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  • Event extraction is a particularly challenging type of information extraction (IE). Most current event extraction systems rely on local information at the phrase or sentence level. However, this local context may be insufficient to resolve ambiguities in identifying particular types of events; information from a wider scope can serve to resolve some of these ambiguities. In this paper, we use document level information to improve the performance of ACE event extraction.

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  • One problem with phrase-based statistical machine translation is the problem of longdistance reordering when translating between languages with different word orders, such as Japanese-English. In this paper, we propose a method of imposing reordering constraints using document-level context. As the documentlevel context, we use noun phrases which significantly occur in context documents containing source sentences.

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  • Recent research in cross-lingual information retrieval (CLIR) established the need for properly matching the parallel corpus used for query translation to the target corpus. We propose a document-level approach to solving this problem: building a custom-made parallel corpus by automatically assembling it from documents taken from other parallel corpora. Although the general idea can be applied to any application that uses parallel corpora, we present results for CLIR in the medical domain.

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  • [ Team LiB ] 11.2 Examples In this section, we discuss how to build practical digital circuits, using switch-level constructs. 11.2.1 CMOS Nor Gate Though Verilog has a nor gate primitive, let us design our own nor gate,using CMOS switches.

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  • Convolution kernels support the modeling of complex syntactic information in machinelearning tasks. However, such models are highly sensitive to the type and size of syntactic structure used. It is therefore an important challenge to automatically identify high impact sub-structures relevant to a given task.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Using Digital Signatures When email is signed with a digital signature, it provides a level of proof that the person using the email address sent the message. More importantly, it also ensures that no one tampered with the message. A digital signature is a digital code that can be attached to an email message to uniquely identify the sender. Like a written signature, the purpose of a digital signature is to guarantee that the individual sending the message really is who he claims to be. To be effective, we need to be assured that a digital...

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  • Automatic Water Supply and Drainage Control Ideal for level control of any conductive liquid. Both general-purpose and panel-use models available. Incorporates an arrester for surge and induced lightning protection. Wide range of models: Long-distance, high- and low-sensitivity, two-wire, etc. LED indicator for quick operation check.

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  • 16.8. 20 Useful Unix Utilities So far, you've read about only a handful of the hundreds of Unix programs that are built into Mac OS X and ready to run. Yes, ls and sudo are very useful tools, but they're only the beginning. As you peruse beginner-level Unix books and Web sites

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  • Using Digital Signatures When email is signed with a digital signature, it provides a level of proof that the person using the email address sent the message.

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  • In the past, the government often tried to ensure that we pay "a fair rate" of interest by implementing usury ceilings or limits on the rates that lenders can charge. During the 1980s there was a general trend toward eliminating or raising these limits as policy-makers reacted to the high inflation and record interest rates of the late 1970s. During the early 1990s, however, the trend reversed as some suggested that caps should be placed on credit card rates, which remained at historically high levels while other key interest rates declined significantly.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 6.12 Using Transaction Isolation Levels to Protect Data Problem You want to effectively use transaction isolation levels to ensure data consistency for a range of data rows. Solution Set and use isolation levels as shown in the following example.

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  • Risk Assessment Vaccines are considered safe when the risk of use is judged to be acceptable in relation to the benefits. For vaccines given to healthy individuals for diseases that are no longer common, acceptable risks are set at very low levels—indeed, far lower than for most medical products. However, "safety" does not and cannot ever mean "zero risk." The determination of safety is thus based on a scientific assessment of the data and a considered judgment of all the issues involved, including benefits and risks.

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  • Why is the market share of accounting measures shrinking, and can cross-sectional differences in the extent of shrinkage be explained? Has the information content of accounting information itself deteriorated, or should we look to more fundamental changes in the economic environment? For example, Milliron (2000) documents a significant shift over the past twenty years in board characteristics measuring director accountability, independence, and effectiveness consistent with a general increase in directors’ incentive alignment with shareholders’ interests.

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  • [ Team LiB ] 11.1 Switch-Modeling Elements Verilog provides various constructs to model switch-level circuits. Digital circuits at MOS-transistor level are described using these elements.[1] Array of instances can be defined for switches.

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  • [ Team LiB ] 5.1 Gate Types A logic circuit can be designed by use of logic gates. Verilog supports basic logic gates as predefined primitives. These primitives are instantiated like modules except that they are predefined in Verilog and do not need a module definition.

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  • In biotechnology, the use of Escherichia colifor recombinant protein pro-duction has a long tradition, although the optimal production conditions for certain proteins are still not evident. The most favorable conditions for protein production vary with the gene product.

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  • In the first approach, we divide our sample into two groups, based on each of the explanatory variables in turn, and calculate the median CGAP measure for each group. In some cases the demarcation between the two groups is clear: For example, economies may be classified as either an emerging market economy (EME) or not. For continuous variables, we use the median across the sample to divide the economies into two groups: economies where the explanatory variable exceeds the median are placed in group 1, and the remainder in group 0.

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  • In order to build robust automatic abstracting systems, there is a need for better training resources than are currently available. In this paper, we introduce an annotation scheme for scientific articles which can be used to build such a resource in a consistent way. The seven categories of the scheme are based on rhetorical moves of argumentation. Our experimental results show that the scheme is stable, reproducible and intuitive to use.

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  • The trend in information retrieval systems is from document to sub-document retrieval, such as sentences in a summarization system and words or phrases in question-answering system. Despite this trend, systems continue to model language at a document level using the inverse document frequency (IDF). In this paper, we compare and contrast IDF with inverse sentence frequency (ISF) and inverse term frequency (ITF). A direct comparison reveals that all language models are highly correlated; however, the average ISF and ITF values are 5.5 and 10.4 higher than IDF. ...

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  • (NB) LPI-101 "Junior Level Administration Introduction to Linux" referred to the content you: Linux Fundamentals, Hardware & Architecture, Install a Linux system, Working on the command line, Process text streams using filters, Perform basic file management, Perform basic file editing operations using vi,...

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