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  • The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) dates back to the end of the fifties of the last century when Dantzig and Ramser set the mathematical programming formulation and algorithmic approach to solve the problem of delivering gasoline to service stations. Since then the interest in VRP evolved from a small group of mathematicians to the broad range of researchers and practitioners, from different disciplines, involved in this field today

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  • If you’re a regular reader of Packet®, you’ve no doubt noticed our new look. Packet has been redesigned to match a new look and feel that has been incorporated throughout all of Cisco’s communications vehicles. From the commercials you see on TV, to the boxes that deliver your latest networking components, the company is adhering to a cohesive design philosophy that is collectively referred to in marketing circles as a corporate identity system.

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  • Huaqun Guo has introduced the emerging areas of vehicular networks in the forms of Intra-Vehicle, Vehicleto- Vehicle, and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications and edited this new book to reflect the advance information technologies that shape the modern automobiles. These new technologies on automotive informatics and communicative systems will enable a variety of applications for safety, traffic efficiency, driver assistance, as well as infotainment to be incorporated into modern automobile designs...

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  • Within the framework of the European project bipolar lead–acid power source (BILAPS), a new production route is being developed for the bipolar lead–acid battery. The performance targets are 500 W kg−1 , 30 Wh kg−1 and 100 000 power-assist life cycles (PALCs). The operation voltage of the battery can be, according to the requirements, 12, 36 V or any other voltage. Tests with recently developed 4 and 12 V prototypes, each of 30 Ah capacity have demonstrated that the PALC can be operated using 10 C discharge and 9 C charge peaks. ...

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  • After the large-scale disasters that we have witnessed in the recent past, it has become apparent that complex and coordinated emergency management systems are required for efficient and effective relief efforts. Such management systems can only be developed by involving many scientists and practitioners from multiple fields.

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  • Headway is a key input in calculating the overall route capacity of any transit system. A system that requires large headways has more empty space than passenger capacity, which lowers the total number of passengers or cargo quantity being transported for a given length of line (railroad or highway, for instance). In this case, the capacity has to be improved through the use of larger vehicles. On the other end of the scale, a system with short headways, like cars on a freeway, can offer very large capacities even though the vehicles carry few passengers....

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  • Design Practice in Japan 65.1 Design Design Philosophy • Load • Theory • Stability Check • Fabrication and Erection 65 65.2 65.3 65.4 65.5 65.6 65.7 Stone Bridges Timber Bridges Steel Bridges Concrete Bridges Hybrid Bridges Long-Span Bridges (Honshu–Shikoku Bridge Project) Kobe–Naruto Route • Kojima–Sakaide Route • Onomichi–Imabari Route 65.

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  • Conventional project evaluation tends to exaggerate highway expansion economic benefits by ignoring induced travel effects (Hodge, Weisbrod and Hart 2003; Litman 2007a). Urban traffic congestion tends to maintain equilibrium; it gets bad enough to discourage further growth in peak-period vehicle trips.

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  • My previous work, Making Civil Rights Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1936-1961 (Oxford University Press, 1994), examines Marshall's legal career before his appointment to the federal bench in 1961. The first chapter of this book describes Marshall's route to the Supreme Court from 1961 to 1967. The remainder of the book uses Marshall's experience on the Supreme Court as a vehicle for examining the Court as a whole during his tenure.

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  • The latest Cyber Navi has a variety of advanced functions to support comfortable driving. The AR HUD View function displays information in the AR HUD unit, such as information about the route and the distance to the vehicle ahead, in a way that is easy to understand. The Parking Watcher function downloads information in real-time to show the latest information about car park congestion in the navigation screen. There is also a function that detects and displays speed limit signs, notifying the driver with a sound effect when a sign is detected.

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  • We measured and tested whether the following variables affect walking (basis: 200m buffer around each child's shortest walking path): number of busy intersections crossed, intersection and street density, total daily vehicle-miles traveled, average vehicle speed along the route, population density, and land use (R Wilson, 2008). Sidewalk coverage data do not exist for Roseville and could not be tested in the model. We refined the model through systematic testing of independent variables as the differ- ence in log-likelihood ratios.

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  • According to legislation introduced in 2001, Switzerland is already paying to install low-noise systems in its national railway vehicles. Vehicles fi tted with noise-reducing technologies are refunded 0.01 CHF per axle kilometre travelled in Switzerland. This translates into a €7.50 bonus for a typical four-axle wagon on the 300 km Basel-Chiasso line, an important link in the Germany- Italy transit route. A complete freight train with composite brake blocks gets a €93 refund, which is 5% of the total track access charge.

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  • Large numbers of HSTs will be displaced from the GWML and ECML assuming that the initial IEP contract of around 550 vehicles is signed. If the IEP order is no greater than this, HSTs will however continue to operate beyond CP5 on parts of the GWML and on other routes, for which refurbishment and re-engineering works would be required. Cancellation or major delay to IEP would require a fall back strategy for intercity services on the electrified GWML. The ‘surplus’ of vehicles in this category is likely to consist of HST and Mark III vehicles built in the...

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