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  • Radio frequency identifi cation (RFID) technology is a wireless communication technology that enables users to uniquely identify tagged objects or people. RFID is rapidly becoming a cost-effective technology. This is in large part due to the efforts of Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense (DoD) incorporate RFID technology into their supply chains. In 2003, with the of enabling pallet-level tracking of inventory, Wal-Mart issued an RFID mandate requiring its top suppliers to begin tagging pallets and cases, with Electronic Product Code (EPC) labels.

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  • Finally, interventions that prompt the writer to “read-as-the-reader” explicitly focus working memory resources on the reader representation. These are effective in improving the revising activities of 5th and 9th graders (Holliway & McCutchen, 2004) as well as of college students (Traxler & Gernsbacher, 1993). However, it is unclear from these studies what costs are incurred when limited attention and storage capabilities are focused on the reader representation rather than on the author and text representations.

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide the user with the means to create a quality assurance manual which will satisfy the needs of his or her particular laboratory while meeting the requirements of any regulatory or accrediting body with which the organization may be associated.

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  • There is little empirical evidence existing on Villa-Lobos’s career and activities between 1905 and 1912. His biographers state that he travelled widely throughout Brazil during this period. However, there are few positive facts available concerning these trips.

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  • With youth, marketers have tapped into an audience that is particularly vulnerable to the messages and tactics of the food and beverage industry. For many low-income youth, there is little time or money for structured, healthy meals in the presence of an adult. Marketers have capitalized on this situation by using a number of marketing channels to reach children and adolescents. These span television advertising, in-school marketing, product placements in movies and television programs, kids’ clubs, the Internet, toys...

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  • The purpose of this standard is to establish a uniform means of designating instruments and instrumentation systems used for measurement and control. To this end, a designation system that includes symbols and an identification code is presented. The procedural needs of various users are different. The standard recognizes these needs, when they are consistent with the objectives of the standard, by providing alternative symbolism methods.

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  • A further part of the decline in yields on government bonds appeared to reflect the additional cash in the financial system available to finance transactions in these and other securities. This was consistent with government bond yields declining by more than CDS premia. 3 Banks in Italy and Spain, for example, used new funds to significantly boost their holdings of government bonds (Graph 4, right-hand panel). While other euro area banks were less active in this respect, they may have committed new funds to help finance positions in government bonds for other investors.

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  • VOCs from process vents are, where possible, re-used within processes but this is dependent on such factors as VOC composition, any restrictions on re-use and VOC value. The next alternative is to recover the VOC calorific content as fuel and, if not, there may be a requirement for abatement. A combination of techniques may be needed, for example: pre- treatment (to remove moisture and particulates); concentration of a dilute gas stream; primary removal to reduce high concentrations, and finally polishing to achieve the desired release levels.

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  • For banks, on the other hand, taking on credit exposure is a defining element of their business, and risk management of lending activities is their major challenge. Banking risk management practices are currently undergoing a significant transformation, entailing a greater emphasis on the systematic assessment of the quality of all credits and the production of detailed quantitative estimates of credit risk. These quantitative measures are being used by banks to inform their internal estimates of the amount of provisions and capital necessary to support these risks.

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  • Governance research in accounting exploits the role of accounting information as a source of credible information variables that support the existence of enforceable contracts, such as compensation contracts with payoffs to managers contingent on realized measures of performance, the monitoring of managers by boards of directors and outside investors and regulators, and the exercise of investor rights granted by existing securities laws. The remainder of Section 3 is organized as follows. Section 3.

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  • Our expectations of firms operating in this market have been published on several occasions and the questions used in the mystery shopping relate to ICOB and TCF requirements for a PPI sale. Our standard for each issue is therefore 100% compliance and is illustrated in the following diagram by the solid blue line around the outside of the chart. Findings against each question have been plotted on the diagram, the solid line joins up the average result of all the shops (as a percentage).

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  • Life-cycle finance is arguably the most important specialty in finance. At some level, all institutions exist to serve the individual. But investing directly by individuals, who reap the rewards of their successes and suffer the consequences of their mistakes, is becoming a dramatically larger feature of the investment landscape.

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  • In recent years water quality problems have attracted increasing attention from authorities and communities throughout the world, especially in developing countries but also in countries in transition from centrally planned economies to market economies. In the latter, previously neglected aspects of environmental protection are now becoming a major obstacle for further and sustainable economic and social development.

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  • All operating systems provide services for programs they run. Typical services include executing a new program, opening a file, reading a file, allocating a region of memory, getting the current time of day, and so on. The focus of this text is to describe the services provided by various versions of the UNIX operating system. Describing the UNIX System in a strictly linear fashion, without any forward references to terms that haven't been described yet, is nearly impossible (and would probably be boring).

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  • A multi-country operations research study investigating the combined effectiveness of a set of interventions designed to improve adolescent reproductive health (RH) knowledge, attitude and practices was launched in 1999. This study was conducted concurrently in Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico and Senegal. The principal elements of the project were established through a consultative process that included several of the principal agencies, donors, research organizations and individuals working in the field of adolescent health care internationally.

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  • The Internet creates one economy and one market. As large as the online higher education market is in the U.S., the global opportunity is significantly greater. Unlike the U.S. where post-secondary education is relatively available, access to world-class post-secondary institutions in many parts of the world is limited. Currently, there are 84 million students enrolled in higher education worldwide. Global demand for higher education is forecasted to reach 160 million by 2025 − if online learning captures even half of this growth, there would be 40 million students for online education.

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  • Benutzerkennzeichen : user identification Benutzerklasse : user class, class of service Benutzerkontrolle : user control Benutzeroberfläche : user interface benutzerorientiert : user−oriented benutzerprogrammierbar : user−programmable Benutzers : user's Benutzerstation : user terminal benutzerunabhängig : user−independent benutzerzpezifisch : user−specific

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  • Generally, state charity officials recommend that the donor take responsibility for transfer of title to ensure termination of liability for the vehicle. In most states, this involves filing a form with the state motor vehicle department which states that the vehicle has been donated. Before donating the vehicle, you should remove the license plates, unless state law requires otherwise. This may help you avoid any liability problems after the vehicle is transferred.

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  • The faculty member will award internal marks out of 20 (8 for Tests and 12 for class participation) The semester examination carrying 80 marks will have two sections A and B. Section A worth 20 marks will have 4 theory questions out of which students will be required to attempt any two questions. Section B carrying 60 marks will contain five practical/numerical problem(s), out of which a candidate is required to attempt any three.

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  • The landmark paper by Gleiter [1] redirected a significant portion of the global research efforts in materials science. The importance of this paper can be gauged by its 1300+ cita- tions and the thousands of papers that appeared on this topic since its publication. Actually, this paper was preceded by an earlier, lesser known Gleiter paper, from 1983 [2]. In this paper, Gleiter points out the outstanding possibilities of what he called then ‘‘microcrystalline materials’’. The name ‘‘nanocrystalline’’ has since taken over.

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