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  • English as their native tongue are compelled to write their work in English which, by chance, happens to be the de facto, universal language of science. As a result, it compelled me to address many of the aspects of scientific writing from the viewpoint of non-native English speaking authors and to emphasise that they are not as disadvantaged as they perhaps may think. The language of science which conveys logic and reasoning, is independent of the language in which it happens to be expressed.

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  • Teaching additional languages means teaching a second, third or further language within students’ countries of origin or in countries to which they have migrated. Because there are so many languages in the world and so many reasons why students should learn them, the teaching of additional languages is a great challenge and opportunity for educators.

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  • The impressive breadth and comprehensiveness of the collective contributions to the symposium on which this book is based preclude any but a sharp focus for these foreword comments. But if a single word had to stand for the conference, and for what this professor wished to emphasize, it would be "interdisciplinary." The dynamic of the meeting, inevitably restrained in printed form, is indebted to the informed presentations and vigorous discussions of the participants and to the committee and staff who designed the program....

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  • Up at the League, says a friend, there had been one night a brisk conversational discussion, as to what would happen on the Morrow of the Revolution, finally shading off into a vigorous statement by various friends of their views on the future of the fully-developed new society.

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