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  • The original Streetsmart Guide to Valuing a Stock was conceived and outlined on a trip to Spain. The concepts underlying stock valuation crystallized only as real livestock (6 fighting bulls and 8 steers) at- tempted to run over us on the narrow, crowded streets of Pamplona. Integral to the book’s progress were the discussions, over many fine meals with our friends in Navarra, of its structure and international appeal. Ana Vizcay and Eduardo Iriso, María Jesus Ruiz Ciordía and Emilio Goicoechea, Luis Arguelles and Merche Amezgaray,...

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  • The central thesis of Fundamental Indexing is that weighting the components of an index by their “economic footprint” allows the portfolio to avoid some of the deficiencies of a capitalization weighted index, such as over-weighting of overvalued stocks and under- weighting of undervalued stocks.

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  • This book describes an innovative investment strategy called “Relative Value Discipline,” which provides a framework for investing in traditional dividend-paying value stocks, as well as undervalued growth stocks. The graphic below illustrates how the stock selection process works step by step to winnow a thousand large cap stocks down to a focused portfolio of twenty to thirty holdings.

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  • In the fall of 1929, the market value of all shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange fell by 30 percent. Many analysts then and now take the view that stocks were then overvalued and the stock market was in need of a correction. Irving Fisher argued that the fundamentals were strong and the stock market was undervalued. In this paper, we estimate the fundamental value of corporate equity in 1929 using data on stocks of productive capital and tax rates as in McGrattan and Prescott (2000, 2001) and compare it to actual stock valuations. We find that the stock market in 1929 did...

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  • On October 22, 1929, a headline in the New York Times read: “Fisher says prices of stocks are low.” Two days later, the stock market crashed. Fisher based his projection on strong earnings reports, fewer industrial disputes, and evidence of high investment in R&D and other intangible capital. But, because the market fell dramatically, many analysts concluded that he had been wrong in his assessment that stocks were undervalued in October 1929.

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