Variable current sources

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  • With the rapid development of wireless communication networks, it is expected that fourth-generation (4G) mobile systems will appear in the market by the end of this decade. These systems will aim at seamlessly integrating the existing wireless technologies on a single handset: together with the traditional power/size/price limitations, the mobile terminal should now comply with a multitude of wireless standards.

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  • A miniature X-ray source has been optimized for electronic brachytherapy. The cooling fluid for this device is water. Unlike the radionuclide brachytherapy sources, this source is able to operate at variable voltages and currents to match the dose with the tumor depth. First, Monte Carlo (MC) optimization was performed on the tungsten target-buffer thickness layers versus energy such that the minimum X-ray attenuation occurred. Second optimization was done on the selection of the anode shape based on the Monte Carlo in water TG-43U1 anisotropy function.

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  • The objective of this study is to develop an early‐warning system (EWS) for identifying systemic banking risk, which will give policymakers and supervisors time to prevent or mitigate a potential financial crisis. It is important to forecast—and perhaps to alleviate—the pressures that lead to systemic crises, which are economically and socially costly and which require significant time to reverse (Honohan et al., 2003). The current U.S.

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  • A broad literature on theoretical and empirical nance concludes that major price adjust- ment of liquid assets happens at least within one day. This is formalised in the random walk hypothesis, which implies returns uncorrelated with lagged variables. Whether or not this hypothesis is exactly ful lled, in daily data most commonalities in terms of cross- correlations appear to be contemporaneous.

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  • In each iteration new points obtained in the continuous phase are added to the discrete formulation. Thus, the two formulations become equivalent in a limiting sense. In this paper we introduce the idea of adding ’injection points’ in the discrete phase of RLS in order to escape a current local solution. Preliminary results are obtained on benchmark data sets for the multi-source Weber problem that support further investigation of the RLS framework.

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  • Plant genetic resources are the bed rock of any crop improvement programme. Applied breeding programme emphasizes selection within elite germplasm sources to enhance the opportunities of developing genotypes superior to those currently available. Indigenous as well as exotic germplasm constitute important resources for addressing serious breeding issues, viz. increasing genetic variability, improving the derived populations for specific traits especially biotic and abiotic stresses or even yield, enhancing quality and eventually broadening the genetic base of present-day cultivars.

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  • Electromechanical mobility analogies [42] Mechanical parameter Electrical parameter Voltage Current Conductance Inductance Capacitance Inductance per unit length Capacitance per unit length Characteristic impedance Impedance Admittance Short circuit Open circuit Current Voltage Variable Lumped network elements Transmission lines Immitances Source immitances Velocity, angular velocity Force, torque Damping Compliance Mass, mass moment of inertia Compliance per unit length Mass per unit length Characteristic mobility Mobility Impedance Clamped point Free point Force Velocity ABCD matrix...

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  • The different sources of potential confounding in time series studies of air pollution and mortality can be broadly classified as either measured or unmeasured. Important measured confounders include weather variables such as temperature and dewpoint temperature. Daily temperature measurements are readily available for metropolitan areas in the USA and numer- ous studies have demonstrated a relationship between temperature and mortality which is gen- erally positive for warm summer days and negative for cold winter days (e.g. Curriero et al. (2002)).

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  • Banks play an important role in a country’s economy through investments, deposits and withdrawals. Many banking products are sold to clients to meet their financial needs and obligations. Their performances are therefore very critical in supporting socio economic development. Financial institutions still facing challenges linked to the lack of financial previsions through the use of financial tool that allows preventing financial distress.

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