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  • Chapter 6: Database Recovery Techniques includes Databases Recovery (Purpose of Database Recovery, Types of Failure, Transaction Log, Data Updates, Data Caching, Transaction Roll-back, Checkpointing, Recovery schemes, ARIES Recovery Scheme, Recovery in Multidatabase System).

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  • Overview One of the major responsibilities of a database administrator (DBA) is to ensure that the database is available for use. The DBA can take precautions to minimize failure of the system. In spite of the precautions, it is naive to think that failures will never occur. The DBA must make the database operational as quickly as possible in case of a failure and minimize the loss of data. To protect the data from the various types of failures that can occur, the DBA must back up the database regularly. Without a current backup, it is impossible for the DBA to...

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  • The scope, complexity, and pervasiveness of computer-based and controlled systems continue to increase dramatically. The consequences of these sys- tems failing can range from the mildly annoying to catastrophic, with serious injury occurring or lives lost, human-made and natural systems destroyed, security breached, businesses failed, or opportunities lost. As software assumes more of the responsibility of providing functionality and control in systems, it becomes more complex and more significant to the overall system performance and dependability...

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  • The audit should be performed in accordance with the approved plan. However, the planning process does not end with the start of the execution phase. Rather, as implementation of the audit proceeds, unanticipated circumstances will often require that the plan be modified. Such changes should be documented, along with the reasons for them. If any changes alter significantly the methodology of the audit or the time or other resources required to carry it out, those changes should be reviewed and approved by the official, if any, who approved the original plan.

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  • Supporting natural language input may improve learning in intelligent tutoring systems. However, interpretation errors are unavoidable and require an effective recovery policy. We describe an evaluation of an error recovery policy in the B EE TLE II tutorial dialogue system and discuss how different types of interpretation problems affect learning gain and user satisfaction.

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  • Marine oil spilled frequently in the Vietnamese waters requires that give rise to the development of effective response system to mitigate or reduce the impacts of an oil spill. In this study, the physical characteristics of types of oil group such as density of oil, evaporation of oil, dispersion of oil were considered.

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  • Stephen Bailey has produced an excellent new edition of his popular book Academic Writing. This book presents a great blend of advice and practice. The advice focuses on what is required in terms of academic writing at university. He addresses different types of academic writing and even includes sample writing texts. The practice breaks down academic writing by focussing on the language typically required in academic settings with lots of student exercises.

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  • There is increasing political and environmental pressure on industry to clean up the water which it uses in many processes, and to re-use this water where possible. This cleaning is done using specially-developed industrial membranes and this book covers the types and design of membranes, how they work and in which industries they are used. Special attention is paid to the textile, food/ beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and pulp and paper industries where such membranes are in regular use.

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  • Natural disasters destroy more property and kill more people with each passing year. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, fires and other natural events are becoming more frequent and their consequences more devastating. Del Moral and Walker provide a comprehensive summary of the diverse ways in which natural disasters disrupt humanity and how humans cope. Burgeoning human numbers, shrinking resources and intensification of the consequences of natural disasters have produced a crisis of unparalleled proportions.

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  • Eleven million tonnes of waste are produced yearly by the European pulp and paper industry, of which 70% originates from the production of deinked recycled paper. Wastes are very diverse in composition and consist of rejects, different types of sludges and ashes in mills having on-site incineration treatment. The production of pulp and paper from virgin pulp generates less waste but the waste has similar properties to waste from the production of deinked pulp, although with less inorganics [...].

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  • Types of Recovery Manager Backups Recovery Manager provides functionality to back up: The entire database, every datafile in a tablespace, or a single datafile The control file All or selected archived logs Note: The online redo log files are not backed up when using Recovery Manager. Closed Database Backups A closed database backup is defined as a backup of the database while it is closed (offline). This is the same as the consistent database backup. If you are performing a closed backup, the target database must not be open.

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  • The Recovery Storage Group is a new type of Storage Group in Exchange Server 2003 which is designed to facilitate the recovery of Mailbox Store data without the need for an alternate Active Directory forest for recovery.

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  • These three activities—requirements gathering, designing/ specifying, and implementing—are deep subjects and worthy of their own books (see the Annotated Bibliography). I’ll cover the first two from a project-level perspective in the next few chapters, and implementation will be the focus later on in the book. Different types of projects Several criteria change the nature of how requirements and design work are done. I’ll use three simple and diverse project examples to illustrate these criteria:...

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  • CED builds on both the capacities of young women, and community supports, to maximize resources. Programs and supports offered to young women through the network of community organizations they already access can start to work with young women as individuals to prepare them to enter into the waged economy. If young women are to share equally in efforts toward CED, the gendered implications of the programs must be considered. A gender-based analysis of current CED programs would likely find divisions between the types of CED activities women and men do.

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  • Transportation demand refers to the amount and type of travel people choose given specific prices and service options. Current trends are changing travel demands in ways that increase the value of alternative modes (walking, cycling, ridesharing, public transit, and telecommunications) and more accessible, multi-modal communities.

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  • Important factors when choosing the best breed of chickens for your situation are: price, market situation, experience, farm management, local preference and availability. The price will determine your choice. Modern hybrids are very expen- sive. They also need very good care and high quality, balanced feed to be productive. Local breeds are cheaper and better adapted to local conditions. With adequate care, they are reasonably productive. How- ever, if you want to raise chickens on a larger scale and decide to buy balanced feed, it is better to choose the more expensive hybrids. ...

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  • The economy has suffered from an adverse demand shock – the sharp contraction of 2008-2009 – and from two types of adverse supply shock. First of all, the trend path for productivity is almost certainly lower than most people had expected before the economic crisis (although trend growth is probably little changed). Not only did productivity levels fall during the crisis, but there has been no real sign of the sort of recovery which might have been expected if the decline in productivity had simply been a temporary consequence of the disruption associated with the credit crunch.

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  • Recyclables derived from the various MBT processes are typically of a lower quality than those derived from a separate household recyclate collection system and therefore have a lower potential for high value markets. The types of materials recovered from MBT processes almost always include metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and for many systems this is the only recyclate extracted. However these plant can help enhance overall recycling levels and enable recovery of certain constituent items that may not otherwise be collected in household systems (e.g. batteries, steel coat hangers, etc.).

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  • It is already well established that mental illness, across the spectrum of disorders, is both a direct cause of mortality and morbidity and a significant risk factor for poorer economic, health and social outcomes, although these adverse outcomes vary by type of disorder and socioeconomic status (WHO 2005; 2006). 3 However, it is now becoming clear that the presence or absence of positive mental health or ‘wellbeing’ also influences outcomes across a wide range of domains.

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  • This research investigated the antioxidant activity of proteolysate from Acetes japonicus. Firstly, chemical composition of the Acetes was analyzed. Then, the effect of Acetes : water ratio on protein recovery yield and the effect of the enzyme type, pH, temperature, enzyme to substrate (E:S) ratio and hydrolysis time on the antioxidant potential of the proteolysate were examined.

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