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  • 've got an office in the Daily Standard building and sometimes when things are slow in my line—theatrical bookings—I drift upstairs and talk to the guy who writes the column, The Soldier's Friend, for the Standard. On this particular morning I walked into his office and found it empty so I sat down and waited, figuring he was downstairs getting a mug of coffee. After I

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  • Cụm Giới Từ Verb + Preposition About bang about 1.Xô đẩy ai, gây ồn ào. To bang sb about: Xô, đẩy người nào. 2.Làm ồn ào, om sòm. We could hear the children banging about upstairs: Chúng tôi có thể nghe bọn trẻ làm ồn ào trên gác

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  • Joining sounds /s/ joiningthe /s/ Find the correct endingto thesesentences practise and soundsasin the example. EXAMPLEChrissssspeaksssslowly. 5 In summerlet's 6 Suelikes 7 Lucas 8 Is Chris . sss sss sss sss ski in the snow sail into the sunset. somecats. lotsof textmessaqes. sends Listento checkand repeat. c Read aloud.Practise targetsoundin consonant the clusters. Thesmile of a snake She speaks slowly, and eats special, expensive chocolates, As she steps upstairs, her long skirt sweeps over her silver slippers. She is small and smart and sweet-smelling.

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  • Listen to this conversationwhile reading it silently.Notice that every letter'r' is silent. Then practisereadingthe conversationaloud. In the airport ANNOUNCER: Airways R.T. flightnumberfour four sevento New Yorkwill depart laterthis afternoon 16.40hours. at DRDARLING: Wonderful! goingto the bar to ordersome more Cermanbeer. l'm MR MARTIN: Where's bar? the DR DARLINc:lt's upstairs. There's bookshop a too. And a supermarket. is a This maruellous airportl MR MARTIN: dear!| wantedto get to NewYorkearlier. Oh Ah! Here'san air hostess. Excuse me. I don't understand.

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  • In February of 2011, the Melman boys were at it again opening Paris Club and Studio Paris in Chicago’s River North neighborhood solidifying the already known truth that they too had a knack for opening and operating hot new restaurants. The menu, created by Chef Jean Joho is approachable French dining in a casual urban setting. Upstairs is Studio Paris, one of Chicago’s hottest nightlife destinations.

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  • Diphthong /eə/ (Nguyên âm đôi /eə/) .Unit 19 Diphthong /eə/ Nguyên âm đôi /eə/ Introduction /eə/ is a long vowel sound. It starts with /e/ and moves to /ə/. It’s pronounced /eə/...../eə/. air /eər/ care /keər/ hair /heər/ airport / eəp t/ barely / beəli/ upstairs / p steəz/.

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  • I left the office of The Scout, 28 Maiden Lane, W.C., on September 8th, 1914, took leave of the editor and the staff, said farewell to my little camp in the beech-woods of Buckinghamshire and to my woodcraft scouts, bade good-bye to my father, and went off to enlist in the Royal Army Medical Corps. I made my way to the Marylebone recruiting office, and after waiting about for hours, I went at last upstairs and "stripped out" with a lot of other men for the medical examination. The smell of human sweat was overpowering in the little ante-room. Some of the men had hearts...

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  • There are other villages a short drive away if that also make a lovely visit and the medieval town of Korcula is within easy striking distance. Snorkelling is lovely around the bay but there are also local snorkeling trips which are well worth a try which take you around some of the uninhabited local islands. There is even a World War 2 wreck not too far away if you are a keen diver! Internally, the villa comprises 3 double bedrooms (2 upstairs and 1 down). A King sized sofa bed is also available in the living room. Both upstairs bedrooms both...

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  • Janet was a smart kid who grew up in the projects.1 She did well in school and was often taunted by her classmates for being a nerd. In fact, “book learning” was a favourite insult, “They believed that common sense exists in inverse proportion to academic instruction, a notion that found expression in cutting comments such as ‘The girl ain’t got nothin’ upstairs but book learning’ and ‘You got about as much common sense as a speck on a fly!’” (35–36).

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