Vascular biology

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  • The science of vascular biology has emerged and expanded rapidly over the past 25 years. Research in this area has increased understanding of a wide range of clinical conditions. This book provides a broad overview of the Weld for both specialist and newcomer to the Weld, and concise resource for the non-specialist. The multidisciplinary team of contributors covers topics ranging from normal and pathological aspects of endothelial cell function to the role of the vasculature in pregnancy, hypertension and atherosclerosis....

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  • If you plan to take the Vascular Medicine Board Examination, this book is essential. Presenting the compiled knowledge of experts in the field and emphasizing topics covered on the exam, this concise text: facilitates review and retention of material with questions and answers for each chapter covers topics from multiple perspective through multidisciplinary authorship serves as a convenient quick reference with highlighted bullet points is endorsed by the Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology...

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  • This volume is the first book-length survey of caveolae and lipid rafts. Interest has developed rapidly in the role of these surface microdomains in such diverse fields as transmembrane signaling, cell locomotion, vascular relaxation, senescence, and the uptake and exit from cells of viruses and bacteria. Individual chapters in this volume cover areas as diverse as the forces that induce and maintain membrane invaginations, and the clinical relevance of multiprotein complexes at the cell surface, defects in which are associated with cancer, and Alzheimer’s and prion-dependent diseases....

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  • Other Organ Systems and the Future The use of stem cells in regenerative medicine has been studied for many other organ systems and cell types, including skin, eye, cartilage, bone, kidney, lung, endometrium, vascular endothelium, smooth muscle, striated muscle, and others. In fact, the potential for stem cell regeneration of damaged organs and tissues is virtually limitless. However, numerous obstacles must be overcome before stem cell therapies can become a widespread clinical reality.

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  • The Adipocyte and Adipose Tissue Adipose tissue is composed of the lipid-storing adipose cell and a stromal/vascular compartment in which cells including preadipocytes and macrophages reside. Adipose mass increases by enlargement of adipose cells through lipid deposition, as well as by an increase in the number of adipocytes. Obese adipose tissue is also characterized by increased numbers of infiltrating macrophages.

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  • Normalization of tumor blood vessels due to inhibition of VEGF signaling. A. Blood vessels in normal tissues exhibit a regular hierarchical branching pattern that delivers blood to tissues in a spatially and temporally efficient manner to meet the metabolic needs of the tissue (top). At the microscopic level, tight junctions are maintained between endothelial cells (EC), which are adherent to a thick and evenly distributed basement membrane (BM). Pericytes form a surrounding layer that provides trophic signals to the EC and helps maintain proper vessel tone.

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  • Lecture AP Biology - Chapter 35: Plant structure, growth, and development. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: The function of xylem and phloem tissue, the anatomy of a leaf, the anatomy of a root.

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  • Anaphylactic Reaction This severe reaction presents after transfusion of only a few milliliters of the blood component. Symptoms and signs include difficulty breathing, coughing, nausea and vomiting, hypotension, bronchospasm, loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, and shock. Treatment includes stopping the transfusion, maintaining vascular access, and administering epinephrine (0.5–1.0 mL of 1:1000 dilution subcutaneously). Glucocorticoids may be required in severe cases.

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  • This is the third volume in the series of books on translational medicine gleaned from the annual vascular biology and clinical medicine workshop held at the Royal College of Physicians. The chapters are invited papers presented by internationally recognized basic science and clinical experts. The aim of the workshop is to bring basic scientists and clinicians together to discuss their work and perspectives in areas of cardiovascular medicine and biology. We ask them to address the areas which are likely to be important in the future and the associated challenges....

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  • Expression of a previously cloned secretory protein named adrenocortical zonation factor 1 (AZ-1, also called Tin-ag-RP or lipocalin 7) is tightly linked with the zonal differentiation of adrenocortical cells. It is also pre-sent in vascular smooth muscle (VSM), although its function has remained unknown.

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  • The mechanism by which the CXC chemokine platelet fac-tor 4 (PF-4) inhibits endothelial cell proliferation is unclear. The heparin-binding domains of PF-4 have been reported to prevent vascular endothelial growth factor 165 (VEGF165 ) andfibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) frominteractingwith their receptors. However, other studies have suggested that PF-4 acts via heparin-binding independent interactions. Here, we compared the effects of PF-4 on the signalling events involved in the proliferation induced by VEGF165 , which binds heparin, and by VEGF121 , which does not....

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  • Collection of reports on medical research published in international medical journals give you knowledge of medical topics: Pulmonary vascular and right ventricular dysfunction in adult critical care: current and Emerging options for management: Systematic literature review a ...

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  • Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) proliferation is an important etiologi-cal factor in vascular proliferative diseases such as primary atherosclerosis, hypertension, arterial and in-stent restenosis, and transplant vasculopathy. Our studies established that butyrate, a bacterial fermentation product of dietary fiber and a chromatin modulator, is a potent inhibitor of VSMC proliferation.

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  • Endothelial cells are indispensable components of the vascular system, and play pivotal roles during development and in health and disease. Their properties have been studied extensively byin vivo analysis of genetically modified mice.

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  • Chapter 36 - Resource acquisition and transport in vascular plants. This chapter describe how proton pumps function in transport of materials across membranes; define the following terms: osmosis, water potential, flaccid, turgor pressure, turgid; explain how aquaporins affect the rate of water transport across membranes; describe three routes available for short-distance transport in plants;...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Sabiston textbook of surgery - The biological basis of modern surgical practice" presents the following contents: Transplantation and immunology, surgical oncology, head and neck, breast, endocrine, andocrine, chest, vascular, specialties in general surgery.

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  • Chapter 7 provides knowledge of cardiovascular system. The following will be discussed in this chapter: The blood vessels, the heart, features of the cardiovascular system, the vascular pathways, cardiovascular disorders, homeostasis.

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  • Trà xanh là thứ đồ uống quen thuộc của người Việt Nam, nhưng có thể bạn vẫn chưa biết hết công dụng và cách sử dụng đem lại hiệu quả nhất. Trà xanh giúp ngăn ngừa bệnh xơ vữa động mạch Một nghiên cứu mới đây của Mỹ được đăng trên 2 tạp chí Arteriosclerosis và Thrombosis and Vascular Biology cho biết, những phụ nữ uống đều đặn trà xanh hàng ngày sẽ giảm được nguy cơ mắc chứng xơ vữa động mạch.

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  • Why a book on cutaneous vascular proliferations? There are several compelling reasons to justify the existence of a book on this topic. One of the most important is that cutaneous vascular proliferations are exceedingly common and affect a large number of individuals of both sexes and within a wide age range. They make up a broad spectrum of lesions with morphological and biological variations, ranging from hamartomas to highly malignant, aggressive neoplasms.

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  • In just over ten years, the Textbook of Internal Medicine has become widely regarded as a classic medical text, both for its breadth of coverage and ease of use by busy students and practitioners. Hundreds of talented individuals contributed to the success of the first three editions. These include the many leading scientists and scholars who served as editors and authors, and the dozens of supporting staff who met the organizational and logistical challenges associated with so large a publishing endeavor....

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