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  • It should be first pointed out that French artists who taught "L'Ecole Superieux des Beaux Arts de L'Indochine" (The College of Fine Arts of Indochina) opened in Hanoi in 1925 were blazetrailers of contemporary arts of Vietnam. European arts have had much imprint on Vietnam's. Whatever "ism" have existed in Europe whether Classical Naturalism, Medieval Religionism, Post Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstractionism... and even present-day Installation and Land Art..., all turn up in Vietnam.

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  • The geometric orientation of Art Deco and its brilliant hard colors make this style perfect for the medium of stained glass. This collection contains 91 newly rendered, yet authentic, Art Deco patterns, which constitute a rich source of ideas for stained glass workers.

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  • The book "Vietnam tourist guidebook" introduces the reader to the natural characteristics, social, traditional culture, art and tourist attractions of all the provinces and cities of Vietnam from north to south is about to sequenced alphabetically. Invite you to refer to the first book.

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  • Following the contents section 1 book "Vietnam tourist guidebook," part 2 introduces to the reader the natural characteristics, social, cultural traditions, art and tourist attractions of all provinces of Vietnam from north to south are arranged in alphabetical order from T-Invite you to consult.

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  • In the last five years, the Internet has vastly enhanced our ability to display images to each other, and we can now think of ourselves not just as viewers and consumers of images but as makers and users of them ourselves. Indeed, if on the Internet we do not use images, we appear stuck in print culture and oblivious to the possibilities of the new medium. We can of course avoid giving these impressions by including some wallpaper and a few bits of eye candy, without thereby getting very far at all into graphics as a mode of conveying meaning....

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  • Since the early 1990s, many new approaches on art has flowed into Vietnam. A view on gender and an approach to gender can be seen as a remarkable breakthrough for studies on women, which helps change the view and thoughts of women and create gender equality in many walks of life during the first phase of Vietnam’s integration into the world. Vietnam has grown fast since the 1986 reforms with narrower gender gap.

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  • The process of formation and development, the features of content, art and achievement of the ethnic minority prose in northern Vietnam in the past half century; some issues during the development of the prose of ethnic minorities the ethnic cultural identity, the relationship between folklore and written literature, tradition and modernity in compositions of some typical authors.

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  • Following are major factors for the victory in the battle: 1) Sound political and military guidelines of the Communist Party led by President Ho Chi Minh; 2) Skilful and creative application of Vietnam’s military sciences and art in the new epoch; and, 3) Application of patriotism and heroism of our army and people under the leadership of the Communist Party.

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  • Its has been four years since I first publish the page and there has been an enourmous amount of support given to me for my crusade of giving away free drawing lessons .So for all those people who belived in the Lair.... Thanks dudes !!!!!. I hope that this new update will be the beginning of a new era for the Lairman and his Lair. For beginning our manga classes all we need is a couple of pencils ( HB,2B ) a bunch of bond paper (newspaper is also good and cheaper or you can use any other) , a good...

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  • A.C.I.D. by Bui Anh Phong – Some notes on a debut... Phong has regarded himself as “Teu”, a hick character from Vietnamese folklore. He feels like an idiot in the city life. In his eyes, everything is new, interesting, but also frightening. He feels himself a “navel of the universe” where everybody constantly looks at. Every move of his seems to be watched and judged by others. The gaze of others becomes his obsession. “Others”, however, are not personalities, but attitudes and, sometimes, challenges and threats. He wants to conform to others, but others are always strangers.

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  • Bảo tàng Mỹ thuật Việt Nam (tên tiếng Anh: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, tiếng Pháp: Musée des Beaux-Arts du Vietnam), là một trong những bảo tàng có vị trí quan trọng nhất trong việc lưu giữ kho tàng di sản văn hóa nghệ thuật của cộng đồng các dân tộc Việt Nam. Tài liệu giới thiệu về bảo tàng qua các thời kỳ lịch sử. Mời các bạn cùng tìm hiểu và tham khảo tài liệu.

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  • Theo curator của Gia phả, triển lãm mới nhất của nghệ sĩ Trần Hoàng Sơn đang chạy tại Art Vietnam Gallery, thì các tác phẩm của anh nhắm tới những câu hỏi trầm trọng vốn đã ám ảnh con người từ xa xưa: Chúng ta là ai? Chúng ta từ đâu đến?

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