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  • The present paper describes a robust approach for abbreviating terms. First, in order to incorporate non-local information into abbreviation generation tasks, we present both implicit and explicit solutions: the latent variable model, or alternatively, the label encoding approach with global information. Although the two approaches compete with one another, we demonstrate that these approaches are also complementary. By combining these two approaches, experiments revealed that the proposed abbreviation generator achieved the best results for both the Chinese and English languages. ...

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  • When we agreed to edit this book for a second edition, we looked forward to a bit of updating and including some of our latest research results. However, the effort grew rapidly beyond our original vision. The use of genetic algorithms (GAs) is a quickly evolving field of research, and there is much new to recommend. Practitioners are constantly dreaming up new ways to improve and use GAs. Therefore this book differs greatly from the first edition.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Joint Source and Channel Decoding for Variable Length Encoded Turbo Codes

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  • G-protein-coupled receptor kinases (GRK) are known to phosphorylate agonist-occupied G-protein-coupled receptors. We expressed and function-ally characterized mouse GRK6 proteins encoded by four distinct mRNAs generated by alternative RNA splicing from a single gene, mGRK6-A to mGRK6-D.

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  • ICT 5 Web Development - Chapter 10: Web Techniques and Security products about Environment variables, Setting Response Header, Encoding and escaping, Cross site scripting, Global arrays, Server Information.

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  • The aim of this study is to examine whether the change of schema would affect the process of encoding and retrieval. This experiment is a modification of Anderson and Pichert’s study. The independent variable in the experiment was the two different schemas used in the study (Geography student or tourist) and the dependent variable was the extent to which the participants could recall the story, specifically the number of words in this case. The results suggested that a change in schema of the same story would improve recall, as found by Anderson and Pichert.

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  • Flash 5 has greatly expanded the interactive and programmatic features of Flash movies. Flash movies can now communicate directly with server-side scripts and programs, using standard URL-encoded variables or XML-formatted structures. Sounds can be imported and exported as MP3 audio, for high-quality music on the Web at the smallest file sizes. The Flash interface now looks and feels like other Macromedia products, with tool options contained in user-configurable panels. Third-party developers are creating applications that output to the Flash movie format, .SWF files.

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  • Bài giảng Đo lường và cảm biến - Chương 4: Cảm biến vị trí và dịch chuyển giúp các bạn nắm vững nội dung về điện thế kế điện trở, điện thế kế dùng con trỏ quang, đo dịch chuyển bằng encoder thẳng, cảm biến điện cảm, cảm biến điện dung, cảm biến điện từ, biến áp vi sai lvdt (linear variable differential transformer), máy đo góc tuyệt đối resolver, cảm biến tiệm cận (proximity sensor), cảm biến laser và siêu âm.

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  • Recall the block diagram of encoders shown in Figure 2.3. There are three stages that take place in an encoder: transformation, quantization, and codeword assignment. Quantization was discussed in Chapter 2. Differential coding and transform coding using two different transformation components were covered in Chapters 3 and 4, respectively. In differential coding it is the difference signal that is quantized and encoded, while in transform coding it is the transformed signal that is quantized and encoded.

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  • Over the last decade, a Bayesian network has become a popular representation for encoding uncertain expert knowledge in expert systems. A Bayesian network is a graphical model for probabilistic relationships among a set of variables. It is a graphical model that encodes probabilistic relationships among variables of interest. When used in conjunction with statistical techniques, the graphical model has several advantages for data modeling. So what do Bayesian networks and Bayesian methods have to offer? There are at least four benefits described in the following....

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  • Nowadays, huge amount of multimedia data are being constantly generated in various forms from various places around the world. With ever increasing complexity and variability of multimedia data, traditional rule-based approaches where humans have to discover the domain knowledge and encode it into a set of programming rules are too costly and incompetent for analyzing the contents, and gaining the intelligence of this glut of multimedia data. The challenges in data complexity and variability have led to revolutions in machine learning techniques.

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  • Although DNA from any two people is more alike than different, many chromosome regions exhibit sequence differences between individuals. Such variable sequences are termed “polymorphic” (meaning many forms) and are used in the study of human evolution, as well as for disease and identity testing. Many polymorphisms are located in the estimated 98% of the human genome that does not encode protein. This experiment examines a polymorphism in the human genome that is caused by the insertion of an Alu transposon, or transposable element.

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  • Globalization Support Features Globalization Support ensures that database utilities and error messages, sort order, date, time, monetary, numeric, and calendar conventions automatically adapt to the native language. Oracle currently supports 57 languages, 88 territories, 84 linguistic sorts (71 monolingual and 13 multilingual), and 235 encoded character sets. The language-dependent operations are controlled by a number of parameters and environment variables on both the client and the server sides. The server and the client may run in the same or different locations.

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  • It is well documented that theb-gene of the catalytic (C) subunit of protein kinase A encodes a number of splice variants. These splice variants are equipped with a variable N-terminal end encoded by alternative use of sev-eral exons located 5¢ to exon 2 in the human, bovine and mouse Cbgene.

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  • Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is an abundant heterotri-meric serine/threonine phosphatase containing highly con-served structural (A) and catalytic (C) subunits. Its diverse functions in the cell are determined by its association with a highly variable regulatory and targeting B subunit. At least three distinct gene families encoding B subunits are known: B/B55/CDC55, B¢/B56/RTS1 and B¢¢/PR72/130. No homologyhasbeen identi®edamong theBfamilies, and little is knownabout howtheseBsubunits interactwith the PP2A A and C subunits....

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  • Taken abstractly, the two-level (Kimmo) morphological framework allows computationally difficult problems to arise. For example, N + 1 small a u t o m a t a are sufficient to encode the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) for formulas in N variables. However, the suspicion arises that natural-language problems may have a special structure - not shared with SAT - - that is not directly captured in the two-level model. In particular, the natural problems may generally have a modular and local nature that distinguishes them from more "global" SAT problems.

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  • We introduce a first-order version of Categorial Grammar, based on the idea of encoding syntactic types as definite clauses. Thus, we drop all explicit requirements of adjacency between combinable constituents, and we capture wordorder constraints simply by allowing subformulae of complex types to share variables ranging over string positions. We are in this way able to account for constructiods involving discontinuous constituents.

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  • Chapter 21 - Network management: SNMP. Upon completion you will be able to: Understand the SNMP manager and the SNMP agent, understand the roles of SMI and MIB in network management, be familiar with SMI object attributes and encoding methods, know how an MIB variable is accessed, be familiar with the SNMP PDU and format.

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