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  • Lecture Cryptography and network security: Chapter 10 after studying this section will help you understand: To distinguish between two cryptosystems: symmetric-key and asymmetric-key; To introduce trapdoor one-way functions and their use in asymmetric-key cryptosystems; To introduce the knapsack cryptosystem as one of the first ideas in asymmetric-key cryptography;...

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  • Maintaining landscape connectivity through identifying movement corridors is the most recommended conservation strategy to reduce the negative impacts of habitat loss and isolation. The basis of most connectivity modelling approaches for modelling corridors is that species choose movement pathways based on the same criteria they used to choose habitats. However, species behave differently in using landscape elements for moving than for selecting habitat. In other words, suitability of a given landscape feature may differ between moving and habitat use stages.

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  • The following will be discussed in Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices - Part 1: Introduction, classical encryption techniques, block ciphers and the data encryption standard, finite fields, advanced encryption standard, more on symmetric ciphers, confidentiality using symmetric encryption, introduction to number theory, public-key cryptography and RSA, key management - other public-key cryptosystems, message authentication and hash functions, hash and MAC algorithms, digital signatures and authentication protocols,...

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  • This paper propose a new double-blocklength compression function which is called Alpha-DBL. This scheme uses two parallel secure single block length schemes based on a block cipher with

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  • Chapter 17 - Network troubleshooting procedures. Chapter summary: Computers have a variety of ports, some of which are implemented by the motherboard and others by expansion cards; computers use many different types of connectors fortheir various interfaces, and in some cases the same connector type can provide different functions; SCSI host adapters can use any one of several types of connectors, which are not interchangeable;...

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  • To achieve global food security, rising agricultural productivity through modern breeding strategies is of prime interest. A variety of biotic and abiotic stresses influences both productivity and crop quality, and it is essential for growing crops with improved adaptability, high productivity and resistance to these biotic/abiotic stresses. Availability of genome sequences helps to improve crop production by using different biotechnological tools.

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  • The contents of this chapter include all of the following: Hash functions, cryptographic hash function, hash functions & message authentication, hash functions & digital signatures, other hash function uses, two simple insecure hash functions, attacks on hash functions.

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  • The contents of this chapter include all of the following: Message authentication requirements, message authentication using encryption, MACs, HMAC authentication using a hash function, CMAC authentication using a block cipher, pseudorandom number generation (PRNG) using Hash Functions and MACs.

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  • This paper reviews the research efforts aimed at improving a sustainable and healthy agricultural production through the appropriate management of soil microorganisms. It deals with the potential microorganisms that can be used as biofertilizers viz. Rhizobia, Azotobacters and Azospirillum, Phosphate-Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB), Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) along with their functions and inoculation techniques; beneficial microbes, mechanism of action and their significance in securing the future of sustainable farming.

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  • In previous lecture we explored the limitations of the centralized key distribution and have explored key distribution in a decentralized fashion. We discussed in detail, how message authentication could be achieved. There are several functions and protocols used for message authentication. This chapter you would be able to present an understanding of the higher level message authentication mechanism, demonstrate knowledge about different protocols used for message authentication.

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  • The topic discussed in this chapter are: Attacks on pseudorandom generators, tests for pseudorandom functions, true random generators. After studying this chapter you will be able to present an understanding of the random numbers and pseudorandom numbers; understand the use and implementation of TRNG, PRNG and PRF.

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  • In this chapter you would be able to present an understanding of the confidentiality and message authentication mechanism, you would be able demonstrate knowledge about different functions and protocols used for message authentication.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to employ the Meta-Frontier Cost Function to compare the bank efficiencies in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand during the period of 2002–2009. We propose two new variables: income on loans and non-performing loans, to identify whether the banks are both cost and profit efficient and to control the quality of loans in contrast with early studies using loans and securities as the output variables. Evidence is found that the Indonesian banks are the most efficient. The empirical results illuminate the governments’ policies and bank management.

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  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a planned scheme of Indian Council of Agricultural Research plays vital role by organizing various mandatory programmes to the women for their empowerment in respect of knowledge and adoption of technology for the augmentation of crop production, food security, livelihood security, etc. KVK emphasizes on women empowerment through formation and functioning of SHG and providing training on entrepreneurial training which helps them to develop self confidence, attitude, motivation, economic independence, decision making, leadership, social mobility, etc.

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  • There are always a wide range of opinions about internet and social media and how useful or harmful, it can be. As a marketer, I can say for certain that used in the right way, it can be a very powerful communication tool and an unsurpassed platform for engagement. There’s a lot to learn about internet and social media, and a huge variety of social media that you could employ, but this article will give you a strong start on knowing what’s out there and how it can help you.

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  • Pulses being important source of protein and micronutrients find its place in national food security. Plant probiotic microbes play an important role in producing safe and nutritious pulses. In this work we characterized plant probiotic yeast from different sources and investigated its multifunctional activity in promoting the growth of black gram. Of the twenty isolates, two isolates one from the seeds of pomegranate (POY5) and the other one from grapes (GRY4) were selected for the study.

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  • The paper presents a novel technique to detect Denial of Service (DoS) attacks applied by misbehaving nodes in wireless networks with the presence of hidden nodes employing the widely used IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) protocols described in the IEEE standard [1]. Attacker nodes alter the IEEE 802.11 DCF firmware to illicitly capture the channel via elevating the probability of the average number of packets transmitted successfully using up the bandwidth share of the innocent nodes that follow the protocol standards.

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  • The optimization of a novel programmable data-flow crypto processor dedicated to security applications is considered. An architecture based on assigning basic functional units to four synchronous regions was proposed in a previous work. In this paper, the problem of selecting the number of synchronous regions and the distribution of functional units among these regions is formulated as a combinatorial multi-objective optimization problem. The objective functions are chosen as: the implementation area, the execution delay, and the consumed energy when running the well-known AES algorithm.

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  • This paper uses literature from the fields of organisational sustainability and human capital, which have demonstrated a link between sustainable human capital and the financial performance of the firm, to argue that securities analysts need to be able to systematically analyse human capital in order to provide transparent and well-informed investment recommendations. It is the function of securities analysts to attempt to predict the future financial performance of firms within an industry sector.

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  • This paper proposes a novel method to prevent man in the middle attack by combining the OFT scheme with digital signatures scheme which is used to authenticate the participants. Beside, the proposed method can also prevent the collusion attack.

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