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  • Haiphong is a major industrial and port city in Vietnam. It plays an important role in the coastal shipping routes in the northern part of Vietnam. In recent years, the eposition and erosion of the coastal zone of Haiphong has increased in terms of intensity and scale, which has seriously influenced the socialeconomic activities of the area.

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  • Vietnam’s coastal zones are some of the very overexploited in the world with consequent degradation of its ecosystems and damage to public welfare. In general, the main goal of ICZM is to balance development and conservation, to ensure multi-sectoral planning and involve wide participation and conflict mediation. In the case of Vietnam, the central action will be adequate planning for development and management, whereby the development and management plans must be synchronous, efficacious by dealing with each other.

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  • Two new marine nematode species of the family Chromadoridae collected from coastal zone of North Vietnam sea were described and illustrated are Ptycholaimellus brevisetosus sp. n. and Ptycholaimellus areniculus sp. n.. The new species P. brevisetosus sp. n. resembles to P. pandispiculatus (Hopper, 1961) but differs from it by the longer body, absence of somatic and cervical setae, more wide labial region, longer cephalic setae and longer spicules, and P. areniculus sp. n. resembles to P.

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  • Viet Nam signed UNFCCC in June 1992 and ratified in Nov.1994. Viet Nam signed Kyoto protocol in Dec. 1998 and rectified in Sep. 2002. The HydroMET Service (Now MONRE) was assigned by the Government to be the Focal point for activities related to UNFCCC and KP in Vietnam. Vietnam is considered as one of the active countries in implementing UNFCCC and KP.

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  • Vietnam has more 3000km of coastline and the features of the coastal zone in various areas (Northeast area, Red River Delta, Central Region and Mekong River Delta) are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to study specific characteristics of each area and find out the suitable boundaries for the coastal zone.

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  • In recent years, after renovation policy launched by the Vietnamese government, the economy of Kien An - Do Son, Hai Phong coastal zone in the Northern Vietnam has quickly changed with high income and fast economical grow rate. With the economical development, the environment in many areas has been severely damaged. In addition, the so called "global change" has also strengthened the natural hazards especially torpedo, storms surges, salt intrusion due to the sea level change... increasing of the losses caused by natural hazards in this very sensitive zone.

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  • For the coastal zones of Vietnam, the storm and monsoon waves are considered as the maximum waves for the designed of the marine constructions as sea dyke and other constructions in the coast and in the marine areas. The most challenges are to choose the appropriate storm wave model, to formulate the wind input data set and especially to find the wave data in such utmost dangerous sea state for model validation and for analyzing the forecast results.

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  • To get insight in the costs of a 2-dike system along the coast and to find optimum solutions for flood defence, a simple but comprehensive model is made. Total costs are calculated based on loads and strength of the dikes.

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  • Located in the South-East Asian region, thanks to an over 3400 km of coastline and 3000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, Vietnam is considered as a country has a great potential on marine and coastal economic development. From the North to the South of the country's coastal line, there are hundreds of aquaculture bases, many transshipment ports, fishing ports, tourist beaches, seaside resorts, petroindustrial plants,... that are contributed considerably to the Gross National Product.

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  • They clam approximately 500 species, widely distributed in coastal intertidal zone of tropical temperate countries. Our country has about 40 species of 7 breed groups, distributed along the coast from north to south. Northern coastal areas have clam oil (Meretrix lime), clam password (Meretrix llusoria Rumplius). Southern coastal areas have clam (Meretrix lyrata Sowerby). Clams are mollusks team has great potential in the tide country. Culture technique is not complicated, short cycle, investment less valuable export.

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  • Mangroves play an important role in coastal zones in many aspects e.g. extremely essential habitats for many species, coastlines protection from natural hazards, and so on. However, in Vietnam, like in other developing countries, these mangrove areas have been destroyed and encroached as a consequence of a poorly planned economic development. The study has been conducted in Phu Long - Gia Luan region, which have the largest mangrove area in the Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, Hai Phong City, Vietnam. The aims of the study are to investigate existing land...

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  • The Red River Delta (hereafter as RRD) is one of the two biggest deltas in Vietnam with the population is 19,625 million persons in 2009. It is also the most populous area with the population density of 932 person/km2 in 2009 (General Statistics Office, 2010). Tien Hai District of Thai Binh Province locates in the eastern part of the RRD, lies in the coastal zone - a sensitive area and affected by the interaction between the mainland and the South China Sea (in Vietnamese as Biển Đông - East Sea). The study area of this research is Van Truong...

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  • Climate change (CC) is a global problem that not only affects the developed countries but also the developing ones as Vietnam. With a coastal line of approximately 3,260 km, Vietnam is expected to be affected considerably by climate change including salinity intrusion. Through the assessment of impacts of climate change on water resource in Hong-Thai Binh and Dong Nai river basins which located in two key economic zones, in the paper a general picture of impacts of climate change on salinity intrusion in Vietnam is presented, where MIKE 11 was used for Hong – Thai Binh basin and HydroGIS...

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