Ubiquitous robotic

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  • Telerobotics is the area of robotics concerned with the control of robots from a distance, mainly using wireless connections or the Internet. It is a combination of two major subfields, teleoperation and telepresence. The work presented in this chapter belongs to the field of teleoperated robots, where a remote centre sets commands to the robot and supervises the performed motion by receiving feedback from its sensors.

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  • We are all witnesses that the beginning of the 21st century in technological terms is dedicated to mobile communications - they are everywhere: smartphones, Ipads, ereaders, and many other wireless devices. Once a fiction, today is a reality – music on demand, video on demand, live video conversation via IP on a tablet. What will be the next technological achievement that will have such huge impact on human living? I dare to predict that the second half of this century will by highly influenced by mobile robotics – robots will become ubiquitous décor in everyday life....

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  • Coevolutionary Robotics Jordan Pollack, Hod Lipson, Pablo Funes, Sevan Ficici, Greg Hornby Dynamical and Evolutionary Machine Organization Department of Computer Science Brandeis University Waltham Massachusetts 02454 USA {pollack, lipson, funes, sevan, hornby}@cs.brandeis.edu www.demo.cs.brandeis.edu Abstract We address the fundamental issue of fully automated design (FAD) and construction of inexpensive robots and their controllers.

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