Urinary tract problems

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  • (bq) part 2 book “practical paediatric problems” has contents: gastrointestinal system, hepatic and biliary problems, urinary tract problems, urinary tract problems, paediatric ophthalmology, surgical topics, tropical paediatric medicine,… and other contents.

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  • Some urinary tract disorders rarely cause symptoms until the problem is very advanced; these include kidney failure, tumors and stones that do not block urine flow, and some low-grade infections. Sometimes, symptoms occur but are very general and difficult for the doctor to connect to the kidney. For example, a general feeling of illness (malaise), loss of appetite, nausea, or generalized itching may be the only symptoms of chronic kidney failure. In older people, mental confusion may be the first recognized symptom of infection or kidney failure. ...

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  • part 2 book “paediatrics and child health” has contents: growth, endocrine and metabolic disorders, musculo skeletal disorders, renal and urinary tract disorders, dermatology and rashes, haematological disorders, emotional and behavioural problems,… and other contents.

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  • There is a continuing need to use recent and consistent multisectoral economic data to support policy analysis and the development of economywide models. Updating and estimating inputoutput tables and social accounting matrices (SAMs), which provides the underlying data framework for this type of model and analysis, for a recent year is a difficult and a challenging problem. Typically, input-output data are collected at long intervals (usually five years or more), while national income and product data are available annually, but with a lag.

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  • Sunlight is now-a-days considered to be a source of energy which is implemented in various day to day applications. Solar energy is being used to produce electricity through sunlight. With the help of this technology we aim to make solar energy powered car. Preliminarily our objective would be to implement our idea on a remote control toy car and afterwards with help of this prototype we can extend our future work on building an actual car powered by the solar energy which is both cost effective and of course environment friendly. We also intend to solve the problem of...

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  • Including urinary issues in the gynecologic evaluation is helpful. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most common reasons to seek medical care and are sometimes triggered by sexual activity. Urinary incontinence is an increasingly recognized health problem (see Chapter 10). Finally, because domestic violence is common (2), screening for current or previous physical, emotional, or sexual abuse is an important part of the pa- tient’s history and in some states is mandatory.

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  • At the present time the majority of cases of prostate cancer in the United Kingdom are identified following “opportunistic screening” or “case finding” whereby men present to their clinician for one of a number of other reasons and then undergo PSA-testing, ideally following appropriate and adequate counselling. A smaller proportion of cases are identified following clinical presentation with lower urinary tract symptoms or with the symptoms related to advanced prostate cancer.

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  • Malformations occur in nearly 10% of female genital tracts. Known genetic problems cause 20%, about 5% are due to chromosome aberrations, and approximately 10% are due to environmental causes. Multifactorial inheritance (e.g., a combination of environment and genetics) probably accounts for the rest. Anomalies of the vulva and labia are rare. They include bifid clitoris (occurs most frequently with bladder exstrophy), congenital vaginal prolapse, and vulvar duplication (seen with duplication of the urinary and intestinal tracts). Occasionally, one labia is much larger than the other.

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