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  • The use of open source softwares helps users learn the internal structure of numerical models. However, open source softwares usually require linking to auxiliary programs for data preprocessing, postprocessing, and visualization. The users also have to understand the problem thoroughly, and may at times modify the source code so that the model could better represent the natural mechanisms.

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  • .Open source software in life science research Published by Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2012 .Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomedicine 1 Practical leadership for biopharmaceutical executives J. Y. Chin 2 Outsourcing biopharma R&D to India P. R. Chowdhury 3 Matlab® in bioscience and biotechnology L. Burstein 4 Allergens and respiratory pollutants Edited by M. A. Williams 5 Concepts and techniques in genomics and proteomics N. Saraswathy and P. Ramalingam 6 An introduction to pharmaceutical sciences J.

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  • OpenVPN is an open source software application that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities. It uses a custom security protocol[2] that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange. It is capable of traversing network address translators (NATs) and firewalls. It was written by James Yonan and is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

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  • Linux users can now control their homes remotely! Are you a Linux user who has ever wanted to turn on the lights in your house, or open and close the curtains, while away on holiday? Want to be able to play the same music in every room, controlled from your laptop or mobile phone? Do you want to do these things without an expensive off-the-shelf kit? In Smart Home Automation with Linux, Steven Goodwin will show you how a house can be fully controlled by its occupants, all using open source software. From appliances to kettles to curtains, control your home...

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  • In this paper, we present a new collection of open-source software libraries that provides command line binary utilities and library classes and functions for compiling regular expression and context-sensitive rewrite rules into finite-state transducers, and for n-gram language modeling. The OpenGrm libraries use the OpenFst library to provide an efficient encoding of grammars and general algorithms for building, modifying and applying models.

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  • In this work we present a Java library, oriented to teaching computer vision. We have designed and built the library from the scratch with enfasis on readability and understanding rather than on efciency. However, the library can also be used for research purposes.

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  • Open-source software is widely used in academia and industry. The paper highlights the major advantages of open-source QGIS software in road asset management in Uzbekistan. It shows steps on how to obtain maps and importing road conditions data. QGIS offers wide ranges of functionality to visualize, analyze and manage road condition data. Road M39 was selected for analysis and road conditions data were used to visualize the IRI roughness index.

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  • Knowledge of HLA haplotypes is helpful in many settings as disease association studies, population genetics, or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Regarding the recruitment of unrelated hematopoietic stem cell donors, HLA haplotype frequencies of specific populations are used to optimize both donor searches for individual patients and strategic donor registry planning.

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  • Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution.Linux was originally developed as a free operating system for Intel x86-based personal computers. It has since been ported to more computer hardware platforms than any other operating system. Most Linux distributions support dozens of programming languages.

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  • Donald Lobo, Michal Mach, and I started CiviCRM almost six years ago. Back then, open source software had gained traction in the operating system arena, but the idea of an open source application designed from the ground up to meet the needs of non-profits and other civic sector organizations was pretty radical. We were convinced that there was a natural affinity between the principals of open source development, namely peer production, collaboration, and transparency, and the goals and culture of many civic sector organizations.

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  • Image segmentation and quantification are essential steps in quantitative cellular analysis. In this work, we present a fast, customizable, and unsupervised cell segmentation method that is based solely on Fiji (is just ImageJ)®, one of the most commonly used open-source software packages for microscopy analysis.

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  • Lecture Introduction to software engineering - Week 7: Object- oriented design. In this chapter, you will learn to: Object - oriented design using the UML, design patterns, open source development. Invite you to find out the detailed content.

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  • The vibrant and rich Android development platform, created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, continues to be a platform in its truest sense, encompassing hundreds of classes beyond the traditional Java classes and open source components that ship with the software development kit. Android's continued growth includes support for Flash and Flash gaming apps, Wi-Fi tethering, improved performance, WebM or WebMedia integration for HTML5-based video and other multimedia APIs, Chrome OS (WebOS) integration, and more.

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  • Android is an open source software toolkit for mobile phones that was created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. It’s inside millions of cell phones and other mobile devices, making Android a major platform for application developers. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional programmer, whether you are doing it for fun or for profit, it’s time to learn more about developing for Android. This book will help you get started.

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  • OpenStack is an open source software for building public and private clouds, born from Rackspace and NASA. It is now a global success and is developed and supported by scores of people around the globe and backed by some of the leading players in the cloud space today. This book is specifically designed to quickly help you get up to speed with OpenStack and give you the confidence and understanding to roll it out into your own datacenters.

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  • Together, Flex and Java make a powerful web development platform—they blend the strengths of Java on the server with the richness of Flex on the frontend. Flex on Java is a unique book that teaches you how to work with Flex in concert with the full array of Java technologies: Spring, POJOs, JMS, and other standard tools. You also learn how to integrate Flex with server-side Java via BlazeDS remoting. Almost all the carefully annotated examples use free or open source software.

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  • One measure of the growing disparity between the developed and developing worlds is the speed of the Internet. For example, the speeds of connections from North America to Africa are slower than those to Europe by a factor of 50 or so. Such assessments have been made by measuring the round trip time that it takes for a digital pulse sent over the Internet to return to the sender. The reasons for this disparity include the availability of Internet access only via slow satellite connections, and the lack of communications infrastructure in the remote parts of the world.

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  • Many algorithms and programs are available for phylogenetic reconstruction of families of proteins. Methods used widely at present use either a number of distance-based principles or character-based principles of maximum parsimony or maximum likelihood.

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  • Bioinformatics tools designed to identify lentiviral or retroviral vector insertion sites in the genome of host cells are used to address the safety and long-term efficacy of hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy applications and to study the clonal dynamics of hematopoietic reconstitution.

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  • Some of the current software tools for comparative metagenomics provide ecologists with the ability to investigate and explore bacterial communities using α– & β–diversity. Feature subset selection – a sub-field of machine learning – can also provide a unique insight into the differences between metagenomic or 16S phenotypes.

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