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  • I’d love to say that this book is for you, no matter who you are. But no one book could cover the wide range of cell phone users when it comes to discussing a new system. So, how do you know if this book is for you? Maybe all you’ve ever used a standard mobile phone for is making phone calls. Maybe you occasionally send a text message or use your cell phone camera to share pictures with friends.Maybe you’d like to jump ahead to the latest phone software, but you feel a little nervous about that....

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  • This book is addressed to business management and project managers as well as researchers who are evaluating the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) for tracking uniquely identified objects. In an effort to make RFID project management less of an art form and more of a science RFID Technology and Applications brings together pioneering RFID academic research principals to analyze engineering issues that have hampered the deployment of RFID and to share ‘‘best practices’’ learnings from their work.

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  • 1) IP, a) b) c) d) e) f) and IPX operate at what layer? Presentation Application Session Transport Network Data Link 2) What is, or is becoming the topology of choice for networks? a) Bus b) Star c) Hierarchical d) Mesh 3) If computers are connected along a single cable this is called what type of topology? a) Star b) Bus c) Hierarchical d) Mesh 4) 1000Base-T is not a Category 5 cable. a) True b) False 5) Mesh topologies are the least expensive and are easier to maintain. a) True b) False 6) RJ-45 connectors are used with ? a) Coax b) Fiber-optic c)...

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  • Cài đặt: 1 Vào Control Panel Network Connections: 2 Rightclick Wireless Network Connection, và chọn Properties: 3 Click vào Wireless Networks tab: Chọn ô "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings". 4 Click vào Add trong Preferred networks. 5 Đánh tên SSID trong ô Network name (SSID):

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  • If your account has been compromised—or hacked—it means that someone stole your password and might be using your account to access your personal information or send spam. To recover your account and prevent it from being hacked again, follow these steps.

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  • In computer science, session hijacking is the exploitation of a valid computer session—sometimes also called a session key—to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system. In particular, it is used to refer to the theft of a magic cookie used to authenticate a user to a remote server. It has particular relevance to web developers, as the HTTP cookies used to maintain a session on many web sites can be easily stolen by an attacker using an intermediary computer or with access to the saved cookies on the victim's computer (see HTTP cookie theft)....

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  • SQL injection is a technique often used to attack data driven applications [1]. This is done by including portions of SQL statements in an entry field in an attempt to get the website to pass a newly formed rogue SQL command to the database (e.g., dump the database contents to the attacker). SQL injection is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability in an application's software. The vulnerability happens

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  • Assembly language is essentially the native language of your computer. Technically the processor of your machine understands machine code (consisting of ones and zeroes). But in order to write such a machine code program, you first write it in assembly language and then use an assembler to convert it to machine code.

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  • An exploit (from the verb to exploit, in the meaning of using something to one’s own advantage) is a piece of software, a chunk of data, or sequence of commands that takes advantage of a bug, glitch or vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behaviour to occur on computer software, hardware, or something electronic (usually computerised). Such behavior frequently includes such things as gaining control of a computer system or allowing privilege escalation or a denial-of-service attack...

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  • OpenVPN is a powerful, open source SSL VPN application. It can secure site-to-site connections, WiFi and enterprise-scale remote connections. While being a full-featured VPN solution, OpenVPN is easy to use and does not suffer from the complexity that characterizes other IPSec VPN implementations. It uses the secure and stable TLS/SSL mechanisms for authentication and encryption. This book is an easy introduction to this popular VPN application.

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  • Fit-PC Slim: Smallest Linux PC How about a fanless Linux-powered PC that uses a mere 4 to 6 watts of power? CompuLab has launched the Fit-PC Slim, measuring 11x10x3 centimetres, weigh 380 grams, and powered by an AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. The general specifcations of the PC include: VGA output for display, pre-installed 60 GB HDD, 10/100 Ethernet with RJ45 connector, optional 802.11b/g WiFi Ethernet, 3xUSB 2.0 (2 front-panel, 1 rear) and 1x serial (with proprietary connector). The operating temperature of the device is 0 to 45 degrees Celsius. ...

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  • Accurate determination of the mobile position constitutes the basis of many new applications. This book provides a detailed account of wireless systems for positioning, signal processing, radio localization techniques (Time Difference Of Arrival), performances evaluation, and localization applications. The first section is dedicated to Satellite systems for positioning like GPS, GNSS. The second section addresses the localization applications using the wireless sensor networks.

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  • Vào App World trên PlayBook sử dụng HTTP Proxy Đầu tiên, bạn cần cấu hình lại Wifi đang sử dụng theo các bước như hướng dẫn kèm theo hình ảnh: Xác định Wifi đang kết nối: Select a network: chọn Saved networks. Click chọn Wifi đang kết nối. Cấu hình như sau: + Check chọn Use HTTP Proxy. + Proxy Server:

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  • Building Wireless Community Networks is about getting people online using wireless network technology. The 802.11b standard (also known as WiFi) makes it possible to network towns, schools, neighborhoods, small business, and almost any kind of organization. All that's required is a willingness to cooperate and share resources.

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