Urodynamic stress

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  • In a direct test of the question, “connective tissue or muscle damage?“, Petros et al 2008 performed a blinded prospective study with muscle biopsies of m.pubococcygeus taken at the same time as a midurethral sling operation for urinary stress incontinence (USI) was done, an operation which works by creating an artificial collagenous neoligament (Petros PE, Ulmsten U, Papadimitriou 1990).

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  • Part 2 book “Atlas of urodynamics” has contents: Overactive bladder, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder neck obstruction, and prostatitis, bladder outlet obstruction and impaired detrusor contractility in women, enterocystoplasty and neobladder, genital prolapse, stress incontinence in woman,… and other contents.

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  • Descriptive statistics were used for demographic variables, expressed as mean and standard deviation in the case of continuous variables with a normal distribution. In case of an asymmetrical distribution the median and inter-quartile (IQ) values were used. Noncontiguous variables were presented as frequencies. The Shapiro-Wilk test was used to determine a normal distribution.

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  • PDi and LDi are aimed at testing the incidence of adverse selection: whether firms in poor financial health and/or facing liquidity constraints are more likely to seek and get access to bank credit. In the case of the liquidity dummy there is no ambiguity about the causality and the interpretation of the results in terms of adverse selection. However, in the case of the profitability dummy, again we cannot fully eliminate the endogeneity problem because – as mentioned before – firm’s profit/loss position may affect also bank’s decision to extend the loan.

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  • The kidneys are located at both sides of the lumbus, which is therefore described as "the home of the kidney, its main functions are: to store congenital and acquired essence and control human reproduction , dominate water metabolism in other words kidney regulates the distribution of water and helps maintain fluid balance in the body and the reception of Qi which means that the kidney assists the lung in its function of receiving and descending the Qi.

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  • Depending on their structures, polyphenols (e.g. tea polyphenols) could also act by chelating prooxidant transition metal ions such as Fe2+, which are involved in reactions eliciting free radical production, including hydroxyl radicals (OH•) and alkoxyl radicals (RO•) (Dufresne & Farnworth, 2001).

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  • Because the pixel vectors connecting with each other are the priority, these uncovered pixel vectors usually have the judgment upon the distance difference with the connected regions conducted to carry out region growing. It is the major reason why CSF is covered by GM and eroded. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the pixel vector, simultaneously calculate the distance difference with all the regions, and grow it into one of the regions with the minimum difference.

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  • Debt settlement companies required consumers to pay an up- front fee to join a debt assistance program that would eliminate the debt for a fraction of the amount owed. Many offered to refund the fee if the customer did not save a specified amount of money. Some groups claiming to be non- profit organizations offered debt counseling services targeting consumers with poor credit histories to help them obtain loans and credit cards or settle debts.

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  • An additional factor for lack of better therapeutic choices is the lack of suitable animal models to replicate human glomerular injury in order to develop and test novel treatment strategies. There are three detailed chapters that exemplify the recent advances in using animal models to explore the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis. Immunopathogenic mechanisms in a murine model of membranous nephropathy are discussed by Chia-Chao Wu et al., while autoimmune glomerulonephritis complicating chronic graft versus host reaction was discussed by Elena Goiman et al....

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  • Barriers to low-carbon investment may be financial, structural or technical. Financial barriers include fossil fuel subsidies, and the unpriced carbon externality. These discourage local businesses, project developers, vendors, technology providers from offering low carbon solutions to the market, and hamper institutional and market financing mechanisms enabling such businesses to grow.

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  • The generation collectively known as the “Baby Boomer Generation” has exerted tremendous influence on U.S. society and institutions throughout their lives. This influence will continue as they age and will likely become more pronounced in coming years. Baby Boomers, individually and collectively, are going to redefine what it means to be “elderly” in the U.S. The sheer numbers of Baby Boomers will greatly affect public policy – as it relates to the elderly as well as to all other ages over the coming years. In 2006 the first Baby Boomer cohort will turn 60....

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  • Oversight is an important role assumed by the Bundesbank in the field of payment transactions. This task is clarified with the latest amendment to Section 3 of the BBankG and is also recognised by the Treaty and the Statute as a basic task of the Eurosystem. Its aim is to ensure smooth payment transactions and encourage efficiency and security. In practical terms, this function is exercised largely by means of the general agreements on procedures and standards jointly developed with the banking sector and via institutionalised dialogues in various official bodies.

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  • If the conservator is inexperienced, uses inappropriate materials, or cuts corners to reduce costs or save time, the damage can be devastating and often irreparable. When the conserva- tor is highly qualified, sensitive to aesthetic and art historical concerns, and knowledgeable about materials and methods, the results can bring new life to the sculpture. To the novice project manager, the highly specialized field of conservation can be confus- ing.

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  • The demographic changes within populations, especially in developing regions, are projected to occur at a rate of three and a half times from 1980 to 2020, causing a rapid increase in the over-60 population. With more people living longer, the burden of unnecessary blindness from trachoma among older people is estimated to be very high. And, of the projected 50 million blind people living in low-income societies by the year 2020, roughly 38 million will be women.

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  • Following the publication of these results, banks with capital needs will have to submit recapitalisation plans. Moreover, those banks that cannot see through their recapitalisation without public aid will, in turn, have to submit restructuring plans. These plans shall be approved before the end of November in the case of banks in which the FROB has a stake, and before the end of December for the rest.

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  • The modern industrial communities show an unprecedented uniformity and precise equivalence in legally adopted weights and measures. Something of this kind would be brought about by the needs of commerce, even without the urgency given to the movement for uniformity by the requirements of the machine industry. But within the industrial field the movement for standardization has outrun the urging of commercial needs, and has penetrated every corner of the mechanical industries.

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  • The EU is considering a proposal to introduce filters for blocking of child abuse websites. European Digital Rights urges the Parliament and Council to rethink these plans. Child abuse and its portrayal on the Internet is a terrible crime that is sometimes of a severity that is scarcely believable. It must be treated seriously, with policies based on evidence and effectiveness and not on politics or gut reactions. We must avoid policies which give Member States the opportunity to adopt cosmetic measures that we have already seen being used as a replacement for real action.

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  • The preparation of these guidelines began in 2008 under the supervision of Badi Besbes. Ini- tial work was undertaken by Manuel Luque Cuesta. Workneh Ayalew produced a new draft version of the guidelines, which was presented and discussed at workshops held in Argen- tina, Senegal and Italy. These workshops were attended by 100 scientists, technicians and policy-makers. A revised and updated draft was prepared by Badi Besbes, Workneh Ayalew and Dafydd Pilling. Text boxes were provided by Luis Iñiguez and Evangelina Rodero Serrano. The illustrations were prepared by Antje Weyhe.

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  • METHODS There are two methods of amortization, the straight-line and effective interest methods. Straight line is simpler and is much more common in practice, but the effective interest method is preferable because it provides a constant yield on the recorded value of the investment. Both methods will be illustrated in this chapter. The effective interest method must be used whenever the premium or discount is material.However, straight line may be used when the results are not materially different than the effective interest method.

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  • Tunisia was the first Muslim country to introduce information on reproduction and family planning in its school curriculum in the early 1960s. By the early 1990s, reproductive health educa- tion for both girls and boys had been incorporated into the public school science curriculum. Turkey stands out for its coverage of SRH topics in the school curriculum and the willingness and openness of teachers to discuss these issues in the classroom.

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