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  • Cuốn sách "English grammar master in 30 days" của Xyli C. Gonzales sẽ chỉ dẫn từng bước tự học ngữ pháp tiếng Anh ở mức độ cơ bản, giúp bạn có thể nắm bắt được những điểm ngữ pháp quan trọng trong tiếng Anh chỉ trong 30 ngày. Sách được chia thành 2 phần ebook, trong ebook phần 1 sau đây các bạn sẽ làm quen với các điểm ngữ pháp như: Câu, danh từ, đại từ, đại từ sở hữu, động từ, thì của động từ, 6 thì của động từ TO BE, 6 thì ở dạng tăng dần của động từ,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • This corpus-based research aimed to compare the use of reporting verbs in TESOL research articles between non-native and native English writers. Two corpora including 30 for the nonnative corpus and 30 for the native corpus were constructed for analysis.

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  • (BQ) Master English Collocations & Phrasal verbs: The Ultimate Phrasal Verbs and Collocations Book for Learning English is ideal for anyone who has problems understanding, remembering and using collocations and phrasal verbs in English, and who wants to speak English fluently and confidently.

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  • (BQ) The tittle top 10 refers to the twenty chapters in the book. Each chapter focues on a common area of difficutly in enghlish grammar, including verb tenses, articles, gerunds and infinities.

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  • The tittle top 10 refers to the ten chapter on the book. Each chapter focuses on a common area of difficultly of English grammar in student writing.

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  • (BQ) The Big Book of English Verbs provides more information on the most important verbs in the English language than any other book ever written. It contains basic conjugations and comprehensive usage patterns for 152 irregular verbs (all the irregular verbs that you will probably encounter), plus 403 of the most commonly used regular verbs: 555 verbs in all, with more than 14,000 example sentences.

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  • This study aimed at: (1) investigating the types of translation errors in abstracts, (2) ascertaining the dominant type, and (3) contextualizing the use of the dominant type. This study was classifi ed as descriptive qualitative research. The data were obtained from the thesis abstracts of Educational Administration students of the Post Graduate School of State of the University of Medan.

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  • This study was carried out with the aim to: Ascertain the frequent use of modal verbs by the grade 10 students in a school in Hanoi in their writings; investigate how grade 10 students in a school in Hanoi use modal verbs in their writings.

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  • The study aims to identify the types of idioms available in the Disney animated movie “Frozen” (2013), specifically in the dialogues between the characters. The data were taken from the scripts of the movie and were analyzed following the descriptive qualitative method along with the definitions of the types of idioms given by Makkai (1994).

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 4" present verb-separable, this pattern means to be interested in something or doing something;

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  • Aims of the study: The primary aim of this research is to provide an in-depth account into semantic and syntactic properties of the LEsM, then to point out major similarities and differences in LEsM between English and Vietnamese.

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  • The following study takes an approach as a linguistic one by analyzing semantic features of the English collocations with „make‟, which is widely used in the international criminal documents. The thesis analyzing their semantic features according to the categorization of the English collocations with „make‟ used in the international criminal documents in order to find out the difficulties for learners and translators in dealing with these collocations as well as to impose the suggestions for these difficulties.

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  • The study of Vietnamese, since the introduction of traditional and formal Westernstyles of linguistics, has been hampered by the perception that “In Vietnamese, there are no articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs; there are no genders and numbers either, only words; these words are all mono-syllabic and in general invariable; their meanings are changed by the positions of the words which precede...

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  • The research reveals a quantifiable evaluation of the lexical resources, tapping into the mutual and exclusive words, as well as examining lexical complexity of the two sets of textbooks. Unlike conventional textbook reviews focusing on grammar, this study is one of the first attempts to evaluate textbooks efficiency from corpus linguistics perspective, which in turn contributes to the improvement of the current English textbooks in Viet Nam, as well as a source of consideration for curriculum design worldwide.

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  • The data in Vietnamese were equivalent translated sentences taken from three translated novels. Furthermore, the researcher employed the traditional theories stating that English has a system of 12 tenses and aspects, the combination of using adverbials in expressing time in the Vietnamese language, aspectual markers and theories of situation types of verbs and equivalence in translation. The study is expected to obtain useful results serving as a good reference for those who are interested in translation.

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  • "Ebook Teaching English grammar – What to teach and how to teach it" present the content the new structure and its possible forms; the meanings imparted by the structures in context; the core of what the student needs to learn; and then, crucially, ways to present and practise the structure and to check that the core concepts are understood. This book aims to help teachers meet these demands by offering quick access to key aspects of structures, ready-to-use presentation ideas, contexts for first and subsequent exposure to new language and insights on checking understanding.

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  • "A srudent’s introduction to English grammar" present verbs, tense, aspect, and mood; clause structure, complements, and adjuncts; nouns and noun phrases; adjectives and adverbs; prepositions and preposition phrases; negation and related phenomena; subordination and content clauses; non-finite clauses and clauses without verbs; information packaging in the clause...

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  • "Ebook Teach terrific grammar – A complete grammar program for use in any classroom" present sentences; nouns; verbs; pronouns; adjectives; adverbs; prepositions, conjunctions and interjections; punctuation and capitalization; usage and proofreading...

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  • "Ebook Grammar for English language teachers – With exercises and a key" more about verbs and related forms; sentence constituents and word order; complex sentences; researching language.

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  • This study aims at examining the problems that English-majored students at Duy Tan University in Da Nang, Viet Nam encounter in the use of the English pattern “I + Cognitive Non-factive Verb + Epistemic Adverb”. The pattern is herein referred to as “I + CNFV and EA” for short.

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