepted small business definition of a firm with fewer than 500 employees. However, Advocacy has provided partial funding for SUSB to create subset firm sizes allowing users to examine other categories of small businesses and understand the nuances of different firm size classes. ...

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  • Seventh, the idea of slicing a view with movements into small dissections, each of a fraction of a second, combined with the idea that when this would be shown the audience would see the movement because of the persistence of vision, was important to cinema. The notion of the persistence of vision is old, and was used in several of the visual gadgets of the 19th century, such as the Thaumatrope and the projection of a cartoon. The idea to dissect a view, however, was newer, and started with the photographs of Marey to capture the movement of...

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  • Soil reactivity with chemical oxidants is also important when considering the costs of the use of chemical oxidation. Excessive loss of a chemical oxidant that is reacting with organics in soil, instead of reacting with the contaminants, may preclude the use of the technology as an economically viable approach to site remediation. Different chemical oxidation technologies are most appropriate for particular hydrogeologic conditions. For example, Fenton’s Reagant may not be ideal for groundwater with high concentrations of carbonate.

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  • In a book titled Photosynthesis it is easy to forget that light is not simply the energy driving plant metabolism. Light also is the central environmental factor that affects plant size, shape and development. In fact, light activation of photomorphogenic signaling pathways sets the stage for photosynthesis and ensures the maintenance of the apparatus. The effects of specific wavebands of light exert their influence on plant biology from the molecular level all the way up to the higher morphological level, and even contribute to the canopy form as a whole.

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  • The final risk-sharing component of the SRA is the “net book quota share,” defined as the proportion of a company’s overall gain or loss over its entire “book of business” that is ceded to the government after all other reinsurance provisions in the SRA have been applied. Under the SRA, companies must cede a 6.5% share of their cumulative underwriting gains/losses to the government. During years in which there are underwriting gains, 1.5% of this share is distributed back to companies that sell and service policyholders in 17 underserved states.

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  • At the same time that the UN was debating cloning, UNESCO was developing a Universal Declaration on Bioethics that attempts to outline some practical expressions of a principle of social responsibility.

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  • However, a number of member jurisdictions’ national laws implementing the investment rules of the current Solvency I Directives15 do refer to, or place reliance on, ratings in order to determine whether a certain asset is authorised or eligible to cover technical provisions. Moreover, in a number of member jurisdictions, (re)insurance undertakings are required, as part of their internal reinsurance policy, to pay special attention to the financial strength of their reinsurers, using ratings as a proxy.

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