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  • A Basic UNIX Overview Asriel UNIX FOR DOS ADDICTED WaReZ PuPPieZ AND THEIR PETS Introduction

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  • Operating System: Chapter 10 - Case Study 1 - UNIX and LINUX presents about History of unix, Overview of unix, Processes in unix, Memory management in unix, Input/output in unix, The unix file system, Security in unix.

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  • Lecture Operating System: Chapter 10 - Unix and Linux presented History of unix, Overview of unix, Processes in unix, Memory management in unix, Input/output in unix, The unix file system, Security in unix.

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  • In each 10-minute lesson, you are given a small amount of material to master. In most cases, the material in each lesson builds on that presented in the previous lesson, so although you can jump around between lessons, you will be best served to start the book at the beginning and move through it in order. You can come back and forth as you master each lesson, in case you forget a command or how to do something.

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  • Lecture "Operating system - Chapter 10: Case study 1 - Unix and Linux" has contents: History of unix, overview of unix, processes in unix, memory management in unix, input/output in unix, the unix file system, security in unix.

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  • Overview Access Control Matrix model Discretionary Access Control (DAC) Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and an example model Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Access Control in Unix Sep 2009 Information Security by Van K Nguyen Hanoi University of Technology 2 .What is AC Quote from Ross Anderson (text “Security Engineering”) Its function is to control which principals (persons, processes, machines, …) have access to which resources in the system -- which files they can read, which programs they can execute, and how they share data with other principals, and so on....

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  • Trong nhiều năm, các lập trình đã đi qua những phức tạp của phần mềm porting từ BSD dựa trên UNIX cho Hệ thống V Release 4 dựa trên UNIX, từ OpenWindows để Motif, từ máy tính đến UNIX cho Macintosh (hoặc kết hợp một số tài khoản đó), và giữa các lựa chọn thay thế khác nhau, quá nhiều để đề cập đến.

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  • Một vài năm trở lại, hệ thống điều hành Macintosh được coi là sáng tạo và vui vẻ. Bây giờ nhiều người xem nó như là ngày và nặng cần viết lại chứ không phải là đơn giản nâng cấp. Windows 95 là hệ điều hành phổ biến nhất trên thế giới, nhưng hệ điều hành này là bằng nhiều cách khác một bản sao của hệ điều hành Mac, ít hơn của Mac ký tự.

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  • What Is Samba? What Can Samba Do for Me? The Common Internet File System Connecting to a CIFS File Share Browsing Authentication: Peer-to-Peer Versus Domains What’s in Samba 3.0? Future Research in Samba 4.0 What Can Samba Do? An Overview of the Samba Distribution .

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  • Internetworking: an overview of concepts, terminology, and technology underlying the TCP/IP Internet protocol suite and the architecture of an internet. Talking about computer networks often means talking about Unix. Of course, Unix is not the only operating system with network capabilities, nor will it remain a frontrunner forever, but it has been in the networking business for a long time, and will surely continue to be for some time to come.

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  • The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a standard that includes many protocols. It defines how machines on an internetwork can communicate with each other. It was initially funded by and developed for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Protects Agency), which is a conglomeration of U.S. military and government organizations. Developed initially for the government, it was later made available to the public, mainly seen on Unix systems. First specified in RFC 791, it has become the defacto standard for networking protocols.

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  • The GNU Autotools make it easy for developers to create software that is portable across many UNIX-like operating systems. Thousands of open source software packages use the Autotools, but the learning curve is unfortunately steep, and it can be difficult for a beginner to find anything more than basic reference material on using the powerful software suite. In Autotools, author John Calcote begins with an overview of high-level concepts; then tackles more advanced topics, like using the M4 macro processor with Autoconf, extending the Automake framework, and building Java and C# sources....

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  • The X is the dominant window system under Unix, and X servers are available for Microsoft Windows, thus enabling graphics over a network in the PC world. This book provides an overview of the X Window System, focusing on characteristics that have significant impact on the development of both application programs and widgets. It pays special attention to applications that go beyond graphical user interfaces (GUIs), such as visualization and imaging programs; issues affecting video games; and designing widgets with a complex appearance.

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