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  • AN ASSESSMENT OF SPATIAL DIFFERENTIATION IN VIETNAM’S SOCIAL-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1990-2000 There can be multiple equilibria, however, and the allocation of effective schools is not uniquely determined by the model’s parameters. Conventional comparative statics analysis is not meaningful when equilibrium is non-unique, as the parental valuation parameter affects the set of possible equilibria rather than altering a particular equilibrium.

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  • The present volume, compiled in honor of an outstanding historian of science, physicist and exceptional human being, Sam Schweber, is unique in assembling a broad spectrum of positions on the history of science by some of its leading representatives. Readers will find it illuminating to learn how prominent authors judge the current status and the future perspectives of their field. Students will find this volume helpful as a guide in a fragmented field that continues to be dominated by idiosyncratic expertise and still lacks a methodical canon.

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  • Unique in its approach, this new book takes users beyond the identification of physical assessment abnormalities to arrive at a differential diagnosis of the patient's health problem. Readers learn how to incorporate physical examination, patient history, and diagnostic studies to accurately diagnosis a patient's problem.

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  • The effects of pesticide contamination on the metabolism of marine mol-luscs are poorly documented. We investigated the response of a marine bivalve, the Pacific oyster,Crassostrea gigas, using a suppression subtrac-tive hybridization method to identify up- and down-regulated genes after a 30-day exposure period to herbicides (a cocktail of atrazine, diuron and isoproturon, and to the single herbicide glyphosate). A total of 137 unique differentially expressed gene sequences was identified, as well as their asso-ciated physiological process....

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  • The principle of Occam’s razor loosely translates to “the simplest solution is often the best”. The author of Kinematic Geometry of Surface Machining utilizes this reductionist philosophy to provide a solution to the highly inefficient process of machining sculptured parts on multi-axis NC machines. He has developed a method to quickly calculate the necessary parameters, greatly reduce trial and error, and achieve efficient machining processes by using less input information, and in turn saving a great deal of time.

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  • In recent years the study of numerical methods for solving ordinary differential equations has seen many new developments. This second edition of the author's pioneering text is fully revised and updated to acknowledge many of these developments. It includes a complete treatment of linear multistep methods whilst maintaining its unique and comprehensive emphasis on Runge-Kutta methods and general linear methods. Although the specialist topics are taken to an advanced level, the entry point to the volume as a whole is not especially demanding.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Existence and Uniqueness of Periodic Solution for Nonlinear Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations

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  • Another major role of marketing relates to change in ownership. Agricultural goods, like most other goods, have value only in terms of their usefulness -- utility -- to consumers. The pricing and exchange functions associated with possession are the heart of marketing. Pricing is the determination of market values in terms of money. Buyers and sellers at a given time agree on a common evaluation. Prices may vary from day to day or hour to hour, depending on demand and supply. But, in time, prices of different commodities seek different levels in accordance with...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for Coupled Systems of Higher-Order Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations

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  • ON DELAY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH NONLINEAR BOUNDARY CONDITIONS TADEUSZ JANKOWSKI Received 21 July 2004 The monotone iterative method is used to obtain sufficient conditions which guarantee that a delay differential equation with a nonlinear boundary condition has quasisolutions, extremal solutions, or a unique solution. Such results are obtained using techniques of weakly coupled lower and upper solutions or lower and upper solutions. Corresponding results are also obtained for such problems with more delayed arguments.

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  • Inspired by the work of Dubois and Laurent (1994), Leibenstein (1950), Mason (1992), Kapferer (1998), Eastman et al. (1999) Phau and Prendergast (2000), and Dubois et al. (2001) on the evaluation of luxury brands, Vigneron and Johnson (2004) developed a framework of ‗brand luxury index‘ proposing that the luxury-seeking consumer‘s decision-making process can be explained by five main factors that form a semantic network.

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  • (BQ) The book uses all strands of the 'Rule of Four' - graphical, numeric, symbolic/algebraic, and verbal/applied presentations - to make concepts easier to understand. The book focuses on exploring fundamental ideas rather than comprehensive coverage of multiple similar cases that are not fundamentally unique.

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  • ON A BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEM FOR NONLINEAR FUNCTIONAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS ROBERT HAKL Received 21 August 2004 and in revised form 1 March 2005 We consider the problem u (t) = H(u)(t) + Q(u)(t), u(a) = h(u), where H,Q : C([a,b];R) αβ → L([a,b];R) are, in general, nonlinear continuous operators, H ∈ ab (g0 ,g1 , p0 , p1 ), and h : C([a,b];R) → R is a continuous functional. Efficient conditions sufficient for the solvability and unique solvability of the problem considered are established. 1.

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  • TWO-POINT BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS FOR HIGHER-ORDER LINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH STRONG SINGULARITIES R. P. AGARWAL AND I. KIGURADZE Received 4 April 2004; Revised 11 December 2004; Accepted 14 December 2004 For strongly singular higher-order linear differential equations together with two-point conjugate and right-focal boundary conditions, we provide easily verifiable best possible conditions which guarantee the existence of a unique solution. Copyright © 2006 Hindawi Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved. 1. Statement of the main results 1.1.

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  • The nonholonomic nature of the car-like robot is related to the assump- tion that the robot wheels roll without slipping. This implies the presence of a nonintegrable set of rst-order di erential constraints on the con guration variables. While these nonholonomic constraints reduce the instantaneous mo- tions that the robot can perform, they still allow global controllability in the con guration space. This unique feature leads to some challenging problems in the synthesis of feedback controllers, which parallel the new research issues arising in nonholonomic motion planning.

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  • ON A PERIODIC BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEM FOR SECOND-ORDER LINEAR FUNCTIONAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS S. MUKHIGULASHVILI Received 26 October 2004 and in revised form 7 March 2005 Unimprovable efficient sufficient conditions are established for the unique solvability of the periodic problem u (t) = (u)(t) + q(t) for 0 ≤ t ≤ ω, u(i) (0) = u(i) (ω) (i = 0,1), where ω 0, : C([0,ω]) → L([0,ω]) is a linear bounded operator, and q ∈ L([0,ω]). 1. Introduction Consider the equation u (t) = (u)(t) + q(t) for 0 ≤ t ≤ ω with the periodic boundary conditions u(i) (0) = u(i)...

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  • The cyanobacteriumThermosynechococcus elongatusis one the few bacteria to possess two Dps proteins, DpsA-Te and Dps-Te. The present character-ization of DpsA-Te reveals unusual structural and functional features that differentiate it from Dps-Te and the other known Dps proteins.

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  • LSI’s CAM content is based upon the unique and proprietary Alternative Health Grid Matrix Technology. The uniqueness of this matrix is the horizontal human anatomy; each organ is virtually integrated horizontally from one single button to each of the 15 alternative healing modalities. In addition, each modality is supported by references from leading medical literature, not eastern philosophy. LSI has taken the above system and then using the body-organ to disease-organ architecture, has created a duplicable, repeatable engine for every other modality.

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  • I am way past grammar school, believe me, but the words “Go look it up” still strike terror in my heart. Not because I do not like to look up new terms—far from it. The problem is that I cannot look up just one! I get side- tracked right away by intriguing entries that I just might want to use someday. In the interest of expediency, it is much easier to have someone tell me the meaning. Medicine has its own unique breed of terms, founded from Greek, Latin, and who knows where else. The cur- rent Stedman’s Medical Dictionary is a two-volume set… a place where I could...

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  • Murine pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) cDNA encoding a 1545 amino-acid protein has been cloned. We have also identified and cloned cDNA that encodes a novel variant of PAPP-A, PAPP-Ai, carrying a 29-residue highly basic insert. The point of insertion corresponds to a junction between two exons in the human PAPP-A gene. The human intron flanked by these exons does not encode a homologous corresponding insert, which is unique to the mouse.

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