Unproductive work

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  • Many software projects fail unnecessarily because of unclear objectives, redundant and unproductive work, cost overruns, and a host of other avoidable process problems. In response, agile processes and lightweight tooling have begun to replace traditional engineering processes throughout the development lifecycle. Agile ALM is a guide for Java developers who want to integrate flexible agile practices and lightweight tooling along all phases of the software development process.

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  • The Rome ‘Declaration on Harmonisation’ of February 2003, states that: 4 ‘We in the donor community have been concerned with the growing evidence that, over time, the totality and wide variety of donor requirements for preparing, delivering and monitoring development assistance are generating unproductive transaction costs for, and drawing down the limited capacities of, partner countries’ and that ‘donor practices do not always fit well with national development priorities’. The EC will therefore play its part in promoting harmonisation of policies and practices.

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  • In the early stages of my work on crime, I was puzzled by why theft is socially harmful since it appears merely to redistribute resources, usually from wealthier to poorer individuals. I resolved the puzzle (Becker [1968, fn. 3] by recognizing that criminals spend on weapons and on the value of the time in planning and carrying out their crimes, and that such spending is socially unproductive - it is what is now called “rent-seeking” - because it does not create wealth, only forcibly redistributes it.

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