Urban neighborhoods

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  • There has been a steady increase in anthropogenic pressure over the past few years due to rapid industrialization, urbanization and population growth, causing frequent environmental hazards. Threats of global environmental change, such as climate change and sea level rise, will exacerbate such problems. Therefore, appropriate policies and measures are needed for management to address both local and global trends.

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  • Part of the San Jose project in which Stefflre Associates, Inc., a market research firm, designed and implemented attitude surveys for the RAND Urban Policy Analysis Group. RAND then analyzed the data. The objectives were to understand and characterize how people in Santa Clara County perceive different living environments and to answer questions about the impact of rapid growth on citizens' attit......

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  • All of us think we know real estate, and we have all been involved with it in one way or another since our arrival in the Ahospital delivery room. That building, our earliest impres- sion of the world, is real estate; the residence we were taken home to, whether a single-family house or an apartment, is real estate; the malls and neighborhood centers where we shop, the factories and office buildings where we work, the hotels and resorts...

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  • The real estate impact of arts and cultural activities is seen not only in the redevelopment of discrete buildings, but in the incremental renewal of large districts involving complex social and design solutions. The physical expression of place-making by the creative sector often plays out over decades. Older urban neighborhoods are filled with architecturally- distinct buildings that exist in the interplay of recently re-built and longer term deteriorated sites.

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  • This report considers the significance of the main urban pests and the medical conditions they create, as well as the resulting economic cost of the burden of disease, when data were available. It also proposes technical and policy options for governments that desire to implement adequate surveillance and contingency plans. The report is based on contributions from international experts in the fields of pests, pest- borne diseases and pest management, invited by the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Bonn. The office acted as secretariat for the working group.

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  • In February of 2011, the Melman boys were at it again opening Paris Club and Studio Paris in Chicago’s River North neighborhood solidifying the already known truth that they too had a knack for opening and operating hot new restaurants. The menu, created by Chef Jean Joho is approachable French dining in a casual urban setting. Upstairs is Studio Paris, one of Chicago’s hottest nightlife destinations.

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  • In this publication, Jeremy Nowak, President and CEO of The Reinvestment Fund, examines the role of community-based arts and cultural activity in neighborhood development and points towards strategies for building an integrated vision of creativity and development. It focuses on the ways cultural activity and neighborhood development have complementary and in some ways intertwined missions, and offers a framework for flexible investment and funding that supports this synthesis and can contribute to imaginative and substantive urban revitalization....

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  • To our knowledge, only one previous effort (Wilson et al, 2007) explicitly studied school travel in light of school choice. There, we found that school choice led to longer school commute distances (because children attend schools across the district rather than in their neighborhood) and reduced levels of walking and bicycling to school (because longer commutes are less amenable to walking or bicycling). The current study strengthens and expands earlier research.We survey parents to determine attitudes that affect school choice and school travel mode.

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  • The principle of carsharing is simple: individuals gain the benefits of private vehicle use without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. Carsharing is most common in major urban areas where transportation alternatives are easily accessible. Individuals generally access vehicles by joining an organization that maintains a fleet of cars and light trucks in a network of locations (1, 2). Vehicles are most frequently deployed from lots located in neighborhoods, at transit stations, or businesses.

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  • Significant development always builds from existing assets and points of strength. Accordingly, not all economically distressed places are positioned to utilize arts and cultural activities as a major development strategy at either the regional or neighborhood level. Additionally, no economic or community development strategy should be viewed as a quick-fix to complex social and economic problems.

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