Understanding racism

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  • This chapter begins the journey of exploring how such a controversial area of study constantly defies thought. Prejudice and suffering for migrant groups are introduced. The motivation for producing a book on racism and prejudice is set out, alongside an invitation to the reader to be challenged by and challenge what follows.

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  • Th e literature on the relationship between Victorian England and imperial India is growing with a welcome contribution from Subaltern Study scholars. Th e latter increasingly emphasize the dynamics, the bilateral relationship between the two societies. Previous assumptions of the passive role of indigenous peoples in those processes have been overturned by varied empirical studies.

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  • The greatest question for the world today is this, asked by Mr. Siegel: "What does a person deserve by being alive?" Aesthetic Realism itself shows that being seen the art way or aesthetic way is what every person deserves. This includes an understanding of the human desire for contempt, which has for so many centuries caused injustice and brutality. The aesthetic way of seeing people is what can replace racism and prejudice with justice. It is what can make for economic fairness to every person. The Aesthetic Realism understanding of art and people is urgently needed.

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