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  • Most people can remember where they were when news broke of a worldshattering event, e.g. the assassination of President Kennedy or the death of Princess Diana. As testament to a ‘sad life’ as a VAT consultant, I can remember precisely where I was on 21 June 1988 (in my car and on my way to address a meeting of the West Wycombe Women’s Institute) when the European Court of Justice (ECJ) released its judgement against the UK’s zero rated treatment of commercial property transactions.

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  • The tests and methods given in this section are based mainly on those for milk and dairy products stipulated in European and UK legislation. EC Directive 92/46/EEC [1] lays down health rules for the production and placing on the market of raw milk, heat treated milk and milk-based products....

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  • At present more than 62% of all MSW generated in England is disposed of in landfills3. However, European and UK legislation has been put in place to limit the amount of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) sent for disposal in landfills4. The Landfill Directive also requires waste to be pre-treated prior to disposal. The diversion of this material is one of the most significant challenges facing the management of MSW in the UK.

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  • The Food Safety Act, the main provisions of which came into effect on 1 January 1991, provides the basic framework for all food legislation throughout the UK. Its primary aim is to strengthen and update the previous food legislation.....

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  • These are turbulent and troubled times for the UK accounting industry and, more specifically, for the credibility of the members of its occupational associations who claim to be ‘professionals’ . At the heart of the troubles is the rapidity of change in legislation and the quickening of competition between major players in the industry.

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  • With increasing global temperatures and the impact of climate change, it is accepted that there needs to be a reduction in global GHGEs which are contributing to climate change. As part of the UK Climate Change Act 2008 ( targets were set to cut the total annual GHGEs in the UK by at least 80% by 2050, with an interim target of a reduction of 34% by 2020 (based on the 1990 levels). The food system is a major contributor to GHGEs, with the food chain estimated to account for approximately a fifth of total GHGEs in the UK, the...

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  • The care of a woman and her baby in the immediate hours, days and weeks following birth can make an enormous difference to their longterm health and well-being. The content and timing of postnatal care led by midwives was formalised in the United Kingdom following a statutory legislation that was first introduced in England in 1902. Then there were concerns that too many women were dying following birth.

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  • Health and safety is a vast and expanding subject. New regulations seem to come into force even before the existing legislation is thoroughly adopted by employers. This report has been written to help employers avoid finding out what to do through enforcement action when regulators start asking for documents and procedures that are not familiar. Every endeavour has been made to provide information that is absolutely up-to-date. Fortunately in the UK the regulatory authorities provide for a consultation and lead-in period before the full adoption of changes.

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  • This new edition has been prompted by the introduction of new legislation and guidance on the use of ionising radiation in the UK. In addition to providing a summary of these new regulations I have taken the opportunity to update certain chapters and encompass many of the helpful suggestions and comments I have received from reviewers, colleagues and students. In particular I have increased the number of examples of many of the pathological conditions so that a range of appearances is illustrated....

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