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  • The term distance learning has different meanings to different people and populations. By presenting international perspectives of distance learning, this book embraces all those meanings and populations without giving preference to any. In todayʹs global world where distance providers can address local learning needs, it is important for distance learning practitioners and researchers as well as higher education administrators and faculty to have a broad view of how distance learning is conceptualized, planned and delivered....

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  • Viewed from David Spurr’s lenses developed in “The Rhetoric of Empire,” Mary Kingsley produces knowledge of West Africa and establishes a claim over her in her travelogue Travels in West Africa. Through the deployment of surveillance, appropriation, debasement and negation, she draws an ambivalent picture of Africa: one associated with filth, defilement, danger, darkness and death and the other endowed with natural vegetation and resources. Both sides of the picture call for the arrival of the British to improve the lifestyle of the Africans and to utilize the natural resources.

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  • Published by HSRC Press Private Bag X9182, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa First published 2010 ISBN (soft cover) 978-0-7969-2313-4 ISBN (pdf) 978-0-7969-2314-1 ISBN (e-pub) 978-0-7969-2315-8 © 2010 Human Sciences Research Council The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Human Sciences Research Council (‘the Council’) or indicate that the Council endorses the views of the authors.

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  • How can this “virtual” gender gap be closed? If the barriers to gender equality in social media use are mainly personal, then any interventions to address this gender gap should be focused on “fixing the women” by introducing more training for women or increasing their education, for instance. However, the regional survey results clearly show that barriers are predominantly environmental, and require efforts in addressing discriminatory attitudes and cultural constraints on women.

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  • In many countries, problems associated with an absence of clear responsibilities, with the overlapping of institutional boundaries, duplication of work and a lack of co- ordination between involved institutions, are common obstacles to effective water pollution control (see Case Studies V, III, XIII, X and IV for South Africa, Philippines, Yemen, Russia and Nigeria). The analysis must include all relevant administrative levels, for example through intensive studies at the central level combined with visits and studies in selected regions at lower administrative levels.

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  • This new edition has been carefully revised throughout, and, as far as possible, brought up to date by noting, in their proper places, the chief events of importance that have occurred since the book first appeared. In the historical chapters, however, and in those which deal with recent politics, no changes have been made save such as were needed for the correction of one or two slight errors of fact, and for the mention of new facts, later in date than the first edition. I have left the statements of my own views exactly as they were first written,...

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  • This paper presents findings from a module in the HSRC’s 2006 South African Social Attitudes Survey that was designed by the Centre for the Analysis of South African Social Policy at the University of Oxford. Respondents were asked for their views on issues relating to the importance of work and the relationship between social grants and employment.

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  • Despite the arid to hyperarid climate of the Great Sahara of North Africa, pluvial climates dominated the region. Radar data shed some light on the postulated Trans-African Drainage System and its relationship to active and inactive tributaries of the Nile basin. Interpretations of recent elevation data confirm a source of the river water from the Red Sea highlands did not connect the Atlantic Ocean across Tushka basin, highlands of Uwinate and Darfur, and Chad basin, but northward to the ancestral Nile Delta. Elements of topography and climate were considered.

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  • The growth of investments in mutual funds around the world has widely increased during the past few decades, leading to fierce competition in the industry. Investors now have a wide range of products to choose from, which makes their investment decision more complicated than before. Although there are many factors in their decisions, performance still seems to be a determining factor (see Ippolito, 1992; Capon et al., 1996; Sirri and Tufano, 1998).

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  • The overlap between regulations on germ-line genetic intervention and reproductive cloning is refl ected in Opinion 54 of The French National Consultative Ethics Committee in 199717 where it cited Art.16-4 of the civil code, which prohibits genetic modifi cation of descendants as an implicit ban on reproductive cloning. Another example is the Law on Healthcare in Georgia18 , which states ‘Human cloning through the use of genetic engineering methods shall be prohibited’.

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  • Edinburgh is the old and charming capital of Scotland, where kilts and bagpipe music can be experienced in the streets. The sandstone buildings, the numerous exciting backyards in the old part of the city, the hills offering breathtaking views in and around the city and the fantastically beautiful surroundings are just a few of the things you can experience when visiting the city.

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  • The Chilean capital, Santiago, is a meeting place between cultures and nature. Here you find both new and old things, which have been influenced by both the Spanish and the Indian culture, and the architecture has a wonderful southern charm. Despite the size of the city, you are never far from nature in Santiago. In the city itself, you find large parks and several ridges from where you have beautiful views over Santiago and its surroundings.

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  • Advocates of lower statutory tax rates argue that reduced rates would increase economic growth, increase saving and investment, and boost productivity. Skeptics of this view argue that higher tax revenues are necessary for debt reduction, that tax rates on high-income taxpayers are too low (i.e., they violate the “Buffett rule”), and that higher tax rates on high-income taxpayers would moderate increasing income inequality.

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  • A word of explanation is perhaps necessary as to the form in which these experiences have been put together. The matter was originally collected with the object of sending a series of articles to the British Medical Journal. Various circumstances, however, of which the chief was the feeling that extending experience altered in many cases the views adopted at first sight, prevented the original intention from being carried into execution, and the articles, considerably expanded, are now published together....

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  • However, disillusion with the limited success of smallholder-based efforts to improve productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa (Collier and Dercon 2009) and the apparent success of Brazil in establishing a vibrant agricultural sector based on much larger farms have led some countries to view the development of large- scale mechanized farming as the path to modernization of the sector.

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  • Immediately on receiving official notification of the rupture of diplomatic relations between Austria and Servia, the Turkish Grand Vizier hastened to inform the Diplomatic Corps in Constantinople that Turkey would remain neutral in the conflict.

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  • A common misperception is that in the developing world CAM and TM is used primarily by poorer, uneducated popu- lations, while in industrial countries it is used more by affluent and better-educated segments of the population (Eisenberg and others 1998). In both settings, relatively little evidence supports this view. Many investigators have failed to critically assess the use of CAM and TM by minority and immigrant populations inWestern nations.

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  • The Solar Quiet (Sq) day source current were calculated using the magnetic data obtained from a chain of 10 magnetotelluric stations installed in the African sector during the French participation in the International Equatorial Electrojet Year (IEEY) experiment in Africa. The components of geomagnetic field recorded at the stations from January–December in 1993 during the experiment were separated into the source and (induced) components of Sq using Spherical Harmonics Analysis (SHA) method.

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  • By the end of the lesson, SS will be abget a general view about a day of africian Women and imprive listening-skill. II. Skills : listening,Writing and Speaking III. Vocabulary : saying,hold-up,agricultural,firewood,respect and africa IV. Teaching aids : cassette,picture,poster and text Procedures Time 3’ Contents I/Warm-up(some picture)

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