Verbal behaviour

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  • Chapter 16 introduces you to culture and cross - Cultural variations in consumer behaviour. In this lecture we will discuss the concept of culture, how culture is acquired, the 3 categories of cultural values, and the importance of non-verbal communications in cross-cultural and ethnic marketing.

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  • Chapter 12 - Communicating in organisational settings. Chapter learning objectives: diagram the communication process, identify four common communication barriers, describe problems with communicating through electronic mail, explain how non-verbal communication relates to emotional labour and emotional contagion, identify two conditions requiring a channel with high media richness, summarise four communication strategies in organisational hierarchies, describe characteristics of the organisational grapevine,...

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  • The first edition of Psychology and Law was published in spring 1998. Much of the text was written in 1995–6, and the last eight years have seen a number of important developments in research and practice in most of the areas covered in the book. The volume of new research in the psychology and law area is reflected in the launch of several new journals, including the British Psychological Society’s Legal and Criminological Psychology and the International Journal of Police Science and Management.

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  • It is generally agreed that abuse of older people is either an act of commission or of omission (in which case it is usually described as ‘‘neglect’’), and that it may be either intentional or unintentional. The abuse may be of a physical nature, it may be psychological (involving emotional or verbal aggression), or it may involve financial or other material maltreatment. Regardless of the type of abuse, it will certainly result in unnecessary suffering, injury or pain, the loss or violation of human rights, and a decreased quality of life for the older person (4).

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  • The paper shows how the verbal lexicon can be formalised in a way that captures and exploits generalisations about the alternation behaviour of verb classes. An alternation is a pattern in which a number of words share the same relationship between • a pair of senses. The alternations captured are ones where the different senses specify different relationships between syntactic complements and semantic arguments, as between bake in "John is baking the cake" and "The cake is baking". The formal language used is DATR. ...

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  • Education is an important tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS. And while most schools are welcoming to children, some schools fail to provide the necessary protection for children to flourish and, in fact, may expose young people – especially girls – to violence. School cultures can contribute to gender violence. Often, gender stereotypes and inequities abound in the classroom, where different behaviours and roles are expected from girls and boys. Gender-based school violence takes many forms.

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