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  • (bq) part 1 book "fundamentals of calculus" has contents: linear equations and functions, the derivative, using the derivative, exponential and logarithmic functions, techniques of differentiation.

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  • Lecture Financial derivatives - Lecture 1: Introduction. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Introduction, types of derivatives, participants in the derivatives world, uses of derivatives, effective study of derivatives.

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  • This paper presents a modeling technique t hat derives from t he work of Newmark to describe the behavior of steel-concrete composite beams with elastic shear connection. The model is used to derive expressions for beam curvat ure, rotation and defl ection under monotonic load from wh ich the stiffness matrix is derived and finite element analysis performed on a set of illustrat ive examples. Iviodel results are compared to those obtained using other method.

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  • Chapter 1 - Introduction. The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: Introduction, types of derivatives, participants in the derivatives world, uses of derivatives, effective study of derivatives.

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  • Chapter 6 - The black-scholes option pricing model. This chapter presents the following content: Introduction, the black-scholes option pricing model, calculating black-scholes prices from historical data, implied volatility, using black-scholes to solve for the put premium, problems using the black-scholes model.

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  • This is uses a blend of theory and practice to deliver the derivatives analysis portion of the CPA Candidate Body of Knowledge curriculum. The CBOK is the result of an extensive job analysis conducted periodically, most recently during 2000.

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  • In the past, the government often tried to ensure that we pay "a fair rate" of interest by implementing usury ceilings or limits on the rates that lenders can charge. During the 1980s there was a general trend toward eliminating or raising these limits as policy-makers reacted to the high inflation and record interest rates of the late 1970s. During the early 1990s, however, the trend reversed as some suggested that caps should be placed on credit card rates, which remained at historically high levels while other key interest rates declined significantly.

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  • CHAPTER TWO Recent revisions to the early Paleozoic time scale have been used to recalibrate ages assigned to stratigraphically dated paleomagnetic poles of that era. In particular, a value of 545 Ma has been used for the base of the Cambrian. Selected poles have then been used to derive apparent polar.

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  • I wrote this text for a one semester course at the sophomore-junior level. Our experience with students taking our junior physics courses is that even if they’ve had the mathematical prerequisites, they usually need more experience using the mathematics to handle it efficiently and to possess usable intuition about the processes involved. If you’ve seen infinite series in a calculus course, you may have no idea that they’re good for anything.

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  • In this study, a novel approach to robust dialogue act detection for error-prone speech recognition in a spoken dialogue system is proposed. First, partial sentence trees are proposed to represent a speech recognition output sentence. Semantic information and the derivation rules of the partial sentence trees are extracted and used to model the relationship between the dialogue acts and the derivation rules.

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  • Eugenol is a natural product largely used in many fields. A new application of the product as metal corrosion inhibitors has been studied. Some eugenol derivatives have been synthesized and then tested on the corrosion inhibition in alkaline solution with presence of NaCl 5% using potentiostatic technique. The inhibition efficiency of the derivatives arrived nearly 90%.

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  • In this paper, we show that local features computed from the derivations of tree substitution grammars — such as the identify of particular fragments, and a count of large and small fragments — are useful in binary grammatical classification tasks. Such features outperform n-gram features and various model scores by a wide margin. Although they fall short of the performance of the hand-crafted feature set of Charniak and Johnson (2005) developed for parse tree reranking, they do so with an order of magnitude fewer features. ...

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  • Novice users engaged in task-oriented dialogues with an adviser to learn how to use an unfamiliar statistical package. The users', task was analyzed and a task structure was derived. The task structure was used to segment the dialogue into subdialogues associated with the subtasks of the overall task. The representation of the dialogue structure into a hierarchy of subdialogues, partly corresponding to the task structure, was validated by three converging analyses.

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  • We propose a novel algorithm for extracting dependencies from the derivations of a large fragment of CCG. Unlike earlier proposals, our dependency structures are always tree-shaped. We then use these dependency trees to compare the strong generative capacities of CCG and TAG and obtain surprising results: Both formalisms generate the same languages of derivation trees – but the mechanisms they use to bring the words in these trees into a linear order are incomparable.

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  • A tool is described which helps in the creation, extension and updating of lexical knowledge bases (LKBs). Two levels of representation are distinguished: a static storage level and a dynamic knowledge level. The latter is an object-oriented environment containing linguistic and lexicographic knowledge. At the knowledge level, constructors and filters can be defined. Constructors are objects which extend the LKB both horizontally (new information) and vertically (new entries) using the linguistic knowledge.

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  • The synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]-pyridine derivatives was carried out by subsequential reactions: condensation, substitution and reduction, using the commercially available 2- aminopyridine as starting material.

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  • This paper investigates the automatic identification of aspects of Information Structure (IS) in texts. The experiments use the Prague Dependency Treebank which is annotated with IS following the Praguian approach of Topic Focus Articulation. We automatically detect t(opic) and f(ocus), using node attributes from the treebank as basic features and derived features inspired by the annotation guidelines. We show the performance of C4.5, Bagging, and Ripper classifiers on several classes of instances such as nouns and pronouns, only nouns, only pronouns. ...

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  • In this paper, we present several new results determining the saturation line of earth dam in Dong Mo, Ha Noi by the Advanced Multi-electrode Electrical Sounding method using the interpolation method and the second derivative during data processing. The results are more accurate than the previous results, with the biggest error of 5.1% compared to the results determined by Pizomet system.

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  • In this paper, we present results of the study for application of the combination of derivatives of directional analytic signals of the magnetic tensor gradient and maximum horizontal gradient to determine the edges of the sources through the Edge-Detector function (|ED|). Algorithms and programs written in the Matlab language have been used for testing the calculation on 3D models in correlative comparison with the method using the amplitude function of analytic signals.

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  • Obtained results show that solvation energies are not significantly different between DFT methods using the numerical (DNP) and Gaussian basis set (aug-cc-pVTZ). It is noteworthy that the independent and suitable solvation energy of proton of -258.6 kcal/mol has been proposed for the evaluation of pKa values in conjunction with the numerical basis set. In addition, the calculated pKa values suggest that the anti-conformation of 5-formyluracil is the most stable form in the aqueous solution.

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