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  • The 8th Internatonal Conference on University Teaching and Innovaton (CIDUI) was celebrated at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Tarragona. CIDUI has worked with scientfc and organising commitees that make sure the conferences meet quality standards. The members of these commitees are made up of university professors from diferent scientfc areas and with extensive experience. The organising commitee consists of teaching staf, academics and administratve staf specialists in the organisaton of university training and educatonal innovaton actvites.

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  • Like the previous editions, this one was also committed to fostering an especially participatory working dynamic and to promoting different points of view. The programmed debates were complemented by contributions from recognised specialists regarding the main topic of the conference: Learning and teaching innovation impacts.

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  • This paper, which is not a research paper, elaborates on the innovations made in English linguistics undergraduate courses at the University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS) during the last ten years, from 2009 to 2018.

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  • The teaching assistants in the School of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona are a group of students who provide support to the teaching staf. Afer three years, collaboratve work has proven to be an efectve method for the executon of the teaching assistants’ responsibilites. The results of two satsfacton surveys, one answered by the teaching staf and another by the teaching assistants, are analysed in this paper.

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  • African educators and overseas friends came together from 4 to 9 December 1995 — about 100 from four continents and 14 countries, women and men, their ages from under 30 to over 80. Included were ministry officials and university administrators, scientists and classroom teachers, innovators or researchers into teaching, and teachers of teachers. Eleven main papers, authored in advance and by Africans, were the basis of our discussion, though all participants spoke as critics, proponents, and commentators.

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  • Building a learning organization in the school context can be organized through changing the elements of learning at three different levels: organization, group and individual. There are 2 characteristics of the school as a learning organization at the individual level: firstly, managers and lecturers continuously learn to develop their expertise; secondly, managers and lecturers always innovate effectively to advance their teaching and researching quality.

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  • The aim of this paper is to demonstrate design principles for a teaching and learning environment that will strengthen the ability of students to become competent digital innovators. The impact of digital transformation on business and society is palpable, forcing organisations to become more responsive, agile, creative and innovative. Moreover, competitiveness is determined by the ability to apply new knowledge to facilitate innovation through the use of digital technologies.

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  • This paper presents a case study of 40 teachers who are students in a Master of Education (TESOL) program delivered in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for the past 15 years by Victoria University (Melbourne) via a partnership with Hanoi University.

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  • We hereby present the main conclusions and perspectives obtained by the Group of Teaching Innovation in Electronics (Grupo de Innovación Docente en Electrónica, GIDEN) of the University of Valladolid (UVa) with regard to its main areas of work. This group comprises teachers of the “Specialty in Industrial Electronics” degree, and the degree in Electronic and Automatic Control and Industrial Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineering, who are interested in the introduction of active teaching-learning methodologies.

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  • Recently the teaching activities that correspond to the material used in the translation and interpretation classes at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMC OU) haven’t satisfied the students’ needs and interests due to monotonous activities. The Faculty of Foreign Languages of HCMC OU is seeking for an innovation. The study aims to investigate if the new model applied to training students of this subject is effective.

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  • One of the difficult tasks in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classes is helping students to retain terminology of their field of study. The research evaluated the process of teaching English for Specific Purpose reading program for second-year information technology students at the Genetic Centre-Hanoi University of Science and Technology using coursebooks and authentic supplementary materials and the innovation in the employment of these materials during the process.

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  • The innovative, high-tech applications have been implemented thoroughly in educational settings in recent years. Blended learning and flipped model have applied in teaching and learning the 4 micro-skills of English, of which English speaking skills benefit much from the modern and updated educational technology. This study investigated the students’ perceptions towards the practical use of watching English movies to develop their English speaking skills.

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  • The article presents theory on washback effect and curriculum innovation as well as analyzes a case of washback effect on English language curriculum at Hong Duc University with reference to TOEIC test. TOEIC-oriented teaching and learning has great impacts on English curriculum design from all perspectives such as content, methodology, testing and evaluation. Such influences are discussed in terms of both positive and c a comprehensive view on the relationship between tests and curriculum design.

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  • Ph.D. dissertation Science Education: Developing innovative capacity for independent college students through teaching techniques of organic chemistry research applied several measures PPDH active in organic chemistry DH to develop independent innovation capacity of students, contributing to improving the quality of practical chemistry in particular DH and enhance the effectiveness of training in engineering universities in general.

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  • The model of pedagogic frailty adds cohesion to consideration of the factors that impinge upon teaching at university and which may inhibit innovation. The model was developed through the examination of expert knowledge structures using concept maps. In this editorial, we summarise the pedagogic frailty model and explain its relationship to the concept mapping tool. We emphasise the need to use excellent concept maps (succinct maps with high explanatory power) for the development of theory and the exploration of the ‘yet-to-be-known’.

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  • This research was conducted on the effects of six different kinds of teachers’ praise on students’ cognition, involving 50 students and five instructors from three universities in Hanoi. The study was based on the case study with the data collected through observation and semi-structured interviews. The findings revealed that six types of teachers’ praise were perceived differently by students. The results would benefit educators to create an active and innovative setting for learning and teaching success.

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  • This is an important step to innovate, improve the quality and effectiveness of political theory education in universities and colleges. The development of teaching staff, including political theory lecturers, is one of the important factors determining the success of the new program.

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  • Nowadays, lecturers tend to explore creative and qualitative methods in higher education (HE) research across international contexts to gain innovative ways of teaching. The purpose of this research is to examine a new approach to the learning journey of university students and justify how effective it is to HE students. The study was carried out with 50 first-year students at Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU). The first phase involved an augmented reality task in which students created their own “lively” products and reflected on their experience through Flipgrid.

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  • Criminal Law was my favorite class as a first-year law student at Northwestern University Law School in 1958. I’ve loved it ever since, a love that has only grown from teaching it at least once a year at the University of Minnesota since 1971. I hope my love of the subject comes through in Criminal Law, which I’ve just finished for the tenth time. It’s a great source of satisfaction that my modest innovation to the study of criminal law—the textcasebook— has endured and flourished.

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  • The university environment is increasingly where innovation in education curricula is beginning. But it’s not easy to change universities. While the bureaucratic infrastructure may be less entrenched than in primary and secondary school systems, a critical mass of people calling for change is still essential.

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