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  • This book addresses the theme of the impacts of global warming on different specific fields, ranging from the regional and global economy, to agriculture, human health, urban areas, land vegetation, marine areas and mangroves. Despite the volume of scientific work that has been undertaken in relation to each of each of these issues, the study of the impacts of global warming upon them is a relatively recent and unexplored topic. The chapters of this book offer a broad overview of potential applications of global warming science.

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  • The proposed Institutional Actions to support the third component involves the strengthening and promotion of private sector involvement in the bus sub-sector, preceded by some important public sector technical reforms. This Chapter provides some outline recommendations for the development of urban transport within the STAP period, which are individually highlighted in text boxes.

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  • The principal pollutants from the transport sector responsible for adverse health effects include lead, various types of particulate matter, ozone (formed from atmospheric reactions of oxides of nitrogen [Nox] and volatile organic compounds [VOCs]), various toxic VOCs, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and sulphur dioxide. However, the proportion of these various pollutants attributable to the transport sector varies significantly across different cities, as indicated by the table below.

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  • ... nongovernmental organizations, private volunteer organizations, and the commercial sector whose responsibilities include planning, policy, doctrine, training, and the conduct of actions undertaken in or near urban areas in both the immediate future and longer term. This research was sponsored by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Deputy Chief of Staff for Development and was conducted in the Force Development and Technology Program of the RAND Arroyo Center. The Arroyo C

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  • Developing counties, like Nepal is still in tense to maintain the level of political stability, economic growth, development, and employment which are the main issues in one side of the economy and on the other, the majority of the people find shelter in the informal sector in the absence of sluggish growing formal sector. Most of the people are engaged in informal economies that have created varying effects on them in terms of employment and income generations.

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  • School age is the active growing phase of childhood. Primary school age ia a dynamic period of physical growth as well as of mental development of the child. Understanding the nutritional status of children has far reaching implications for the better development of future generations. The present study was undertaken to assess the nutritional status of 90 school going girls by assessing their general information, anthropometric measurements, and dietary assessment. Dietary assessment was done by 24 hour dietary recall method for three consecutive days.

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  • In order to feed the country’s population in general and our state in particular, farming is a must and we shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to minimise the migrations from rural to urban and make agriculture so attractive for urbanites to move in the reverse direction.

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  • Handloom sector is an important second position employer in the country after agriculture by contributing to nearly 30 % of total exports. Pochampally handloom weaving is very popular in Telangana state. Most of the pochampally ikat weavers are located in Nalgonda distrtict. Weaving is a family enterprise where right from the child to the old man in the family get involved in various weaving related activities. Hence a descriptive research design was adopted to study the socio-economic status of ikat weavers.

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  • Role of women in Peri urban dairy farming was studied with respect to access and control over resources and services and constraints faced by them by collecting data from 60 respondents in Cuttack and Jagatsinghpur districts of Odisha. The results indicated that the access and control over natural resources by men were higher for cultivable land and grazing resources whereas livestock was mostly under the joint control of men and women. Women had more access to intra house relation (45.0%) and self-help groups (56.7%) whereas men have more access to banking services (51.

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  • Of the recent advancements in ICT and its application in agriculture and allied sector; mobile apps have the potential to convert world into a digital ecosystem. Reckoning with this fact a new mobile application called “Eco-Dairy” was developed to disseminate information on Environment Friendly Dairy Farming Practices (EFDFPs). This paper uncovers the constraints faced by the respondents in using the developed android application as well as throws a light on the profile variables of the respondents.

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  • Increasing the proportion of the industrial sector and the agricultural sector had great impacts on poverty reduction. In contrast, the increasing proportion of the service sector made the poverty rate higher. One noticeable thing is that economic growth was not significant for the goal of poverty reduction in 2010–2016. In addition, the process of urbanization, the increase in the labor rate and literacy rate contributed positively to poverty reduction achievements. Finally, population growth was also one of the reasons hindering Vietnam’s successful poverty reduction process.

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  • This is because the battery leads to high investment and maintenance cost. From a government point of view, developing policy towards renewable energy usage in urban households could help to reach national electrification and environmental targets without extra capital allocation as well as relieve pressure on the already overburdened state electricity company, the PLN.

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  • The Objective of this study explains the Service sector contribution to the global output is more. The service factor itself is the largest part of the economy for the countries around the world, the worthy reason being urbanization, privatization and instant demand for final consumer services.

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  • The objective of this study is provide an overview of the issues and challenges for electricity distribution service quality and customer satisfaction in Indian electricity distribution sector.

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  • Viet Nam banking sector had experienced an expansion and strong growth during the period of 1997 to 2007, supportive to a rapid growth of the economy. Many new licenses provided for the establishment of financial institutions, together with a wave of converting rural joint stock banks into urban joint stock banks and the requiredincrease for banks’ owner capital. As impacted from the financial crisis in 2008, the banking sector appeared several weaknesses and deficiencies.One of the deficiencies was the failure of banks’ internal control systems in aspects of their design and operation.

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  • This progress is based on development of all sectors, especially the manufacturing one. industrial parks and export processing zones (referred to hereafter as iPs for short) have played well their roles in the industrial development, accounting for some 25% of industrial output and this figure kept increasing in recent years.

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  • These papers describe environmentally conscious design technique in the field on buildings and architecture: how to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing the energy efficiency, water efficiency, use sustainable (renewable or recyclables) materials of construction. Section 4 is a collection of articles related to sustainable agriculture and food security: systems of food production that provide secure supply to meet the world growing population.

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  • C H A P T E R F I F T E E N Urban Transport Economic Theory 15.1 INTRODUCTION Although the transportation sector constitutes a small share of total production (about 3 percent of GDP in the United States), transportation costs play a critical role in the formation and workings of cities.

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  • The elderly in India often end up in a state of deprivation and negligence as there is no proper social security system as in the West (OASIS, 1999). The majority of the elderly work in the informal sector with low levels of wages and deficient working conditions and this has also put the aged in a state of deprivation, vulnerability and distress in old age in terms of both health and economic security (Helpage International, 2002). Empirical studies by different researchers have shown a gradual decline in the standard of life of the aged with high...

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  • Today, Vancouver has the smallest per capita carbon footprint of any city in North America. We have been able to achieve this in collaboration with our energy utility providers, senior levels of government, and innovators in the business and non-proit sectors who see new opportunity in responding to this challenge. Because of these achievements, Vancouver is quickly becoming a new green economy hub. Vancouverites have consistently made choices that have turned our home into one of the world’s most livable cities.

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