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Twitter application development

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  • Twitter is the one of the hottest trends in social networking. With several million users, Twitter's popularity is growing everyday. Twitter will continue to increase user base while third-party companies keep popping up all over to make money building Twitter apps for phones, advertising tools, analytics/management tools and more. Some of the most popular Twitter apps include TwitPic, Twhirl, TweetDeck, and FriendorFollow. With this book, author Dusty Reagan uses one of his unpublished Twitter app ideas and takes you through the API, idea creation, development, and monetization of the app.

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  • The possibility to connect to remote web services is a key feature for most Android apps. REST (Representational State Transfer) is the most popular architecture to provide web services to mobile devices and others. OAuth has recently become the web’s favorite way to authenticate and authorize users and apps, thanks to its capability to re-use popular web platforms accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter). Spring for Android is an extension of the Spring Framework that aims to simplify the development of native Android applications....

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  • Today’s Web 2.0 applications (think Facebook and Twitter) go far beyond the confines of the desktop and are widely used on mobile devices. The mobile Web has become incredibly popular given the success of the iPhone and BlackBerry, the importance of Windows Mobile, and the emergence of Palm Pre (and its webOS platform). At Apress, we are fortunate to have Gail Frederick of the well-known training site Learn the Mobile Web

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  • Assignment Last week, we continued making progress on our Presence application, adding table views and fetching live data with web services. However, you may have noticed that because we were performing our Twitter API requests and image downloads on the main thread, there were stalls and hangs in the user interface. Additionally, working on a read-only Twitter client is only fun for so long- we want an application that allows us to update our own online “presence” as well.

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  • The number of active Twitter users grew to over 100 million by September 2011, tweeting 1 billion tweets every five days. As officially defined by Twitter, an “active user” is someone who logs in (but does not necessarily tweet) once a month. Twitter penetration and uptake in the Arab region The total number of active Twitter users, tweets and top trends in each of the 22 Arab countries (plus Iran, Israel and Turkey) over the month of September 2011 was estimated using a Twitter API (application programming interface) specially developed for this research.

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  • Lilliputian Systems and eZelleron are both developing SOFC products for this market. Lilliputian’s system will run on butane cartridges and should offer market-leading fuel effi ciency when it launches through US retailer Brookstone at the end of 2012. eZelleron’s micro-tubular SOFC product can be fuelled with conventional cigarette lighters; a commercial launch is expected within the next few years.

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  • Create dynamic, multi-user web applications completely in JavaScript. Use best practice design patterns including MVC, templates, and data synchronization. Create simple, effective user authentication including Facebook and Twitter integration. Learn the time-saving techniques of Meteor to code powerful, lightning-fast web apps in minutes In Detail Meteor is a brand new platform built entirely in JavaScript that allows you to build modern, dynamic web applications in the blink of an eye.

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