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  • Developing Trustworthy Database Systems for Medical Care includes about Security and Safety of Medical Care Environment; Access Control; Using Trust and Roles for Access Control; Classification Algorithm for Access Control to Detect Malicious Users.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Trustworthy Group Making Algorithm in Distributed Systems

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  • The purpose of this article is to examine the relationships between leadership, perceptions of interpersonal trustworthiness, and the elements of ethical stewnrdsliip - a construct of organizational governance thai has received increasing discussion in both the academic and practitioner literatures.

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  • Factoring: Normally, when the suppliers have decided to sell goods on credit, they believe that the customers are trustworthy and will be able to pay their invoices. they fell sure that they will get paid. But they still have the problem that the customers may delay payment and their money is tied up in unpaid invoices, which is harmful for their business. Factoring is a way of raising money from unpaid invoices. The factor agrees to buy the invoices of the suppliers at a discount. In this way the suppliers do not have to wait for a long thime for payment.

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  • Good books on key account management are rare. One of the reasons for this lies in the past, in the way that key account management (KAM) has been defined and described. The past 40 years have been characterized by a view that KAM is mainly a selling task, albeit at a high level, and that the responsibility for its implementation rests almost entirely with the sales team. Yet all our research at Cranfield School of Management indicates that, above all else, it is this mentality that prevents the forging of mature, trustworthy and profitable relationships.

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  • In a decentralized-decisions economic environment, agents consider the risk that others might unfairly exploit informational asymmetries to their own advantage. Incomplete trust, affects, in particular, financial transactions whereby agents trade current real claims for promises of future real claims. Agents thus invest considerable resources to assess the trustworthiness of others with whom they know they can interact only under conditions of limited and asymmetrically distributed information, and to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

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  • This thesis is founded on the global growth of the service sector and its significance for society as a whole and for the individual human being. In the last decade, technology has changed the way services are created, developed and delivered in remarkable ways. The focus of the thesis is technology in interplay with humans and organisations and the socioeconomic- technical systems in which digital services play a central role.

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  • In issuing these volumes of a series of Handbooks on the Artistic Crafts, it will be well to state what are our general aims. In the first place, we wish to provide trustworthy text-books of workshop practise, from the points of view of experts who have critically examined the methods current in the shops, and putting aside vain survivals, are prepared to say what is good workmanship, and to set up a standard of quality in the crafts which are more especially associated with design. Secondly, in doing this, we hope to treat design itself as an essential part...

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  • These are turbulent and troubled times for the UK accounting industry and, more specifically, for the credibility of the members of its occupational associations who claim to be ‘professionals’ . At the heart of the troubles is the rapidity of change in legislation and the quickening of competition between major players in the industry.

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  • All subjects interviewed received the first draft of the Apheis 2 report, which included a compilation of findings section and a sample city report. Subjects were then asked to rate the documents on scientific soundness, trustworthiness, relevance of content to their needs, and organization and presentation of information. All subjects interviewed in Spain rated the Apheis documents favorably to very favorably overall, and rated them slightly better than did the subjects interviewed in London.

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  • Kết nối với Cloud Các vấn đề liên quan đến điện toán đám mây: • Các vấn đề chính: An ninh (Nguồn: Trustworthy Computing: Bảo mật trong kỷ nguyên điện toán đám mây - 2009, Microsoft) • Có phải lưu trữ dữ liệu và các ứng dụng trong các đám mây được bảo vệ bởi các chính sách bảo mật mạnh mẽ phù hợp?

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  • Moral virtues or permanent attitudes and interior strength for moral behavior. Among these virtues, those which have special relevance to accounting are fairness, integrity, truthfulness, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, trustworthiness, service to the common good, gratitude and benevolence. Courage, perseverance, competence, diligence, professional will, humility, and other self-mastering virtues which help to defeat inner resistance to act as one should. Practical wisdom, as has been said, provides capacity to perceive the right means for each virtue.

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  • For tracking the marketing related behaviors of online communities, “netnography” is a stand-alone method. It is a way in which to understand the discourse and interactions of people engaging in computer-mediated communication about market-oriented topics.

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  • Although the vision of P2P systems is grand, the technical challenges associated with them are immense, and as a result the realization of the vision has been elusive. Because the membership in the system is ad-hoc and dynamic, it is very difficult to predict or reason about the location and quality of the system’s resources. For example, the placement of data in content-sharing systems is often na¨ ıve: data placement is largely demand driven, with little regard given to network bandwidth, load, or historical trustworthiness of the peer on which the data is placed.

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  • As part of its new Digital Government program, the National Science Foundation (NSF) requested that the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) undertake an in-depth study of how information technology research and development could more effectively support advances in the use of information technology (IT) in government.

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  • Between January 2006 and February 2008, AMS Compliance provided its results from five investigations of certified organic operations to NOP. Although they recommended that NOP officials take enforcement actions against these operations, we found that NOP did not respond to these in a timely or effective manner. In addition, in those cases where enforcement actions were issued, NOP did not monitor the organic operations to ensure compliance with those actions.

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  • NOP is responsible for enforcing standards of production, handling, and labeling for farming and handling operations that are certified to market their products under USDA’s organic label. Audit Report 01601-03-Hy 8 17 Some actions, up to and including the revocation of an operation’s certified organic status, may be taken by the accredited certifying agent without direct involvement by NOP. However, through its enforcement actions, NOP plays a central role in maintaining the validity of the program and ensuring public trust in USDA’s certified organic labels.

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  • Since sensitive data of the organisation may need to be disclosed during a call for tenders procedure for an IS audit, a restricted request procedure or limited competition should be performed, depending on the types of activities of the organisation, to guarantee the confidentiality of the information. Depending on the protection requirements of the information, the service providers and IS auditors may need to verify their trustworthiness in accordance with the German ”Law on Security Clearance Checks” (SÜG - see [SÜG]).

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  • Second, whether or not armed conflict is inspired by political (or religious) motivations, war always has moral consequences. Its perpetrators do not just use religion to manipulate opinion or action of others. In most cases, the choice for resort to large scale deadly violence is based on the religious convictions, no matter how distorted these may be, of the leaders and the followers. It may be impossible to separate religion from politics, or vice versa. Neither is isolated from the other, and therefore, neither goes unaffected by the other....

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  • The biography of Geoffrey Chaucer is no longer a mixture of unsifted facts, and of more or less hazardous conjectures. Many and wide as are the gaps in our knowledge concerning the course of his outer life, and doubtful as many important passages of it remain--in vexatious contrast with the certainty of other relatively insignificant data--we have at least become aware of the foundations on which alone a trustworthy account of it can be built.

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