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  • Two major approaches to cryopreservation are known, i.e., conventional freeze-thaw procedures and vitrification, which is defined as a glass-like solidification (Karlsson & Toner, 1996). While freeze-thaw procedures minimize the probability of intracellular ice formation, vitrification attempts to prevent ice formation throughout the entire sample during the cooling and warming process (Kuleshova et al., 2007). Recently, the potential of vitrification has been tested for tissue-engineered constructs.

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  • Globalization is taking hold of all sectors of society. Not surprisingly, many residency applicants are interested in global health training opportunities during their graduate medical education. Meanwhile, residency programs grapple with the challenges of establishing and expanding global health programming. The past decade has witnessed a rise in number of non-profit organizations dedicated to global health exposure for future physicians. Child and Family Health International, Doctors for Global Health, and Community for Children are a few examples.

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  • The lack of product quality and consistency and the absence of compelling data on the safety and efficacy of most CAM and TM approaches present major challenges to any effort to opti- mize the distribution of precious health resources. These diffi- culties also pose opportunities for research. Other formidable challenges include the variability in training, credentialing, and licensing CAM and TM practitioners. Increasingly, efforts are being made in several countries to regulate both products and practitioners.

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  • This report explores the wealth of evidence that mental health influences a very wide range of outcomes for individuals and communities. These include healthier lifestyles; better physical health; improved recovery from illness; fewer limitations in daily living; higher educational attainment; greater productivity, employment and earnings; better relationships with adults and with children; more social cohesion and engagement and improved quality of life.

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  • Since 2005, the international development perspectives have broadened, with new funding sources, partnerships and configurations of stakeholders. Global public-health initiatives such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) have matured their operations and increasingly become significant sources of revenue for national health budgets in many low-income countries.

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  • Campaign Execution (Model Deployment): Once the model is ready, the next step is to deploy the model in the current campaign. The model is applied to rank all potential customers by the predicted probability of belonging to the class initiating the contact. Only the top x% of the ranked list will receive the promotion (if the majority of potential customers are contacted, then direct marketing would not differ much from mass marketing). The selection of an optimal x, i.e. the x that produces the highest net profit, depends on the (predicted) performance of the model.

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  • Companies are required to prepare their financial statements each year as per the provisions of the Companies Act and have them audited by a practicing Chartered Accountant or a firm of Chartered Accountants registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The Companies Act permits companies to choose their financial year end. The audited financial statements must be approved by the shareholders in an annual meeting of the shareholders, which should be convened by the company normally within six months from the end of the financial year.

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  • If we weight market capitalizations and net earnings for the three S&P categories and then take the ratio, we have a price-earnings ratio of 19.3 Aggregate earnings and this priceearnings ratio imply an estimate for the aggregate market capitalization of 1.67 times GNP, which is close to that for industrials only. We should note that an estimate of 19 for the price-earnings ratio is significantly higher than that reported by Fisher, who cites the Standard Statistics Company as the source for his data.

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  • Research has suggested a link between nutritional deficiencies in early (including prenatal) life, and the development of chronic diseases—cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and osteoporosis, among others—some decades later (World Health Organization 2000a, 2000b; Jacoby 2004). A possible link between early nutritional deficiencies and obesity has also been suggested, and it remains an area of ongoing research (Pan American Health Organization 2003).

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  • It is clear from the studies cited below, that good bedside manner and professionalism are extremely important to patients. Plunkett and Midland (2000) found that “well-educated” Caucasians (from Chicago, Michigan, US) placed an emphasis on communication skills when selecting an obstetrician. In contrast, patients who were to undergo surgery decided the surgical reputation of the OB/GYN was more important than bedside manner.

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  • Communities in crisis suffer a loss of access to services, which UNFPA works to restore or to provide in temporary locations. While access is most obviously a problem for refugees and the internally displaced, people in surrounding communities and other family members may also be affected by the crisis. Access continues to be a priority once a crisis concludes, during the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

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  • My foreign rights agents are the inestimable Danny and Heather Baror, and collectively they have sold my books into literally dozens of countries and languages, helping to bring my work to places I couldn't have dreamed of reaching on my own. They subcontract for my agent Russell Galen, another inestimable personage without whom I would not have attained anything like the dizzy heights that I enjoy today.

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  • It is estimated that transitioning to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy and more broadly „greening growth‟ over the next 20 years will require significant investment and consequently private sources of capital on a much larger scale than previously - particularly given the current state of government finances. There is already international agreement on the need to increase financing for climate mitigation and adaptation – with international financing commitments already having been made.

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  • Real Estate is the real estate fiduciary investment business of Deutsche asset Management. During the past 40 years, RREEF Real Estate has built a leading real estate investing business. Head quartered in new york, RREEF Real Estate has nearly 600 professionals located in 22 cities around the world.

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  • The competing reactions reveal diverging views around the possibilities and limits of microfinance, a polarization captured colorfully by Connie Bruck (2006) in The New Yorker. Yet there are also areas of shared vision. Most important, all agree that the demand for reliable financial services is huge. We estimate that roughly 40 to 80 percent of the populations in most developing economies lack access to formal sector banking services (Beck, Demirguc-Kunt and Martinez Peria, 2007; World Bank, 2007).

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  • There is no consensus on the definition of the financial cycle. In what follows, the term will denote self-reinforcing interactions between perceptions of value and risk, attitudes towards risk and financing constraints, which translate into booms followed by busts. These interactions can amplify economic fluctuations and possibly lead to serious financial distress and economic dislocations.

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  • When you evaluate contractors on the basis of cost alone, you are unlikely to end up with the best-qualified firm, and you put the sculpture at great risk. If you are unable to obtain an exception to the sealed-bid method, be sure that the project specifications are clear and detailed and describe every aspect of the work involved. Require a list of all projects completed within the past several years. Ask each bidder to describe the qualifications of all personnel who will be involved in the project, not just the principals.

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  • The American Indians repeatedly warned John Wesley Powell against his first trip through the Grand Canyon. The canyon once contained a trail made by the god Tavwoats for a mourning chief to go to see his wife in a heaven to the West. Then the god filled up the trail with a river and forbade anyone to go there. Powell would draw Tavwoats' wrath. 2 But Powell saw the canyon geologically. He too experienced awe, but of the erosional forces of time and the river flowing. He went on to direct the US Geological Survey, and, interestingly, to head the US...

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  • The network administrator simply logged into the Locate web console and looked up the IP addresses of the infected workstations. He was presented with the name, location, and phone number of the infected users. He was then able to immediately call each of the users, notify them of the situation, and disable their switch port. Appropriate steps were taken within minutes to fix the problem before other workstations were infected. The pro- cess to identify and locate all 100 users took less than 10 minutes....

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  • This Notice provides guidance concerning qualified energy conservation bonds under § 54D of the Internal Revenue Code (Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds). This Notice addresses questions regarding qualified conservation purposes eligible for financing with these bonds, particularly (1) how to measure reductions of energy consumption in publicly-owned buildings by at least 20 percent under § 54D(f)(1)(A)(i) and (2) what constitutes a “green community program” under § 54D(f)(1)(A)(ii).

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