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  • This study will provide a discussion on management policies of activities of scientific research and technological development applied for US corporations and companies including: introduction of types of US enterprises, orientation of entrepreneurial Government policies and management policies of S&T activities.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR as we will call it throughout this book) is a concept which has become dominant in business reporting. Every corporation has a policy concerning CSR and produces a report annually detailing its activity. And of course each of us claims to be able to recognise corporate activity which is socially responsible and activity which is not socially responsible.

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  • In the aftermath of World War II, the United States enjoyed an easy preeminence in the world economy. Neither the US education system, nor the US tax system, nor American savings habits were criticized on grounds of international competitiveness. During the 1980s, however, Americans took notice of their faults as Japan and the European Union both seemed destined to challenge US preeminence. For different reasons neither Japan nor the European Union prospered during the 1990s but the US economy thrived on a technology boom.

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  • This monograph emerged from our efforts to study the behavior of the households from the Townsend Thai Monthly Survey. This experience convinced us that imposing an accounting framework and creating financial statements would be a useful, indeed a necessary, first step for the analysis of household finance, especially from high-frequency, monthly data.

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  • The search for resources including minerals, petroleum, and foodstuffs. For example: The US agribusiness giant United Fruit Company: controlled 90 per cent of US banana imports by 1899. Royal Dutch/Shell accounted for 20 per cent of Russia's total oil production. In Japan: Mitsui and Mitsubishi – “financial clique”

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  • • A chain of fitness centers developed at US, by Eric Levine • Expanded and stabilized in Hong Kong, opened several branches in China, Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam, to name a few

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  • (BQ) The world of sport is saturated with the signs and images of multinational corporations. But what effect does the relationship between sport and international corporate capitalism have on national identities? From the growth of women's soccer in the US to the corporate use of sport after 9/11, sporting events and their corporate partners have a profound impact on collective imaginations. Sport and Corporate Nationalisms explores the logics and practices underlying the marketing initiatives of major conglomerates and their influence on the shaping of national cultures.

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  • This project examines whether the fair value information under SFAS ( 157 affects corporate credit risk. Moreover, I further investigate whether managers change their risk management behavior driven by fair value measurement. Finally, in light of the evidence offered by the prior studies indicating that better corporate governance will lead to better risk management, this study expects that the relationship between fair value information and risk management may be moderated by corporate governance.

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  • With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in the global economy, CEOs are under immense pressure from their stakeholders to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, prior studies have contradictory conclusions about the relationship between CSR and financial performance (FP). We thus extend prior research by investigating whether CEO compensation moderates the CSR-FP link. This study uses US firm data from the KLD database for the period 2003-2011.

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  • The projects that motivated initial development of many of the ideas in this book were primarily large engineering projects in the energy sector: large-scale Arctic pipelines in the far north of North America in the mid-1970s, BP’s North Sea projects from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, and a range of Canadian and US energy projects in the early 1980s. In this period the initial focus was ‘the project’ in engineering and ...

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  • Let me begin this preface with a confession of a few of my own biases. First, I believe that theory, and the models that flow from it, should provide us with the tools to understand, analyze and solve problems. The test of a model or theory then should not be based upon its elegance but upon its usefulness in problem solving. Second, there is little in corporate financial theory, in my view, that is new and revolutionary. The core principles of corporate finance are common sense ones, and have changed little over time....

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  • The contents of this book include: Introduction (L. Renneboog) Part 1: Corporate restructuring; mergers and acquisitions in Europe (M. Martynova, L. Renneboog); the performance of acquisitive companies in the US (K. Cools, M. V. D. Laar); The announcement effects and long-run stock market performance of corporate spin-offs: The international evidence (C. veld, Y. Veld-Merkoulova); the competitive challenge in banking (A. Boot, A. Schmeits); Consolidation of the European banking sector: Impact on innovation (H. Degryse, S. Ongena, M.F. Penas)...

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  • Tools that help us determine the financial health of a company. We can compare a company’s financial ratios with its ratios in previous years (trend analysis). We can compare a company’s financial ratios with those of its industry. Do we have enough liquid assets to meet approaching obligations ?If the average current ratio for the industry is 2.4, is this good or not?

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  • CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE CONCLUSION: WHAT WE DO AND DO NOT KNOW ABOUT FINANCE It is time to sign off. Let us finish by thinking about some of the things that we do and do not know about finance.What would you say if you were asked to name the seven most important ideas in finance?

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  • CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX L E A S I N G Most of us occasionally rent a car, bicycle, or boat. Usually such personal rentals are short-lived; we may rent a car for a day or week. But in corporate finance longer-term rentals are common. A rental agreement that extends for a year or more and involves a series of fixed payments is called a lease.

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  • CHAPTER TEN A PROJECT IS NOT A BLACK BOX A BLACK BOX is something that we accept and use but do not understand. For most of us a computer is a black box. We may know what it is supposed to do, but we do not understand how it works and, if something breaks, we cannot fix it.

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  • This book arises out of a project funded by Scottish Homes, as part of EC Competitive Renewal Initiatives in Sustainable Europe Network Group. Our first acknowledgement is to the support of Scottish Homes for enabling this research to be conducted. Equal thanks are due of course to all the persons who offered us their time for interviews in the course of the research project in the five countries studied. Also, we would like to thank Alison Smith for her help in preparing the book. Finally, we would like to thank Dymphna Evans of Edward Elgar for her support....

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  • Do a Google search for “Free PMP Exam Questions”. Go ahead – do it. What do you see? You find that almost all of the sites out there will give away just a few questions as advertisement for an online training course or a book or something really expensive that might help you pass the PMP exam. That bothered us when we were studying for the exam ourselves, and it still bothers us now. We really like the idea of a project management community, where people use the same vocabulary to talk about the job, and help each other grow professionally....

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  • In certain countries the Company also provides postretirement benefits other than pensions to various employees. The cost relating to such plans consists of the present value of the benefits attributed on equal basis to each year of service, and interest cost on the accumulated postretirement benefit obligation, which is a discounted amount. The transition obligation is being recognized through charges to earnings over a twenty-year period beginning in 1993 in the US and in 1995 for all other plans.

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  • At the same time, the capital available for deployment into Shariah-compliant investments is vast and growing. At the heart of the Middle East, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman – form a market of 38 million residents (about the same population as California) with a combined annual GDP that grew 6.4% in 2007 to reach US$840 billion. Add to this another 430 million Muslims living outside the Middle East – many of whom reside in prosperous or growing economies such as India, Malaysia, or...

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