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  • I would like to express how honored I am that Don Phillips wrote my Foreword. As Morningstar managing director, Don is one of the most influential individuals in the industry; both Wall Street and investors around the globe have benefited from his leadership and innovations.

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  • The Scientific Contest held for the second time this year has allowed 100 excellent young scientist of under 34 years to be supported by the Society to join us in Florence, by providing free registration and accomodation. The contest has been extremely tight, and although the scientific committee could select only 100 winners, the scientific level was so high that ISGE decided to support anyway those who did not get through, by providing a reduced registration rate to the congress. This is the first of a series of moves to help the young and the brightest to contribute to...

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  • Any book appearing in the midst of a severe recession discussing the use of sports and culture to rebuild cities might seem to be either irrelevant or insensitive. Some could consider it irrelevant because its focus seemingly ignores the quintessential issue of our day: “How does America restart its economy?” Other people might consider the book insensitive in that it analyzes sports, culture, and entertainment— what some might consider frivolous luxuries—at a time when millions of people have lost their jobs and homes.

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  • Shipment of Entries Entries and entry fees should be sent to the address indicated by your local competition. All entries become the property of your local club, district, or the AAF and will not be returned. Do NOT send original or irreplaceable artwork. It will NOT be returned. Forwarding of Winners Only work that has won a Gold ADDY or a Silver ADDY in a local ADDY competition will be eligible for entry into the District competitions. Only work that has won a Gold ADDY or a Silver ADDY in a District ADDY competition will be eligible for entry into the National ADDY...

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  • Michael Alley Mechanical Engineering Department Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA Cover photographs: (Top): Richard Feynman, Nobel prize winner in physics, lecturing on quantum mechanics (courtesy of the Archives, California Institute of Technology, photo 1.10-118). In this photo, Feynman demonstrates the value of communicating with gestures. Gestures and other aspects of delivery are discussed in Chapter 5. (Bottom left): Lightning demonstration at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany (courtesy of the Deutsches Museum).

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