Uv emission

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  • Ultraviolet Spectroscopy and UV Lasers covers a range of subjects, from ultraviolet (UV) and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) sources to the latest advances in instrumentation and techniques for absorption, emission, and fluorescence spectroscopy. The book will prove useful to scientists pursuing spectroscopy-related research in fields as varied and diverse as optical physics and engineering, analytical chemistry, biology, and laser technology.

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  • Our knowledge of mass transfer processes has been extended and applied to various fields of science and engineering including industrial and manufacturing processes in recent years. Since mass transfer is a primordial phenomenon, it plays a key role in the scientific researches and fields of mechanical, energy, environmental, materials, bio, and chemical engineering. In this book, energetic authors provide present advances in scientific findings and technologies, and develop new theoretical models concerning mass transfer....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'mass transfer advanced aspects', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tác giả: Hua Shen: Khoa Vật Lý, ĐH Khoa học và kĩ thuật Nam Kinh, Trung Quốc. Linxing Shi, liyong Jiang, Xiangyin Li: Vi ện Kĩ Thuật Điện Tử và Quang Điện, ĐH Khoa học và kĩ thuật Nam Kinh, Trung Quốc. Liên hệ tác giả: Đi ện tho ại: + 86 2584315592, email: ceryslx@gmail.com (L.Shi) 2. Tên bài báo: Co-emission of UV, violet and green photoluminescence of ZnO/TiO 2 thin film (Tiếng Việt: Đ ồng phát quang tia tử ngoại, tia tím và tia lục của màng mỏng ZnO/TiO2)....

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  • Modern urban Air Pollution Stagnant air Continuing emissions "summer" (photochemical) smog: NO, NO2, CxHy, UV-rad: == O3 (reactions worked out on blackboard) Winter (cold weather) smog: fine or ultra-fine particles == health effects Mixture is different in different cities Traffic important source Toxicological mechanism still unknown Health effects even at low concentrations (from 40 mg/m3?)

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  • QDs play an important role mainly in the imaging and as highly fluorescent probes for biological sensing that have better sensitivity, longer stability, good biocompatibility, and minimum invasiveness. The fluorescent properties of QDs arise from the fact, that their excitation states/band gaps are spatially confined, which results in physical and optical properties intermediate between compounds and single molecules. Depending on chemical composition and the size of the core which determines the quantum confinement, the emission peak can vary from UV to NIR wavelengths (400–1350 nm).

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  • In the 1990s, regulations in some countries (e.g. Sweden, France) limited to 1.5% the maxi- mum proportion of UVB in the UV output of tanning appliances. However, in practice, the UV output and spectral characteristics of tanning appliances vary considerably. Surveys in the United Kingdom on tanning appliances operated in public or commercial facilities revealed sub- stantial differences in UV output, mainly for UVB, for which up to 60-fold differences in output have been observed (Wright et al., 1996; McGinley et al., 1998). The proportion of UVB in total UV out- put varied from 0.

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  • The thermal stabilityofperoxidase fromleavesof theAfrican oil palm treeElaeis guineensis(AOPTP) at pH 3.0 was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), intrinsic fluorescence, CD and enzymatic assays.The spectral parameters asmonitoredby ellipticity changes in the far-UV CD spectrum of the enzyme as well as the increase in tryp-tophan intensity emission upon heating, together with changes in enzymatic activity with temperature were seen to be good complements to the highly sensitive but integral methodofDSC....

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