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  • Several factors should be considered along with the security categorization of the system confidentiality when making sanitization decisions. The cost versus benefit of a media sanitization process should be understood prior to a final decision. For instance, it may not be cost-effective to degauss inexpensive media such as diskettes. Even though clear or purge may be the recommended solution, it may be more cost-effective (considering training, tracking, and validation, etc) to destroy media rather than use one of the other options.

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  • There are many ways for an adviser to organize the risk management function. Approaches vary depending on a variety of factors, including the adviser’s size and resources; the nature of the adviser’s (and its affiliates’) business; the complexity of the funds’ structures and investment strategies; and the size and breadth of the fund complex.

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  • We take pride in continuing our association with the CII Mutual Fund Summit. This document presents the perspective of industry stakeholders, along with our points of view, on the current scenario in the mutual fund industry. While a lot has been said about distribution, we have attempted to take an all-encompassing view of the issues and have focussed on looking for the hidden opportunities. We have tried to examine the business structure and its operations in order to find ways of stimulating redesign and innovation.

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  • As you will see, the maths shows that the trick will always work if the spectator does what’s expected of them and follows the rules. Mathematically we call the things the spectator must do, like choose different digits and put them in the right order, the constraints. In this trick it’s the presentation (where we say ‘lets make it harder’ and so on) that makes sure these constraints are followed. If we let things go astray and, for example, let the spectator choose digits that were the same we would have a constraint violation and it would upset the maths....

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  • Because of the special risks associated with investing in Emerging Markets, sub-funds which invest in such securities should be considered speculative. Investors in such sub-funds are advised to consider carefully the special risks of investing in emerging market securities.

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  • We focus on four national characteristics to explain the size of the mutual fund industry across countries: law and regulation; demand characteristics; supply side factors; and the nature of the securities markets. Countries with a stronger judicial system, more stringent regulatory approval and disclosure requirements for funds tend to have a larger fund industry. This suggests that stronger regulation may be beneficial to the fund industry.

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  • The anthropology of aesthetics as I see it, then, consists in the comparative study of valued perceptual experience in different societies. While our common human physiology no doubt results in our having universal, generalized responses to certain stimuli, perception is an active and cognitive process in which cultural factors play a dominant role. Perceptions are cultural phenomena.

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  • You would turn to your spectator and announce, or write down on a bit of paper, “I’ve got as many matches as you, then an extra 3 more. And then just enough left to make your number up to 14.” With the prediction made, it’s time for the spectator to count their matches. You then count yours out and your prediction is proven true. Say they have seven matches. From your pile, you count out seven matches and put them aside. Part one of your prediction is true: you have as many matches as them. You then count off your...

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  • In the last few decades there has been a growing criticism of the mental health and social care services available to users, this includes those from minority ethnic and refugee groups in the UK. This has resulted in the rise of user groups and forums to put forward their agenda’s and challenge the very structure and provision available.

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  • Yes, there were tragic and painful events during this period of great progress, and these are also described in Bob’s report. Certainly, the assassination of President Kennedy on 22 November 1963, only six days after he had visited the launch facilities and walked around the Saturn I launch vehicle, was devastat- ing to the entire United States, including all of us who had been involved in fulfilling his commitment to spaceflight goals.

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  • After the state identified a nutrient problem (nitrogen and phosphorous) in the basin, it recommended a strategy to limit nutrient discharges from a group of point source dischargers. Subsequently, some of the dischargers formed an association and proposed an alternative strategy that included pollutant trading. The strategy, approved by the state, contains a total, allowable discharge level for the association that, in turn, allocates individual discharge limits among its members. If ...

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  • Clearly, we shall not enjoy such feelings of involvement in the face of an object if our attitude in relation to this object is entirely neutral. Sympathy-feelings are in fact distinguished by the fact that they presuppose some primitive relation of fellow-feeling between us and the object which evokes them. `For those whom we neither value nor love, neither hate nor abhor, we have no pleasure when they are happy, no pity when they are unhappy, and no concern for their fate' (155). Thus there are no sympathy-feelings...

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  • For example, adding an urban highway lane typically accommodates about 2,000 additional daily vehicle trips. 2 Although this reduces congestion on that roadway (at least temporarily, until generated traffic fills the capacity), it often increases “downstream” surface street traffic congestion, increases parking demand, requires travelers to own and operate automobiles, and if additional vehicle travel is induced it increases accidents, energy consumption, pollution and sprawl, all costs that could be reduced if the same trips are made by alternative modes.

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  • As regional leaders grapple with these design questions, they learn to become more trusting of one another. As these relationships grow, leaders’ capacity to think and act quickly on complex strategic issues can increase dramatically. Stronger, more focused leadership networks emerge that are capable of taking on the challenges of transforming a regional economy. Successful regions build stable, pragmatic partnerships composed of people who share important qualities. These individuals possess the personal integrity needed to strengthen the bonds of trust within the team.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'financial crimes report to the public', tài chính - ngân hàng, tài chính doanh nghiệp phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Many companies recognize that people expect effortless interaction with desktop and web applications, but producing software that generates enjoyable user experiences is harder than they anticipate. This title helps to learn user-experience strategies that can satisfy your clients and customers, drive business value, and increase brand strength.

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  • Based on an exploratory, longitudinal, retrospective case study on the German energy utility E.ON, the study examines three related research questions. First, we ask if strategy formation as represented by corporate resource allocations is influenced by regulatory actors. Second, we explore how strategy formation is impacted in terms of internal alignments of corporate strategies and structures. And third, we elaborate on the corporation’s externally directed re- sponse strategies in order to reversely influence its environment.

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  • Measurement and evaluation are vital components of social media but they are in many ways problem- atic and can appear confusing. At the simplest level, it is common to monitor traditional quantitative variables such as number of followers (Twitter) or ‘likes’ (Facebook) but these only tell a limited part of the story.

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  • Finally, a brief word about the team of writers is in order. Although we very much opted for a division of labour approach to the writing of this book, it has been no less of a team effort. The text was written by Mark Newson and the exercises prepared by Hordós Marianna, Szécsényi Krisztina, Pap Dániel, Tóth Gabriella and Vincze Veronika. Szécsényi Krisztina prepared the glossary. Most of the editing was carried out by Hordós Marianna, Nádasdi Péter, Szécsényi Krisztina and ...

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  • The main premise of Countdown to French is that you can learn this extremely useful and beautiful language quickly and effectively. If you are willing to spend just 24 hours of your time studying the grammar, vocabulary, and phrases presented in the lessons, you will find that you will be able to understand and communicate in French in various types of everyday situations. You can immediately feel confident that you will meet this challenge and accomplish your goals effortlessly and rapidly

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